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Minimum Region Rank:    
 Posted: 2019-02-07
  Red Light District
 Recruiter:  Onetwoheal   Ny'alotha
  11/12 (H)
 Server:  Tichondrius
 Realm Rank:  23
 US Rank:  386
 Achievement Points:  0

< Red Light District > is a semi-hardcore 2 day raiding/m+ guild looking to round out our roster for our Mythic runs. Our goal every tier is to be an efficient 2 day CUTTING EDGE raiding guild with limited hours (7 hours per week). Our atmosphere is fairly mature and you’ll never catch an ounce of toxicity during progression from the raid leader or any of our members (this is really important to us). The idea behind us raiding for 2 days is to ensure we’re playing at a fun, laid back pace while ensuring we kill bosses in an efficient manner. We currently raid Tues/Thurs 7:00-10:30pm PST/Tich server time with an optional Wednesday Alt/Heroic Run. If you’re on a busy schedule, but want to progress quickly and efficiently as we do, this is the perfect guild for you.

Recent Tiers:
Uldir 6/8M
BOD 9/9M
EP 8/8M

Current Needs/Priority:
Healers - Any Healers w/ capable DPS offspec, pref. Priest/Pally
RDPS - Hunter, Mage, Lock, Shaman
MDPS - Warrior
If you’re not one of the aforementioned classes, still apply. We take all exceptional candidates.

Current Raid Schedule:
Tuesdays - Mythic Attempts, 7:00pm - 10:30pm PST
Wednesdays - Optional Alt Mythic/Heroic Runs, 7:00pm - whenever PST.
Thursdays - Mythic attempts, 7:00pm - 10:30pm PST

We also run daily M+ Keys as well as selling 10+ keys to fund our activities/raids. Looking for anyone wanting to join a active and social community!

Feel free to reach the GM or any of us for details.

 Posted: 2020-01-13
  Frisky Business
 Recruiter:  Saraspank   Ny'alotha
  11/12 (H)
 Server:  Tichondrius
 Realm Rank:  25
 US Rank:  421
 Achievement Points:  0

is a MYTHIC progression on TICHONDRIUS guild looking for exceptional mythic players who are dedicated and skilled enough to push Cutting Edge to join our Mythic raid team!


Our raid times are Tues & Weds 7PM - 10:30PM PST
(10:00 PM -1:30 AM EST).

Heroic Thursday @ 7PM (10pm EST)
Alt Runs Sunday @ 7PM (10pm EST)

Our goal is to aggressively clear content, but still have a relaxed raiding atmosphere. All members are expected to show respect to each other and other players.

Our guild also runs High Mythic+ keys, achievements, dungeons, and alt runs.
You can watch our raids on twitch.tv/saraspank

If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!
APPLY on our Discord: discord.gg/TUHtM9Q

Discord: Sara#4646
Bnet: Sara#1321

What are we looking for?





Гильдия с прогрессом 6/8 Миф в поиске отличных дамагеров и хилов.
У нас уже есть русскоговорящих людей! Присоединяйтесь, будем вам очень рады.

 Posted: 2020-01-24
 Recruiter:  Fredkray   Ny'alotha
  11/12 (H)
 Server:  Sargeras
 Realm Rank:  26
 US Rank:  455
 Achievement Points:  1610


Extenze(A-Sargeras) is looking for more to help round out our mythic roster. We are a strong community-focused guild that pushes mythic content. Most of the members have been raiding together for over 3+ years and we are always looking for more people to progress with.

Current Progression: 11/12H
Raid times: Tuesday/Wednesday 9pm-12am est
Previous Progression: 5/8M TEP, 6/9M BoD, 2/8M Uldir, 9/11M ABT

Outside of raid, we have many members (myself included) that love to run M+, running high keys to push ourselves and running low keys to help gear alts. There’s also a growing PvP presence in the guild, where members will hang out in Warmode during assaults or mess around in some Arena’s/BG’s. As I said, we have a strong focus on our community. There are a lot of great people here as well as exceptional players. Some could easily join a top 100 US guild - but they stay because the atmosphere we’ve created here is really unique.

Currently Recruiting: Warlocks, Warriors and all Ranged DPS, favoring proficient OS Healing such as Ele/Resto Sham, Shadow/Disc Priest and Ret/Holy paladin. All applicants and strong candidates of any spec/class/role always considered if not listed above.

If a community-focused guild that pushes Mythic content appeals to you, feel free to add me on Discord (JoeJ03#9450) or our GM Faung on Bnet (Grommsh#1933) to learn more.

Pumped to hear from you soon!

 Posted: 2020-01-24
  Floor Tanks
 Recruiter:  Chugssdrano   Ny'alotha
  11/12 (H)
 Server:  Sargeras
 Realm Rank:  28
 US Rank:  470
 Achievement Points:  0

About Us:
We came to Sargeras during last tier from Horde-Illidan after classic rocked our roster pretty hard. We have been together since Antorus and are lookin to fill a few more roster spots. Our goals are to push CE in Ny’alotha and every tier/xpac after! We like to joke around during raid for the most part, but when it comes to prog and workin on bosses we know how to get a bit more serious.

Tuesday: 9pm-12am PST
Wednesday: 9pm-12am PST
Thursday: 9pm-12am PST

What We’re Seeking:
We are looking for raiders that show up on time and ready more than anything else; additionally, we want raiders that carry a good attitude during progression and learn from their mistakes. Activity outside of raid nights is also something we like to see.

Current Progression:

Our Goals:
Our goals for this tier is to achieve Cutting Edge, the goals after this tier would be constant improvement with the hopes of achieving Hall of Fame for alliance side in the future.

Current Class Needs:
-Disc Priest
-Fury Warrior
If your class is not listed it does not mean we are uninterested, those are just our current largest needs. We are always recruiting players that play their class well for every spec/role. Plz add one of our contacts listed below to see if you’d still fit our roster!

Points of Contact:
-Buschh#1254 (Recruitment Officer)
-Glowcat#1759 (Recruitment Officer)
-Chugs#11757 (GM)

 Posted: 2019-06-21
  Set Sail For Fail
 Recruiter:  Verriround   Ny'alotha
  11/12 (H)
 Server:  Nagrand
 Realm Rank:  1
 US Rank:  491
 Achievement Points:  0

[A] on the Nagrand/Caelestrasz, founded in 2008 just before the WOTLK, is a 2 night (Core 6 hours week) Semi-Hardcore guild. And thats about as formal as it gets here.

We pride ourselves for having a chilled environment with witty banter, casual politically incorrect statements, instant gain/loss of gold, constant mispronouncing of guildies names/food. All while doing this in the great language of England.

Oh! We are also focused on progression and raiding super efficiently while having fun. We kill bosses, loot purples and always aim for Cutting Edge for each tier. If this floats your boat, drop us a line.

We do not recruit for our bench, if you pass your trial it means you are good enough to raid with the progression team.


  • DPS Demon Hunter with OS Tank
  • Range DPS
  • Healer with O/S dps, hopefully a priest

However, if you feel you are an exceptional player, don’t be shy to get in contact with us or fill out the application form.

BFA Progression:
Uldir; 8/8M CE
BoD; 9/9M CE
CoS; 2/2H
EP; 8/8M CE. Server First

Legion Progression;
Emerald Nightmare; 7/7M CE
Nighthold; 9/10M
Tomb of Sargeras; 7/9M
Antorus the Burning Throne; 11/11M CE!

Core Raid nights:
Wednesday: 8:30pm - 11:30pm +10 GMT
Monday: 8:30pm - 11:30pm +10 GMT

For interest :
send in-game mail to verriround

or fill in this simple application.

or contact our officers:
verrior#1648 - GM

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