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Minimum Region Rank:    
 Posted: 2020-01-01
 Recruiter:  Pezen   Ny'alotha
  3/12 (H)
 Server:  Stormscale
 Realm Rank:  20
 US Rank:  1824
 Achievement Points:  1725


Synthesis, on the Stormscale server, is now looking to recruit more progression-oriented raiders in preparation for 8.3 and Shadow Lands. While we do have fun, our primary focus is to clear all raid content and to compete with other guilds on our server. We hope to achieve these feats by keeping our recruitment strict and keeping our numbers low, so we’ll be able to gear up quicker and ultimately synergize better with one-another.

Synthesis Mission Statement:

Synthesis is a progression-oriented World of Warcraft raiding guild comprised of some of the top players from other raid-centric MMOs. We are driven to be the best, and we will push ourselves to down new content as quickly as possible. Even when we fail to down a boss first, we will continue to push ourselves so we can better prepare ourselves to take down the next boss.

Guild Info:

Synthesis is rebuilding itself with like-minded players, our roster consists of players who have been in cutting edge raid content and server/world first raid content in other raid-centric games similar to WoW. We feel that now is the perfect time to rebuild as players are coming back to the game for 8.3 and Shadow Lands.

The Synthesis leadership has experience in running top end guilds and in the past has achieved Cutting Edge in Warlords and Legion. We know what it takes to be a successful Cutting Edge raiding guild, and that is ultimately our goal here.

Class Desirability:

While we are going to be looking for specific specs, please be aware that having flexibility within your class holds great value to joining our core. Our philosophy is to be able to play your class, not just a spec.

Death Knight - N/A

Druid – Balance

Hunter - N/A

Mage - All

Paladin – Holy

Priest – Disc,/Holy, Shadow

Rogue - All

Shaman – Elemental

Warlock - All

Warrior - N/A

Monk – Mistweaver

Demon Hunter – Havoc

General Raid Times:

Please note that during progression times we may extend raid times by 1 hour and add an additional day only if we get 100% of the raid to agree, which will be discussed during a prior day.

Monday: 8:00pm – 11:00pm EST

Tuesday: 8:00pm – 11:00pm EST

Wednesday: 8:00pm – 11:00pm EST

Attendance Requirements:

In order to be the best, we need to run a tight roster. Running a tight roster requires that each member or recruit can make the majority of our raids.

Here are our attendance requirements:

Applicants must meet or exceed 90% raid attendance by the time that we evaluate you for membership to be eligible for promotion.

Members must meet or exceed 90% raid attendance over the last 30 days.

Closing Information:

We feel that this is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in being a part of a guild of extremely talented individuals on the ground level, before we fill up on the classes we need and slow down our recruitment.

For anyone interested in joining, please get in contact with one of the battle tags below:

Pezek#1832 – Pez

BrklynNinja#1297 – Caleb

Ballistyk#1435 – Balls

Or you can reply to this post and we can get in touch with you here as well.

Thank you,

 Posted: 2020-01-03
  Carried Edge
 Recruiter:  Grandag   Ny'alotha
  12/12 (H)
 Server:  Stormreaver
 Realm Rank:  6
 US Rank:  336
 Achievement Points:  0

Updated needs: Open recruitment for 8.3!

About us: We are Carried Edge, led by dedicated ~ US 50 raiders who now bring that same high standard of thorough preparation, exceptional focus, and individual responsibility to a more casual 9 hour schedule.

We are currently re-aligning our core with a goal of ~US 150. Come be a part of something special and join us as we make the push!

Raid Schedule: Tuesday 8-11EST | Wednesday 8-11 EST | Thursday 8-11 EST

Eternal Palace: 7/8M
Uldir: 8/8M US 503
Battle for Dazar’alor: 9/9M US 558

We are always on the hunt for like-minded exceptional players as FOTM specs come and go. That said we are keen on adding the following:


  • Boomkin [High]
  • Hunter [Medium]
  • Mage [High]
  • Warlock [High]
  • Warrior [High]


  • Mistweaver [Medium]
  • Restoration Shaman [Medium]
  • Disc Priest [Medium]
  • Resto Druid [Low]



In game Contact:

Dagron: Dagron#1761 (Bnet) | Grandag#4296 (Discord)

Thank you, and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

 Posted: 2020-01-04
 Recruiter:  Sillia   Ny'alotha
  10/12 (H)
 Server:  Tichondrius
 Realm Rank:  31
 US Rank:  562
 Achievement Points:  1145

8/9M BOD - 4/8M EP

We’ve been on hiatus from raiding in 8.2 but are back with our core raid team and ready for Ny’alotha.

We are looking for members who have graduated from keyboard turning and clicking their skills (unless you’re really good at that) to join us as we grow our roster and look to progress to CE in 8.3. We aim to be the very best, like no one ever was.

We enjoy long walks on the beach and mythic plus.


Raid Times PST

Tues: 6:00PM / 9:00PM
Thurs: 6:00PM / 9:00PM
LF Disc Priest, Holy Paladin, any exceptional DPS / Healers.

Other Activities

Top meme quality
Active discord group
PVP Arenas with top rated players


Goozen (GM)- Goozin#1588

Sillia (Officer)- Sillium#11876

Undyne (Officer)- Undyne#11219

 Posted: 2020-01-04
 Recruiter:  Hexenwulf   Ny'alotha
 Server:  Stormrage
 Realm Rank:  
 US Rank:  
 Achievement Points:  0

Cliché is born! We are comprised of folks with raiding experience from retail and classic players returning to retail, who want to push achieve Cutting Edge. With this being the end content of the expansion, the aim is to work smarter, not harder. Emphasis is placed on strategizing properly and maintaining the right people for the job. Many of us are already experienced mythic raiders and we have a clear understanding as to how to get the content down. Raid will be Friday/Saturday evenings EST (Stormrage-NA Alliance) with times TBD but roughly 8-11 server. Our goal is to foster a solid, capable, mature community where people are free to speak, and encouraged and have a good time while also downing content. The overall aim is to clear to Cutting Edge with a consistent and reliable raid team who commit to progression. Open to all roles at present and looking for current or returning raiding veterans with some solid mythic experience and a drive to do what needs to be done to develop the raid group.
Any questions can be put here, or directed to me at btag Paradigmwill#1886

 Posted: 2020-01-05
  Broken Limits
 Recruiter:  Xylethepithy   Ny'alotha
  6/12 (H)
 Server:  Stormrage
 Realm Rank:  71
 US Rank:  968
 Achievement Points:  0

Why hello there!

Broken Limits is an Alliance raiding guild on Stormrage-US looking for members to fill out our raiding team to progress through 8.3 Heroic and Mythic. We’re looking to recruit ranged DPS and any exceptional players for progression raiding.

What We Need and Expectations:
We are looking for mature players that have previous raid experience. Presently we are looking to raid two nights a week. The current objective of the guild is to get heroic on farm quickly (within a few weeks) and begin to push through Mythic progression after.

The main requirement is that you are expected to be available at these times within reason and are working to keep your main in raid ready shape.

We also require the below character requirements:
Item Level: 435+
Heart Level: 70+
All 8.2 BiS Essences at Rank 3 or Higher

Raid nights are Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30pm to 11:30pm EST.

Immediate Goals:

-Growing our roster needed to expand our core team until we have a solid 22-25 people
-Assisting with building up gear while developing skills.
-Running Mythic Progression (Once roster is formed.)

About the Guild:

Broken Limits was formed by MMO veterans who have over a decade of MMO experience. Our raid officers and GM have raid experience of endgame content in multiple MMOs and wish to share that knowledge and know how to create a community that can progress through content. The guild has been evolving and we’re expanding and are fully prepared for BFA raiding and are able to push through the content at a brisk pace!

If this sounds like the place for you, feel free to send a message to one of the following:

-Xylethepithy or Turack on US-Stormrage
-XyleHarkyn#1504 on Bnet

Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

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