I Lost Aggro On My Wife 0/12
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Recruiter: Xennfrey
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

PVE/PVP Guild [I Lost Aggro On My Wife] 3/12 M - is looking for new members. We are gamers but also workers and parents. We have members that are online the whole day or like me and my wife only 20.00 - 24.00 server time every day. No pressure, easy but firm approach. Our goals are to do as many bosses on mythic as we can before SL. Then when SL hits we aim to have stable groups for both PVE mythic raiding and PVP (RBGs and arenas) content.

Raiding times:
Mythic Raiding: Wednesday/Thursday @ 20:00 SERVER TIME.
Heroic Clears: Vary throughout the week. People make their own small parties to help guildies or to clear it quickly for the Legendary Cloak Upgrade.

We have a bunch of people on discord daily. We play for fun, and a laugh but we are also dedicated players.

We have few 2k rated players that are willing to help others climb.
When we get more members we aim to start RBG’s. We have previous experience in leading and managing RBG’s around 2k rating.
Maybe you want just spam normal BG’s? We love that too! Especially with a group of people on discord.
We have groups of people that do 15+ keys every week. We can help newer members gear up while enjoying a good banter on discord.
Few people between 2-3k RIO.

We have got people all over Europe, so all English speaking chaps are welcome! All you need is a sense of humour and discord.
Please contact me on discord for more info: Xenn#5120
or on Blizzard: Xenn#21364, BDF#21161.

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