Dethrone 0/12
Guild Information
Recruiter: Savagefxion
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

We have made the decision to NOT raid BFA content. People will be returning and also taking breaks to be rejuvenated for SL

< Dethrone > Is a 2 day early evening raiding guild. The officer core has achieved Cutting Edge multiple times, Raiding around the US 5 - 100 range.

Culture: The #1 goal of this guild is to achieve Cutting Edge. This can not be achieved by the Leadership alone, but the entire guild/raid team. All members of the raid team will be held to the same standard to promote accountability and fairness . Fostering this type of environment encourages everyone to put in the appropriate effort to achieve CE. CE does not happen by mistake.

Raid Schedule: (Tentative): Tues & Thursday 6:00 – 9:00 EST. Possible 3rd day at very beginning of a tier/mythic. Will be voted on as a raid team.

Current Needs: Any exceptional player will be highly considered - We want to have a balanced raid team, but we will not turn a player down because their class is not high priority.

Melee DPS
DK - Medium
Havoc DH - Medium
Enhance - Medium
Rogue - Medium

Ranged DPS
Mage - High
Warlock - High
Boomkin - High
Hunter - Medium

We are seeking for players that have a high drive to achieve and maintain CE. If interested please post on the thread & shoot me a real ID if you would like to talk more specifics.

Holby#1173 - GM
Savage#1589 - Officer

Revolt 0/12
Guild Information
Recruiter: Sej
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

About Us:
Keytime - Thrall is a former Cutting Edge guild on Thrall [H]. We will be reforming in late August to get ready for the Shadowlands release.

Tuesday: 9PM-1AM EST
Wednesday: 9PM-1AM EST
Thursday: 9PM-1AM EST

Keytime is being reinvigorated in Shadowlands with the goal of pushing further beyond our past progression and achieving higher ranks. The core of the guild is comprised of raiders with top 50 US experience and expect to return to that status over the course of Shadowlands.

Current class needs:
Deathknight DPS - Low
Demon Hunter DPS - Low
Druid Balance- High
Hunter - High
Mage - High
Priest DPS - High
Rogue - Low
Elemental Shaman - Low
Enhancement Shaman- Low
Warlock - Low
DPS warrior - Low
Ret Paladin - Low
Tanks - Low
Healers - Low

If your class is not listed, it does not mean we are not interested. These are our current highest needs and we are always recruiting outstanding players. Please reach out to an officer listed below for more information.

To Apply:
Application- https ://

Btag- Sejul#11367
Discord- Sejul#7829

Crucible 6/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Funwild
Server Rank: #4
US Rank: #1889

[H] - Thunderlord server cluster - 2 Night/Week Mythic Raiding Guild

Crucible is a new mythic raiding guild on the Thunderlord-Azshara-Azgalor-Destromath server cluster. We are a core group of players and friends who got Aotc together this patch and formed our own guild as we began progression in mythic nya. Looking for likeminded players who want to progress and complete end game content.

We are currently recruiting for our main raid roster for the remainder of 8.3, looking for players who want to push as far as we can in the current patch and carry momentum directly into shadowlands.

Raid Schedule:

  • Sunday - 7:00pm-10:00pm Central
  • Monday - 8:00pm-11:00pm CST
  • Tuesday we farm heroic in one night 7:00-N’zoth
    Heroic is not required but highly recommended to get the extra reps in.

Current progression

12/12 Heroic
6/12 Mythic
Currently on M Ra-den

Currently Recruiting:

We are looking for a fourth dedicated healer
Any spec ranged dps
We are looking for a frost/unholy dk
We are looking for a rogue
We do not need tanks at the moment

All spots are competitive, if someone in the guild is performing better at your spec/role we will consider tagging people in/out (this does not mean just higher numbers, we take everything into account, attendance, attitude, etc.).


  • Knowledge of your class and role
  • Consistent Attendance. We do understand life happens, but constant tardiness or absences will not be tolerated.
  • Positive Attitude, no ragers
  • Work on your class/spec outside of raid nights, we are looking for those who enjoy the game as much as we do. We push high keys consistently all week to get better at our classes and learn more.

Any questions or if you just want to chat please reach out via
Discord: FuNwiLd#0487
Battlenet Contact: Yaphett#1958

Thanks for your time,

[H] 5/12M Illidan Weekend RaidingJun 30th, 2020 4:51 am
Pretentious Drunks 5/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Unknownhealz
Server Rank: #169
US Rank: #2191

Raiding Schedule:
currently progression- Raden
(5/12m) Sat/Sunday 2:00pm ~ 5:00pm [Server] | 3:00pm ~ 6:00pm [EST]

We are currently looking for DPS with off specs with an emphasis on those with a positive attitude and room to grow, including but not limited to:

Healer(3): druid/shaman/monk "ASAP high!

Mage (1) need asap!

Rogue (1)

Demon Hunter (1)

Boomkin (1)

Sub in’s for raids

Pretentious Drunks are a semi-hardcore(but casual) raiding guild we are newly formed in Nyalotha BFA.

We drink a lot on raid nights, have fun, do mechanics. We are chill majority is late 20s/late 30s.

We Provide everything for the guild we ask that any boe’s that the guild bank gets 15% or donate full price. Our officers can sell it for you and send you the gold as well. Repairs,pots,flask,food…ect is provided.

We require that you have maintain your cloak,15 weekly, and pvp chest.

recruitment requirements: 472 ilv min, 15 cloak, Rank 3 essences, Neck 80, and 21+ age unless your a legend! we are a adult guild!

Here in Pretentious Drunks, we understand real life happens, and it would always come first. If you are interested then please feel free to reach out!

We have our application on wowprogress or raider IO page! apply there!

Please apply here:

Discord: Drunk Master: Unknownhealz#9861 , Drunken Officer: Electtric#0068 / Buel#5460 / Hammer#8300



Darkwish#1899 (Unknownhealz)


Mike#14863 (Diabolical)

Buel#1211 (Invincibuel)

Shoboat#1332 (Hammerboy)

FG 11/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Wuvs
Server Rank: #66
US Rank: #958

FG is a 11/12 Mythic raiding guild looking for new friends to fill out our raiding roster.

Mythic: Tuesday and Thursday 8:15 - 11:15pm EST
Optional Heroic: Sunday 8:15 - 11:15pm EST

Main Needs
Outlaw/Assas. Rogue
Destro Warlock
Fire Mage
BM Hunter

If your class is not listed please do not hesitate to reachout as we are always looking for good players regardless of class or spec.

We are also recruiting for Shadowlands! Come join us as we level and gear up for the new raids!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Information
Wuvs: Wuvs-Stormrage, Bnet: Wuvs#11226, Discord: Wuvs#3302
Ziggy: Zigfu-Stormrage, Bnet: Ziggy#1109, Discord: Ziggy#3610
Zelexis: Zelëxis-Stormrage, Bnet: Zelexis#1337
Ristic: Ristic-Stormrage

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