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New - Old - Guild Progress
 Posted: 2019-03-19
 Recruiter:  Metrohaha   The Eternal Palace
  3/8 (M)
 Server:  Firetree
 Realm Rank:  11
 US Rank:  1029
 Achievement Points:  2875

I’ll avoid wasting any more of your time.
If you are looking for a guild that will raid and kill bosses for years to come and that has been around for years before, let me know.

We are looking specifically for any DPS that are looking for an adult family atmosphere that has fostered many long standing relationships.

I like to keep a smaller roster than normal, but that has hurt us recently with some inconsistent membership. Looking to solve that problem, and invite players who are the right social fit who can play and compete at a Mythic level.

I personally run a LOT of Mythic+ during live streams as well, so if you are looking for a tank for that as well, you’ll have your man.

Raid times:
Tuesday, Wednesday.
Invites: 630pm EST
First pull: 7pm EST
Last pull: 11pm EST
Realm: Firetree, Horde US

Contact me here or on Discord (metrolol #1206) and we will get together for a private voice chat about the guild and your interests within it.

 Posted: 2019-04-20
 Recruiter:  Durganotaar   The Eternal Palace
  3/8 (M)
 Server:  Illidan
 Realm Rank:  96
 US Rank:  1092
 Achievement Points:  985

Greetings everyone!

We are the Norsemen, 8/8 H EP - 3/8 M EP. We’re a late night raiding guild on the realm Illidan (US). We have formed recently and are looking for more people to join our ranks!

Raid Times :

Tuesday 11 PM to 2 AM (12AM to 3AM EST)
Thursday 11 PM to 2 AM server time (12AM to 3AM EST)

Those two days are mandatory for raiders.

We do alt raid on week-end and are running Mythic + pretty much daily to help people get gear and push high keys. We also PvP when we feel like it!

Recruitment Info :

We’re currently recruiting mainly DPS to round up our roster but any exceptionnal player will be considered.

Discord is used to communicate and we have our own server.

If you feel like being in a drama-less, fun oriented guild, with people minded likewise as well as progressing as a team in raids feel free to add either of us on BattleNet or reply over in this thread so we can talk!

Contact :


Thanks for your time!

 Posted: 2019-06-09
 Recruiter:  Nazame   The Eternal Palace
  3/8 (M)
 Server:  Thrall
 Realm Rank:  46
 US Rank:  1099
 Achievement Points:  2045

Guild Name: Dragonflight
Realm: Thrall
Faction: Horde
Contacts: Bnet Nazame#1831 or MeowMeowKity#1615
Current Progression: 3/8M
Raid Days/Times: Friday/Saturday 9pm-12am EST

Dragonflight is a semi-casual raiding guild meaning we like to progress and have fun doing it. We don’t come in early or stay late or add raid days. Prior Mythic experience is not required.

Active Mythic+ and outside Blizz games community.

Demon Hunter - High Priority
Warrior - High Priority
Warlock - High Priority
Boomkin - High Priority
Shadow Priest - High Priority

 Posted: 2019-08-24
 Recruiter:  Fkjen   The Eternal Palace
  3/8 (M)
 Server:  Tichondrius
 Realm Rank:  56
 US Rank:  1153
 Achievement Points:  500

[H] < Empyreal > 3/8M - 2 Days a Week, Mythic Raiding

About us:

< Empyreal > is a freshly made guild on Tichondrius Horde whose members who have been PvPing at the higher end together for 5-6 years now. We are very active on the game outside of raid time. Our goal as a guild is to achieve cutting edge each tier, while still having fun as a large group of friends.


  • Eternal Palace: 3/8M (19% pull on Ashvane) 8/8H

Raid Schedule:

  • Mythic prog: Wednesday and Thursday from 4-7 PM PST.

  • Heroic farm: Tuesday 4 PM PST. (Usually about an hour+)

What we look for in a raider:

  • Know the ins and outs of your class and the raid. You don’t have to be the best, but want and try to be the best and always look to get better.

  • Be online and ready to raid 30 minutes prior to raid.

  • Having all consumables, benthic gear, and anything else you will need ready for raid time. (We provide most consumables and guild repairs for all trials and raiders!)

  • Able to have fun and take a jokes. We’re here to progress, but also to have fun doing it.

Actively Recruiting the following

  • Mythic experience from the current and previous tier is a plus; but not required. If you have no mythic experience, please have exceptional heroic logs.

  • Tank: We are looking for an off tank to replace ours that has been unreliable lately.

  • Healer: Currently looking to recruit one more healer, an Hpal or Disc preferably.

  • DPS: We are looking for a couple ranged dps. Specific interest in another spriest or lock.

  • If your role isn’t listed and you still feel this would be a good fit for you, apply anyways. We always consider skilled players to add to our team.

How to apply

  • You can contact us about recruitment through BNet or Discord
    Discord: Jen#9162
    Bnet: NotJen#1424

Thank you! :star_struck:

 Posted: 2019-09-04
 Recruiter:  Estarage   The Eternal Palace
  3/8 (M)
 Server:  Illidan
 Realm Rank:  103
 US Rank:  1203
 Achievement Points:  1505

Raid Times/Days: Tuesday/Thursday/ Sunday 830 - 11 EST PM (530 - 8 PST) (730 - 10CST)

Current Progression: 3/8M | 8/8H

Recruitment Contacts:
bnet: dityboycom#1868 | estari#1911
Discord: dityboycom#4643 | Estari#7648 | dj#5871 | Sackless#9874

430ilvl / 60+ Neck

Who we are:
We are an active guild and when we aren’t raiding always pushing keys or dabbling with PvP.

Looking to make a late CE push this tier and is currently recruiting competent mythic raiders willing to put time in on bosses.

Who you should be:
Someone always improving, looking for a way to make yourself better and raid loggers need not apply. You should come prepared with personals (pots, flasks, food) to raid (food and flask provided during 2nd half of raid). Don’t need top parsers but not looking for grey ones either.

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