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 Posted: 2019-09-08
 Recruiter:  Tahkra   The Eternal Palace
  3/8 (M)
 Server:  Whisperwind
 Realm Rank:  8
 US Rank:  1277
 Achievement Points:  1715

Parable is a two night a week, Weds-Thurs 7-10 CST raiding guild, looking to fill out our mythic roster. We are currently in need of melee dps, lesser extent ranged dps , hybrid dps/healer/tank or any strong players in general. If you are uncertain about making the leap to mythic raiding, we have many helpful people that are more then willing to work with any candidate with the right attitude!

We offer a fun environment, dedicated leadership, raid consumables, as well as having multiple m+ groups running.

Any questions or inquiries contact:

Discord Tahkra#1041

In game Tahkasis#1580

 Posted: 2019-09-10
 Recruiter:  Pilloh   The Eternal Palace
  5/8 (M)
 Server:  Proudmoore
 Realm Rank:  11
 US Rank:  329
 Achievement Points:  2905

Stoic (Team DVA)
Proudmoore US
BDA Progression: 6/8M Uldir - 9/9M BoD - 4/8M Eternal Palace
Raid times: 7pm-10pm PST, 9pm-12am CST, 10pm-1am EST.

Hi, i’m pilloh an officer of [Stoic] who has set homebase on Proudmoore US. I’m one of the leaders for our raid team otherwise known as the DVA Team. [Stoic] has a long history that dates back to vanilla. Proving that we have a strong foundation and community that can’t be shaken loose. We adopted a two raid team system at the start of legion where both teams have found success. Resulting in multiple Cutting Edge finishes for both teams.

A bit about Stoic: We are a LBGTQ-friendly and inclusive guild. We value teamwork, respect, and strive to maintain a healthy environment for not just raiders but anybody who wants to join. This isn’t just a raid guild but also one that houses many family members and friends that you may meet or have already met along your travels throughout Azeroth.

Raid Requirements

  1. While we understand that life and unexpected things happen. Raid attendance is a large part of successful mythic raiding. A solid attendance record is important. We are very flexible with those who’m may be going on vacation or need a night off here or there.

  2. An understanding of the fights is very much appreciated. We will spend around 5-10 minutes explaining a new fight before hand. But the more knowledgeable you are going in to it then the better and quicker our chances of a speedier kill.

  3. Come prepared - that goes without saying. We will provide, flasks, food, vantus runes, and often times prepots. Any thing else that you may need or want to use is up to you to bring it. Sometimes we will pass out augment runes if we’re close to a kill and need just that tiny bit extra oomph.

  4. Lastly be polite and have fun. We try to be a fun bunch so that raiding doesn’t become stale and start hitting people with the burnout when sometimes clocking 100’s of pulls into a boss.

Currently Recruiting
Ranged DPS: Warlock, Boomkin, Hunter, Mage, Ele Sham
Melee: Fury Warrior, DemonHunter, Enhance Shaman
Healers: Resto Druid, Holy Priest, Disc Priest

For applications you can visit www.stoic.gg/recruitment
You can also get in touch with me
btag - pillow#11611
Discord - Pillow#9123

 Posted: 2019-09-11
 Recruiter:  Bauciss   The Eternal Palace
  4/8 (M)
 Server:  Thrall
 Realm Rank:  24
 US Rank:  703
 Achievement Points:  2125

Hi there!

<Despair> is looking for your class for The Eternal Palace! We are ready to welcome you with open arms into our family.

We are currently looking for:

A Mage (Fire)

Experienced Ranged DPS

Our Guild is full of a long standing group of people, that are focused on progressing through mythic, while also supplying an environment for our members to improve, grow, and learn with people that they enjoy playing with.

Our current goal is to bolster our roster to ensure that we are able to get CE in The Eternal Palace.

We are Horde on the server Thrall.

Progression: We are currently 4/8M

Raid Schedule: Tuesday&Thursday 8:00PM-11:00PM EST. Optional farm runs Sunday 8:00-11:00PM EST.

Consumables: You are expected to bring your own pots, while feast and flask will normally be provided, we would advise you to bring your own just in case.

Required Addons: Weak Auras, DBM/Equivalent, Angry Assignments.

You can get in contact with me at:

Bauciss#1733 (Bnet)


We look forward to hearing from you!

 Posted: 2019-09-11
 Recruiter:  Randurin   The Eternal Palace
  4/8 (M)
 Server:  Proudmoore
 Realm Rank:  15
 US Rank:  439
 Achievement Points:  1315

Ive never raided before so i have no knowledge on it. Looking for a guild who will take in a new player for raids and dungeons.

 Posted: 2019-09-11
 Recruiter:  Summiix   The Eternal Palace
  8/8 (H)
 Server:  Auchindoun
 Realm Rank:  11
 US Rank:  1906
 Achievement Points:  2145

Obsolete is Recruiting. We are a heroic guild who dabbles into Mythic. 8/8 Heroic. In need of a DPS/Heal 425ilvl+. Tues/Weds 6;30-930PM ST. Message me for details. Auchidoun / Chogall Laughing Skull Server.


Its fun!!! I swear!! oxoxoxo

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