[H] AoTC Focused + Raid LFM!Jun 2nd, 2020 7:10 pm
Chaos Manifesto 12/12 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Sinafay
Server Rank: #12
US Rank: #5058

Looking for the best PvE and PvP guild?; With the most competent raiders and hardcore PvPers ready and willing to teach you their tricks? Well we’re not that guild, but if you want a group of laid back players who like pizza and booze, this may be the guild for you!

Chaos Manifesto on Eredar is recruiting new players for the end of NtWC and into Shadowlands.

We offer the best Guild perks around: Squirrel worship, Green Guild Chat Text, Free Guild Rank Demotions and Alt-a-holic meetings to get that twitch under control. Damnit Sparkle!

We are a social, but serious casual raiding guild that is currently focused on achieving AoTC and progressing as far as we can in each raiding Tier without losing focus or sacrificing the fun out of the game. We strive to have fun together whether leveling, running dungeons (Mythic+) or through raiding.

Core Raid Nights are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7:30 PM until 10:30 PM CST. Mythic+, PvP, Alt-Raids, Achievement Runs and other fun events happen in between.

12/12 H NtWC
8/8 H EP
9/9 H BoD
1/9 M BoD

Guild Member Expectations:

• Must be a team player.
• Fun with a sense of humor
• Respectful of others.
• Helpful
• Discord for raiding, events and socially chatting with each other.

Recruitment Needs:

Raiders – Currently we are looking for the following Classes specifically BUT will always consider good players that fit with us. We are open to all levels and classes of characters regardless of raid needs but only consider friendly players.

(1) Healer
(3) Ranged
(1) Melee

Social – New, veteran and returning casual players looking to get started again are all welcome. Any class or spec.

Sinafay: Btag – Kitsune#1784; Discord – Sinafay#3443
Tangshao: Btag - Doctor#1300
Chewtabacca: Btag – Chewtabacca#11193
Kyta: Btag – Midnight#1266; Discord - Midnight#2977

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have further questions

Insomnia 7/12 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Missbubbles
Server Rank: #226
US Rank: #5608

Let’s get pumped for Shadowlands!

[H- Thrall-US] < Insomnia> is recruiting for Shadowlands.

Who we are: We are an 18+ guild looking to make clear and meaningful progression towards cutting edge. We view ourselves as a semi-hardcore guild on a casual schedule. What does this mean? This means we hold ourselves accountable, come prepared, respect each other’s time, and kill some pixelated bosses for some good loot.

We are a newly formed guild, whose members are 10/12M Nyalotha but are taking a break from mythic raiding for the remainder of BFA, but will be doing M+ until Shadowlands!

Shadowlands Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday 8 PM EST- 11 PM EST

What we are looking for:

Tanks: Closed
Healers: Closed
Dps: Open- All

We are looking for like-minded individuals who want to log into the game more than just on raid days or chore days.

While we are more raid focused we do have a high focus on mythic + push. So if raiding isn’t your thing, but mythic + is and you like the sound of our guild, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Contact any of our council members below for more information:

Raearia#1312 (Missbubbles in-game)

Morr#11107 (Morrcowbell in-game)

Rocin#1569 (Rocinp in-game)

Elko#11161 (Koala in-game)

Spazcat#1186 (Spazcat in-game)

[A] 12/12M Wed/Thurs/Sun 9-12ESTJul 18th, 2020 2:09 pm
Unscuffed 12/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Sharo
Server Rank: #29
US Rank: #482

Unscuffed is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Sargeras Alliance. Our goal every tier is to get Cutting Edge in a reasonable time frame with a roster of friends we enjoy playing with. We have achieved CE every tier since the beginning of the expansion, which is when the guild was formed.


Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 9pm-12am EST (8pm-11pm Central, 6pm-9pm Pacific)


We are looking for exceptional players who can maintain minimum 90% attendance
Anyone interested in raiding will be required to fill out a short discord application (link at the bottom) and required to participate in a discord interview before joining


Class Knowledge

Knowledgeable in all specs that you will be playing
Have knowledge of stat priorities, best in slot gear, etc


Motivated to improve
Punctual, meaning you show up to raids on time and post in the attendance channel ahead of time when you know you cannot make raid
Able to take constructive criticism and advice from people
Able to be sat without causing issues
Don’t be toxic, be respectful and an overall good person


Watch boss fights beforehand and check up on the strategies channel for all necessary information
Upkeep of your gear and stat priority
Knowledge of mechanics prior to raid
Focused and ready to perform

Outside of raid:

We are a guild who enjoy each others company. We play a lot of WoW together as well as a bunch of other games. We consistently engage with each other and we have a very active discord and guild community, we are always doing something! We encourage everyone to form strong relationships with each of our guild members to ensure that each member feels welcomed.
We run our optional heroic Tuesday starting at 9 EST

Contact Info:

If you are interested in joining or have any questions regarding the guild, please contact us. https ://discord.gg/JYn2BTZ

Loob #11461
Sylvanyss #1865

Loob #0462
Brettaaful #5048

[A] - Proudmoore - 12/12 HJul 28th, 2020 3:56 pm
Exalted with Graveyard 7/12 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Herropall
Server Rank: #193
US Rank: #5724

Exalted With Graveyard - Proudmoore is a raiding, M+ and social guild, formerly known as Øffline - Zul’Jin, with plans for Mythic progression in Shadowlands.


Our goal is to recruit a tight knit group to go into Shadowlands and push to progress through Mythic raiding and also Mythic dungeons. While we don’t plan to be a “race to world first” kind of guild we would like to be a higher end guild on our server. Currently we have a small raid group (2/2/6) and looking to trial out roles to further our roster.

Recruitment Needs

We are currently recruiting DPS/Heals for our core raid team and all roles for M+ groups.

If you are a returning player, experienced or looking to progress we want to hear from you as well!

Schedule 8-11 EST Tuesday/Thursday
times may change during progression

We are a very chill/laid back group of close friends who are very open to all walks of life and looking forward to hearing from you.

Apply Now

Please contact myself (Discord: HeroHunter#7693, Btag: HeroHunter#11426) our raid leader Soiledit (Discord: Soiledit#0318, Btag: Harazz#1728) or our GM Narcz (Discord: Avalis#4532, Btag: Narcz#11392) You can also post to this thread that we will be checking frequently! Thank you!

TheTreeHadItComing 12/12 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Atel
Server Rank: #44
US Rank: #5848

We’re just a TTHIC group of no-BS 30-somethings looking for potential TTHICkens to join our mostly casual, sometimes sweating-balls-to-the-wall guild.

When we’re not attempting to bask in Wrathion’s cataclysm breath or keep the Heartsbane Triad sisters from ripping each other to shreds over “the Iris,” we like to guild-run old achievements, transmog-run old raids and help each other level up alts.

We are SOOO excited to have fun and progress as a guild in Shadowlands. We’ll be focusing on anything and everything, but we also decide what we’re doing on Thursday and Saturday nights as a collective guild. So if you’re still trying to get Glory of the Icecrown Raider, show off your t-mogs during Trial of Style or farm that mail muncher mount in visions, we definitely have something for you.

Currently, we run heroic Ny’alotha on Thursdays for new guild members and alts, and we vote on Saturday night runs - whether it’s EP, Ny’alotha or pushing mythic keys.

All are welcome to TheTreeHadItComing! Give us a shout in-game or through battlenet - NoIAmSirius#1547 or discord - rgluckey#2453 :slight_smile:

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