Yggdrasil 6/10 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Ozaihan
Server Rank: #235
US Rank: #5573

Raid Times:

Tuesdays and Fridays 8 PM - 11 PM PST

About :

is a guild that was initially formed at the end of BFA by a group of real life friends looking to have fun and stay away from guild drama. Named after the World Tree in Norse mythology that connects the 9 worlds, Yggdrasil is a guild in which all should feel welcome to regardless of which branch of life they come from.

We believe that a positive atmosphere along with a strong desire to improve oneself creates the best raid environment in which we all can flourish. However, with this also comes the responsibility of ensuring that you are your best self. We expect our raiders to know their class, come prepared, and communicate effectively.

At present we are 6/10 Heroic, however we will be looking to expand into Mythic Raiding once we have built a core team.


  • Come to raid on time and prepared. As we are all adults and we only raid 2 nights a week, it is imperative that we are respectful of everyone’s time. Come ready to raid with your gear enchanted, gems socketed, talents set, and consumables bought. Most importantly show up on time.

  • Research fights. While we don’t expect any member to know every mechanic in a new fight by heart, we expect that each member at least possesses a core understanding of the mechanics of upcoming fights as well as any differences that may be present going from one difficulty to another.

  • Know your class. Part of being respectful of everyone else’s time means that you know how to play your class effectively and are not holding the group back. A true master is an eternal student.

  • Seek guidance in the face of uncertainty. If you don’t understand something, speak up and ask for clarification. Don’t let pride or embarrassment get in the way of clearing up something you’re unsure of. Not understanding something is fine; pretending you do when you don’t is not.

  • Be prepared for minor setbacks. Part of learning fights means getting stuck from time to time. Don’t get upset just because we don’t down a brand new fight in 10 pulls.

  • Mechanics over throughput. While DPS and HPS is important, being mechanically consistent is far more valuable. Unless we’re barely hitting an enrage timer, you are more valuable to the guild by being mechanically consistent. Min maxing is good, but don’t let it come at the expense of doing mechanics.

  • Do not cause drama. We do not tolerate drama. If you cause drama you will be removed from the guild.

What do we offer:

  • A positive raiding atmosphere. Progression should be fun and encouraging. You pay to play this game so we want to ensure that all members are having a good time doing so.

  • Mythic Plus. We are always looking to push higher level Mythic Plus keys. We can’t raid every day so we have to do something.

  • Consumables. Part of ensuring that members come to raid prepare is ensuring that all members have equal access to consumables. If you need something enchanted, potions, flasks, etc… let the guild know and we will provide.


While the below is a list of specs and roles that the guild needs currently, we encourage you to apply if you feel you will be a strong fit for the Guild.

Entries are in the format of <Class Name [PRIORITY]>.

  • Melee DPS:

    • Unholy Death Knight [CRITICAL]
    • Havoc Demon Hunter [HIGH]
    • Enhancement Shaman [MEDIUM]
  • Ranged DPS:

    • Affliction Warlock [HIGH]
    • Balance Druid [HIGH]
    • Fire Mage [MEDIUM]
    • Elemental Shaman [MEDIUM]
    • Marksmanship Hunter [LOW]
    • Shadow Priest [LOW]
  • Healer:

    • Restoration Shaman [HIGH]
    • Discipline Priest [HIGH]
    • Restoration Druid [MEDIUM]
    • Holy Paladin [LOW]

How do I apply?

To apply please reach out to Irohan#5123 on Discord.

Coalesce 3/10 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Memes
Server Rank: #47
US Rank: #7452

Coalesce is a Horde Guild on Skullcrusher that’s looking for players for Shadowlands! We want players who share similar interests and goals in World of Warcraft; going forward our vision is to achieve AOTC every raid tier, no exceptions. We are an adult (21+) Guild that understands that life happens, and want to enjoy the fun and communal environment of WoW for Shadowlands. We currently raid as a 10 man group, but are looking to expand to 2-3-9. Having spent the last few weeks in Castle Nathria, the core raiders are making changes to our comp to better further progression, opening up our roster for new recruits.

Current Progression:

10/10N farm

3/10H with 10 man pulls on Artificer and Sun King.

Raid Times:

Tuesday/Thursday - 9:30pm - 12:00am EST

Current Openings:

  • (2) DPS - Boomkin, Hunters, Priest, DK (All encouraged to apply)
  • (2) Tanks - All encouraged to apply


  • Timeliness and Readiness
    • Invites go out 10-15 minutes prior to first pull
    • Flasks and Food are provided
      • Please bring backups in the event we run out
  • Our expectation on missing a raid is that you will give us a heads up as soon as possible, not 5 minutes before the pull; however, falling below 80% attendance will require you to sit out.

If you have any questions, please contact us on


Guild Information
Recruiter: Lareck
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

**Dalaran- US Aliiance | Heroic into Mythic Raiding | **
Tues/Thurs/Sunday from 9-12 EST (9 hours)
Discord required | 10/10N and 3/10H

FOR ANY EXCEPTIONAL APPLICANT THAT IS READY AND WILLING TO TRANSFER AND MAINTAIN MEMBERSHIP DURING THE BUILDING PERIOD WE CAN TAKE CARE OF YOUR TRANSFER. You must understand that we are still building and while we expect things to go smoothly, do not transfer if you will look for greener pastures the moment anything goes slightly off track.**

******** Who are we?********
We are a new guild made up of players that range from ancient vanilla Molten Core dungeon delvers to players starting the game in more recent expansions. What we all share is that we all have busy schedules and we all still want to push Mythic Raiding and High M+ content in an enjoyable and efficient environment of likeminded people.

Our core has all raided at high levels in the past (some on multiple accounts). We will be starting in heroic and pushing into mythic once we have formed a strong and reliable core group. We have no illusions and make no promises that we will be pushing Mythic raiding next week or the week after, as we will be building the team and working with individuals who have potential but may lack gear. With this in mind, we expect anyone who joins us to do so understanding that we are building our core team and that takes a little time.

While we are building the Mythic roster that does not mean we intend or expect guild member to sit idle. We also are building high M+ pushing teams to farm not only the M+ gear to fill in slots but to guarantee Max rewards each Tuesday. Additionally, we actively push RBG’s and Arena’s as a guild when possible for the guaranteed 213’s and then 220’s. During this building time the Guild Leadership is looking to heavily invest in the players that join our team. If you are an individual that wants to push higher keys and be a part of our Heroic and Mythic team, we will actively work to help raiders gear up. Especially during this build up period raiders would be expected to attempt to continue to gear your character outside of raid times from mythic + and pvp,

Recruitment Needs*
1 Healer: Paladin, (Holy or Disc main with Off spec Ability) Priest, Druid
(willingness to offs pec boomkin if necessary)

3-4 DPS: Currently interested in all DPS classes except for Paladin.

Prerequisites For Raiding

Come to raid prepared, with whatever resources you need to do your best.

Be aware of boss fights/mechanics.

DBM/Big Wigs/alternative raid encounter add-on(s) ect…

Weak Auras addon and the appropriate Auras for the content and your class

Have a working microphone and be prepared to verbally communicate when necessary. (We do not expect, or require, that you be a social butterfly that talks non-stop, just when you need to make a raid relevant call is all we require)

Regularly attend raids- greater than 80% attendance for the mythic roster

Be able to mesh with the group. We will all need to take constructive criticism at some point during our raiding journey and you must be able to take feedback and make a positive change, being snarky or making excessive excuses is not part of the guild culture we are interested in fostering.

18+ only

Please contact one of the individuals below in game for more information or to start the process of joining the guild.

Guild Master: Lareck/Larec- btag Larack#1307
Officers: Vixsarion- btag Bidzil#1512
Vritraz/Solitude- btag Platinnum#11903
Desrean- btag YUNGKEASY#1486

Immortal Legion 1/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Creatorlight
Server Rank: #85
US Rank: #1755

Hello Immortal Legion is a newly started mythic raiding guild which is semi-hardcore. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8:30-11:30pm CST with optional Fridays for farm night @ 8:30pm-11:30pm. We are currently looking for:
-Disc Priest
-Windwalker monk
-Havoc Demon Hunter
-Boomkin Druid
-Affliction Warlock
-Arms/ Fury Warrior

If you are interest please reach out to:

GM/Melee Officer:Creatorlight

Ranged Officer/Raid leader:Bogenschützeäger#11356

Healing Officer:Agador

Oblivion 2/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Discord
Server Rank: #17
US Rank: #1158

Hello Internet!

is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on the Hyjal server! We are long-time raiders looking for strong, reliable people to round out our roster. Our objective is to clear end bosses on Mythic difficulty, to get Cutting Edge, and to have fun while doing so.

Current Progression:

  • 2/10 Mythic
  • 10/10 Heroic
  • 10/10 Normal

Raid Times:

  • Tuesday & Wednesday (optional Monday) 9:30 - 12:30 PM EST (6:30 - 9:30 PM PST)

Currently Seeking:

  • Hunters
  • DPS DKs
  • Boomkins
  • Healers! (Preference: Disco Priest, Holy Pally, but hey, if you’re good, send us a message)
  • ANY strong DPS looking for a home will be considered!


  • We will provide a stable and enjoyable environment for our members, and always strive for the best in our raid team.
  • All exceptional and competent players will be considered. The trial period lasts about 2 weeks and is fairly straight forward.
  • During progression fights, we want our raiders to stay focused and prepared. On-farm bosses, our tone and mood are more relaxed.
  • We strive to be drama free, and Problems/concerns are taken and hashed out as soon as something arises, in a respectful and fair manner.
  • We highly encourage M+ activity for supplemental gear, since this expansion seems to loathe handing over the goodies. ;D

Contact: Pathos#1924 (bnet) or cybermancy#3634 (Discord)

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