Pact 10/10 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Cwunch
Server Rank: #157
US Rank: #2355

Welcome to The Pact!

We’re a new guild that started this expansion and so far we are 10/10 H with our eyes set on beginning mythic progression next week! We also have a lot of members committed towards gearing alts, pushing keys, and BoE farming!

We are currently recruiting a tank or healer for our Mythic roster (must be on Tichondrius) with an emphasis on guardian, brewmasters, or holy paladins! but any exceptional players will be considered apply anyways!

We expect raiders to come to raid on time, be in comms, be respectful, and productive! Our goal is to enjoy raid each week but also constantly progress and finish content that we set our goals on. If this sounds like you then consider joining :slight_smile:

We raid from 7-10 PST every Wed/Thurs night.

If you’d like to apply please message us here at:

Bnet: Dizim#1377
Discord:Chriss#8279 (is sensitive to capitals)

Nexus 3/10 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Ritai
Server Rank: #60
US Rank: #8591

Hi there people!

What we want: Nexus is recruiting talented and skilled like-minded individuals that would like to experience raiding! We are looking for more talented players to fill in for our main roster that are well experienced within their class and would like to strive to push for more than what you are getting now, or perhaps to find enjoyable individuals to be playing with on a consistent basis! We are looking for players that have a mind set of growth in mind, with an active decision to keep researching and moving your character forward to be the best you can be. We are currently recruiting ranged DPS and healers, or if you can flex that would be even better.

Who we are: Nexus is a friendly atmosphere guild but retains a level of seriousness when it comes to progression. We ultimately enjoy the value of the players over the value of the class as well, we want players that would be interested in finishing AOTC as well as experiencing mythic progress. We have people actively seeking out and helping people finish keys as well as grow on their class or abilities as a player, we just ask that you put in the time for yourself to grow if we are putting in the time to help you.

Raid times: 5:00-8:00 PM PST Tues/thurs Saturday optional reclear day for alts

**In demand classes :**Healers: Paladin/Priest/Monk/Shaman

***Rdps:***Mage/Hunter/Shadow Priest/Elemental

Brownie point flex players dps/heals: Monk/Paladin/Shaman/Priest

Feel free to contact me on discord atUephe#8428Or reach me on battle net atreallybad#11479

We really look forward to hearing from you and getting the chance to know you!

One Hundred Proof 2/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Rockelious
Server Rank: #75
US Rank: #1528

One Hundred Proof-Sargeras (9/10H) (2/10M) is recruiting several positions for Mythic Progression into Castle Nathria. Raid Times are Tues/Wed @ 8:30-11:30p CST. We are also raiding Heroic (Optional) on Sundays @ 8PM CST.

OneHundredProof has returned to the mythic progression raiding scene. Our debut into mythic was this week (Tuesday) and we are looking to pick up a few exceptional players before hand.

We are currently seeking: 1 Resto Shaman, 1 Unholy DK, 1 WW Monk, 1 Enhancement Shaman, 1 Aff. Lock.

We have many players that have been playing together since Legion where we were a top 20 guild on Sargeras. OneHundredProof has been around for quite some time. We have a strong sense of community, with a ZERO drama policy. Come join our group to find out more.

Mythic raiding experience for CN is appreciated but is not required. We are mostly looking for competent players who have raided mythic in the past, are able to learn at a quick pace, and who research and study the fights prior to progression.

Although we only raid two times a week, One Hundred Proof has always tried to do the best we can with the time we are given. This means we are looking for players who are relatively independent in terms of researching fights, gearing up toons, and basically doing everything you can (within reason) to prepare for raid.

You can apply directly on our guild website ( onehundredguild.c0m/apply), whisper Rockelious-Sargeras or add Primegenetic#1465 for questions or concerns.

Thank you.

Overraided 1/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Notvulpera
Server Rank: #112
US Rank: #1665

8:15-11:30 est M/T/W
We are recruiting a windwalker monk, priest healer (disc/holy) or hpal, and a prot warrior tank MAIN.
May also consider ANY exceptional dps. Our roster is competitive and we are always striving to improve as a whole.

bnet: braeya#1291 discord: Braeya#5807

Abstract 9/10 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Spiritlord
Server Rank: #130
US Rank: #2844

Hey! Thanks for checking us out!

Raid Times
Mythic Raid; Tuesdays, Wednesdays at 7:30pm to 10:30pm EST
Optional Heroic Raid: Sunday 7:30pm to 10:30pm EST (subject to change)

About Us
We’ve been raiding casually for years, but really started being serious when we founded Abstract. Since then, we’ve welcomed an impressive group of talented and dedicated raiders and are focusing on becoming a Cutting Edge guild. We were able to get 11/12M in Nyalotha in a mere 4 months of having a solid group. We’re mainly a raiding guild, with a passion for pushing keys.

10/10 Heroic Castle Nathria
1/10 Mythic CN

We’re currently recruiting the following for our core raid team (although exceptional apps of different class/specs will also be considered)


-Affliction Warlock
-Balance Druid
-Elemental Shaman
-Fire mage

-WW monk


-Holy Pally
-Resto Shaman

Any class but pref Prot Warrior, Guardian Druid, V DH

M+ and PvP players are also welcome!

Voice: Discord

Discord: Spiritlord#8069 or Keyboard#7876 Spiritlord#1784 or Bdubelyew#1307

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