Rewritten 12/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Naniqs
Server Rank: #66
EU Rank: #729

Delete post please :slight_smile:

Weekend Warriors 11/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Scabbrox
Server Rank: #112
EU Rank: #1529

Weekend Daytime Mythic Raiding with Weekend Warriors !!!

Throm-Ka, Brave Soldier of the Horde!

Are you:
  • Looking to raid but work too hard or too late in the week?
  • Unable to raid evenings without aggroing your IRL raid boss?
  • Tired of sometimes on, sometimes off raiding with casual guilds that don’t get you very far?
  • Looking for a guild that caters for Mythic Raiders, Social and Casual alike?
  • A Pet / Mount / Achievement collector who needs a place to call home with guilds to chat to?
  • A veteran of the game that just wants somewhere to play socially or casually that reminds them of what guilds were like in the old days?
  • A long-term WoW player who despite feeling jaded can’t quit as the desire for raiding is what keeps you going?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should apply to join Weekend Warriors!

Weekend Warriors are The Original™ Weekend daytime raiding guild. Don’t settle for new or passing imitations - we’re still the original and best! Naturally we’re flattered by all this imitation but we’re the Guild with the 10 year history of raiding and a thriving social community. Our Flex Social team raids every Friday night up to Heroic difficulty, any social member is welcome to join in!

Weekend Warriors has the proven strength and character to guarantee you raiding continuity for as long as you want to continue to play WoW. Formed during the icy days of Wrath of the Lich King, our Guild has survived to date without a single guild break-down or raiding break.

Membership of Weekend Warriors is all inclusive, with repairs, flasks, pots, gems, enchants and food for raids included!

Our Mythic Raid Team

Our Mythic Progress Team raid every weekend afternoon to keep lunch and evening time open for those all important social activities. Our aim is to clear all relevant content on Heroic and Mythic difficulty.

So, if you’re done with guild hopping and the 4 night per week hardcore scene then don’t quit! Join us at and keep raiding with a guild that makes raiding fit real life and not the other way around.

We currently have a strong and stable roster of players, but we are looking for a few more exceptional, mature players to enrich our Battle for Azeroth Mythic raiding roster.

Our official Progress Team raid times are Saturday and Sunday from 15:45 – 19:00 server time (60 minutes later in the summer months)

What do we expect from our members?

We’d like you to be a mature, adult player that will integrate well into our overall guild demographic. If applying to join our Progress Team you must:

  • Know your class like you know yourself
  • Research boss tactics (Heroic and Mythic)
  • Be appropriately geared for your tier of raiding
  • Have a real life, work, family and or other commitments that come first yet still able to set aside 6 hours a week regularly to raid with your team mates
  • Be able to dedicate enough time so that your attendance ratio is a minimum of 85%
  • Enjoy and care about the social aspect of the game, playing with friends and family, helping and being helped out or just chewing the fat in chat or on Discord whilst grinding
  • And last, but by no means least, you should be a stable and mature individual with a sense of humour and friendly disposition towards others and the ability to take constructive criticism and guidance

Our Flex Raid Team, and Social Membership

Flex / Social membership is more about who you are as a person and how well you integrate and settle into our guild demographic without the extra pressures that accompany mythic raiding.

We still expect you to play nice, and our Flex Team raids operate one difficulty tier behind the main progress team for Flex team members, socials and alts on Friday nights from 20:00 to 23:00. The flex team is composed of everyone from Old raiders to casual players, pet and mount collectors, achievement hunters and those who just hang out and chill - all add to the rich social scene at WW.

Recruitment is always open for Flex and Socials as our more casual members enrich the important social experience in the guild, all of whom are welcome to sign for our flex runs, currently 8/8 Heroic!

For further information on our guild or to fill out our recruitment application, please visit our Guild web site here: or poke Viix (Recruitment Officer) in the first instance, or Scabbrox (GM), Necroaxe (Raid Leader), Athiyk, Zephrytis, Moldymartha, or Penvrane if you have any further questions.

Lok’tar ogar!

scripture 11/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Afropanda
Server Rank: #129
EU Rank: #1707

Mythic Casual is a brand new guild + community, currently recruiting more capable raiders to clear Shadowlands CE content in a relaxed and chilled environment, if you’re looking to clear CE without having to over commit with a fun atmosphere then this might be the guild for you.

What Sets Us Apart?: The guild is aiming to create a group of equals, with no “Leader” or “Officers”, everyone on equal footing and responsible for making decision to benefit the raid and not ourselves as individuals, this includes the raid setup, gear assignments (BOE’s) and other factors. We want to be able to swap out players who aren’t performing with no drama, that includes the GM/Raid lead if need’s be.

What Do We Expect From Raiders?: Ideally people need to play 2 characters, we’re not min maxers and we aren’t aiming for world first’s so play what you enjoy, but we expect everyone to put the time into the characters they do play and spec/gear them accordingly to the fights. As i mentioned previously we aren’t here to carry people, we want to have chill runs with fun in discord.

What Do I Need To Join?: Nothing, we don’t require CE/Rio/Achievements, but it was mentioned if you under perform you will be swapped, so at least be willing to learn your class properly and look up the current builds to get the best performance for your spec.

When Do You Raid?: The aim is to be a 2 day raid guild, raid days being Wednesday for resets and Monday, so people can still enjoy their weekends from 19:00st - 22:00st, Optional alt raids will also run on Saturday/Sunday for those that can make it.
TLDR: Wednesday + Monday 19:00st - 22:00st, Sat/Sun optional alt raids.

How Do I Join?: Just give me a shout out in game, all members of the guild can invite but if you want more information then message me on Bnet: Rikki#21313 or join our Discord:

Total Garbage 11/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Drian
Server Rank: #121
EU Rank: #1736

About Us:
Total Garbage was formed in March 2020, with the intention of forming a strong raid team to push for CE in Shadowlands. Many of our players have raided together for years and as a result we have a tight-knit core dedicated to achieving cutting edge.

Raid Times:
Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday, 21:00-00:00 server time.

What We Offer:

  • A guild that aims to have CE every tier during Shadowlands and beyond and clear content while it’s relevant
  • A guild that doesn’t only log on to raid - we have an active and banterous discord, and many of our members do m+ and play other games outside of raid times

Applicant Expectations:

  • Ability to make nearly every raid
  • A positive attitude towards progression
  • Good internet connection, a working mic, and any necessary add-ons
  • Know your class and aim to improve by doing your own research, learning from mistakes, and taking constructive criticism - be a team player

Recruitment Status:
Recruitment is currently open to any exceptional player to round out our core for Shadowlands, especially DPS. We are recruiting strictly for Shadowlands raiding.

To apply, please fill out this form:

For questions, you can reach us using the contact info below.

Contact Info:

Primordial Knights 11/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Xyozz
Server Rank: #50
EU Rank: #2004

Dear fellow players,

We are currently running 11/12M and we are in need of some exceptional and active healers/dps for Nzoth mythic before pre-patch.

Our raiding days are currently

Wednesday, Friday and sunday from 20:00 - 23:00 server time.

and we expect close to 100% attendance for getting the CE this expansion.

Add me on bnet if you want to apply.

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