Weekend Warriors 11/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Scabbrox
Server Rank: #112
EU Rank: #1529

Weekend Daytime Mythic Raiding with Weekend Warriors !!!

Throm-Ka, Brave Soldier of the Horde!

Are you:
  • Looking to raid but work too hard or too late in the week?
  • Unable to raid evenings without aggroing your IRL raid boss?
  • Tired of sometimes on, sometimes off raiding with casual guilds that don’t get you very far?
  • Looking for a guild that caters for Mythic Raiders, Social and Casual alike?
  • A Pet / Mount / Achievement collector who needs a place to call home with guilds to chat to?
  • A veteran of the game that just wants somewhere to play socially or casually that reminds them of what guilds were like in the old days?
  • A long-term WoW player who despite feeling jaded can’t quit as the desire for raiding is what keeps you going?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should apply to join Weekend Warriors!

Weekend Warriors are The Original™ Weekend daytime raiding guild. Don’t settle for new or passing imitations - we’re still the original and best! Naturally we’re flattered by all this imitation but we’re the Guild with the 10 year history of raiding and a thriving social community. Our Flex Social team raids every Friday night up to Heroic difficulty, any social member is welcome to join in!

Weekend Warriors has the proven strength and character to guarantee you raiding continuity for as long as you want to continue to play WoW. Formed during the icy days of Wrath of the Lich King, our Guild has survived to date without a single guild break-down or raiding break.

Membership of Weekend Warriors is all inclusive, with repairs, flasks, pots, gems, enchants and food for raids included!

Our Mythic Raid Team

Our Mythic Progress Team raid every weekend afternoon to keep lunch and evening time open for those all important social activities. Our aim is to clear all relevant content on Heroic and Mythic difficulty.

So, if you’re done with guild hopping and the 4 night per week hardcore scene then don’t quit! Join us at and keep raiding with a guild that makes raiding fit real life and not the other way around.

We currently have a strong and stable roster of players, but we are looking for a few more exceptional, mature players to enrich our Battle for Azeroth Mythic raiding roster.

Our official Progress Team raid times are Saturday and Sunday from 15:45 – 19:00 server time (60 minutes later in the summer months)

What do we expect from our members?

We’d like you to be a mature, adult player that will integrate well into our overall guild demographic. If applying to join our Progress Team you must:

  • Know your class like you know yourself
  • Research boss tactics (Heroic and Mythic)
  • Be appropriately geared for your tier of raiding
  • Have a real life, work, family and or other commitments that come first yet still able to set aside 6 hours a week regularly to raid with your team mates
  • Be able to dedicate enough time so that your attendance ratio is a minimum of 85%
  • Enjoy and care about the social aspect of the game, playing with friends and family, helping and being helped out or just chewing the fat in chat or on Discord whilst grinding
  • And last, but by no means least, you should be a stable and mature individual with a sense of humour and friendly disposition towards others and the ability to take constructive criticism and guidance

Our Flex Raid Team, and Social Membership

Flex / Social membership is more about who you are as a person and how well you integrate and settle into our guild demographic without the extra pressures that accompany mythic raiding.

We still expect you to play nice, and our Flex Team raids operate one difficulty tier behind the main progress team for Flex team members, socials and alts on Friday nights from 20:00 to 23:00. The flex team is composed of everyone from Old raiders to casual players, pet and mount collectors, achievement hunters and those who just hang out and chill - all add to the rich social scene at WW.

Recruitment is always open for Flex and Socials as our more casual members enrich the important social experience in the guild, all of whom are welcome to sign for our flex runs, currently 8/8 Heroic!

For further information on our guild or to fill out our recruitment application, please visit our Guild web site here: or poke Viix (Recruitment Officer) in the first instance, or Scabbrox (GM), Necroaxe (Raid Leader), Athiyk, Zephrytis, Moldymartha, or Penvrane if you have any further questions.

Lok’tar ogar!

Original 10/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Pinkien
Server Rank: #5
EU Rank: #2290

Are you looking for a long lasting, stable and progressive guild? Then may we present – Original. We have two raid Teams Mythic and Social, so even if you don’t fancy mythic on Wed and Thurs you can still enjoy the game with friends and family on our social Saturday.

Why should I join Original?
Original was founded in December 2005 from a guild alliance raiding Blackwing Lair and Molten Core, and 13 years later we’ve now cleared both and continue to raid the top content since.

As a guild we look to achieve a balance between defeating all content the game has to offer and still enjoying the ride. With a strong social aspect as well as a history of solid progression and never stepping back from the highest difficulty of raiding or taking a break, Original has a history of stability few other guilds can claim. We’re basically too stubborn to quit.

What are you raid times?
We raid on Wednesday and Thursday . Invites start (Server time) at 20:15st. Raid starts at 20.30, finishing at 23.00.

What classes are you looking for?
Mistweaver monk
Havoc dh

We will accept applications for all roles and specs, and each is judged on an individual basis.

Do you do cross-realm try-outs?
Yes. Any applicant at this point should be prepared to join mythic raids and progression, we will happily trial you in a x-realm raid (obviously only if you are alliance), which can give us both a feel for each other.

What is your progress?
Currently 10/12M

How do I apply?
If you’ve got any more questions talk to one of our Officers via BattleNet
• Tamanotsu (AMZeus#2561)
• Unklefester (Festi#2300)
• Fieryphoenix (Nedezak#1679)
• Pinkien (Littlepink#2277)

What about the social side of the guild?
We’ve been around since release, Original has always been a well-respected guild on Shadowsong. Known to be fair and friendly, whilst being competitive, our members are well thought of in the community.

A unique aspect of Original is the togetherness. We have an annual meet at our GM’s house during the summer in sunny Surrey (UK) for up to a week, where all are welcome. Old, retired and new members all get together and have some fun and this tradition is now 13 years old.

We also have more social raids for friends, family, retired members, our social members and alts. These take place on Saturday with a more relaxed have fun raid progressing though Heroic.

Incendia 9/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Juvan
Server Rank: #175
EU Rank: #2520

About us:

Incendia is a semi-hardcore raiding guild located on Draenor (Horde) with the aim of achieving cutting edge in Shadowlands.

Raid Times: Wednesday, Thursday 21:00 – 00:00

We are a group of girls and guys who have played together for several years; most of us are in our 30s with some older and some younger and we all believe firstly that it’s possible to take raiding seriously without having to yell, belittle or rage at anyone and secondly that our time in Azeroth should be spent in the most enjoyable way possible and with like-minded people.

We offer a raiding environment that is relaxed, yet effective. This is because although we approach things in a calm way and don’t rage over wipes or make anyone feel bad for making a mistake, we are all committed and feel it’s only fair that we do everything we can to pull our weight as a team to the best of our ability during each raid. We also have a nice social atmosphere in the guild, with things like games nights on Fridays for anyone that likes to let off a bit of steam, and transmog/achievement runs for collect-a-holics.

We are currently looking to recruit a few more players for Shadowlands and would love to hear from a healer (paladin preferred but will consider all applications) and two DPS (we’re full on hunters but will consider all other applications).

What we ask from you:

We are mostly aged 30+ so you will probably be a better fit if you are an older player, or are happy to be playing with people who are - we do like to have fun but we aren’t a super loud/meme/banter guild who hang out on discord 24/7.

We ask that you can commit to the entire raid tier without taking a break and are willing to always do your best to ensure you are pulling your weight in raids.

Ideally you are a calm and friendly person who is willing to be a part of our whole community. Cards on the table, you won’t fit in well if you are obsessed with parses, are over opinionated and constantly question why we do things differently from your last guild or favorite streamer or if you just want a substitute for M+ group finder

It would be helpful if you have some recent logs and previous raiding experience as this will help us tell if you play at the same level as the rest of the team, however, if you don’t have these but are a fast learner, please let us know why you think you will be a good fit for us and we can go from there

If you are interested in joining us, or would like any extra information before applying, please contact us either via discord or Battlenet on:

(Battletag) Minininja#26903

(Discord) Verius#2996

Midnight Asylum 6/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Venegoor
Server Rank: #215
EU Rank: #3204

Midnight Asylum is a late night raiding guild based on Draenor. Due to work schedule and real life issues, we raid and are online generally late in the night. Our main goal is to assemble a core of ‘‘mature’’ people to socialize and play with on the end game content.
Currently we are on 12/12 on Ny’alotha HC. We aim to start mythic immediately.

Currently in need:
Disc priest
(considering all specs)

Shadow priest
(considering all specs).

We do consider all the apllicants and give chance to everyone if there is desire to play and progress with us.
Beyond raiding, we do M+ and various activities.

Raid Times
Wednesday 00:00 - 02:00
Thursday 00:00 - 02:00

There is an alt raid which is not mantadory, usually on Sundays.
(Note that these times are server based)

Do not hesitate to contact us and see if we suit you.

Contact information
Officer - Venegoor @ Hesselink#2455
GM - Miyyagi @ Agato#21315

Midnight Train 5/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Pitythefoole
Server Rank: #164
EU Rank: #3826

Hi all and Welcome

Midnight Train are recruiting now for Mythic progression into Nyalotha and Shadowlands Raiding.

We are a late night raiding guild so our hours tend to fit around people who work or have families and cant commit to the usual raiding hours. We are a very social guild with a very active guild discord, be it raid nights, Mythic + Push team or just chilling out whilst doing dailies etc you will generally find people hanging out in there.
We have a 0 Toxicity policy so anyone displaying any kind of a toxic atmosphere will be removed, if that’s you then you need not apply.

We are looking for people who want to push there character onto the next level and are looking to maximize there potential. We are looking for the type of person who looks to min/max there character, who analyses there logs (we will do this also) and learns from there mistakes.

We will be getting CE in SL that is my expectation.

For raiding we are recruiting the following:

Demon Hunter
Shaman All Specs

Exceptional Applicants of any class can apply and will be considered.

We have teams who focus heavily on Mythic plus so if thats your thing then we will have players who you will be able to play with so no need for pugging any keys, or if its just your weekly 15 your after, we have players happy to help!

Our raid times are Wed/Thu/Sun 22:00 - 00:30 server. 7.5 Hours per week. We will be raiding at a solid pace and we expect people who join to be ready for every raid and be optimised.

all exceptional players will be considered of any spec/class.

All Mythic + Applicants will be considered, we have players running high keys “21/22s” aiming to push higher and players who enjoy running 15s/18s.

To apply please head over to our Discord where you will be guided through the application:

Good luck and hope to speak to you soon!

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