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Recruiter: Milkbeard
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Hello there!

Lions Pride Social Club (located on Silvermoon EU) are a casual one day a week raiding guild looking for new recruits to join us for Heroic Ny’alotha progression! (Currently 12/12 normal & 8/12 heroic)

Raiding: Friday 21.00 - 1.00 server time.

Currently recruiting for raid: 1 Tank, 1 Healer (Not Holy paladin) and DPS (Not Balance Druid or Hunter)

Socials are welcome on any class.

Lions Pride Social Club is a friendly casual guild that also raids heroic, with M+ on the side. The core of our players have experience running/clearing heroic raids in Legion and in prior expansions with our previous guilds but have moved to a casual one day a week raiding guild.

We are niche in that we only raid for four hours, one late night a week and even though we are casual we expect players to play their best come raid time so that we may achieve the beautiful curve achievement per raid tier! We are founded by older guys and girls who hold full time jobs/have families so have limited game time but welcome anyone with a good attitude from all walks of life that wants to have fun in the game we love. Abusive players will not be tolerated.

**Contact Details:**Please feel free to add either mine or our GM’s for a chat or just leave a message on this post.

Wolfsbrew#2909 (Guild Master)

Milk#2817 (Raid Leader)

Hopefully we will see some of you in game soon, thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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