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Minimum Region Rank:    
 Posted: 2020-01-07
 Recruiter:  Manager   Ny'alotha
  9/12 (M)
 Server:  Proudmoore
 Realm Rank:  1
 US Rank:  30
 Achievement Points:  2075

Rankings (US):
-AEP - #22 | BoD - #23 | ULD - #36
-ABT - #39 | NH - #20 | EN - #58
-HFC - #26 | BRF - #47 | HM - #36
-SoO - #25 | ToT - #35

Schedule (PST):
-Monday - Thursday
-6:30 - 10:30pm

-Druid | Hunter | Mage | Priest | Shaman
-Disc | Paladin


 Posted: 2019-02-22
 Recruiter:  Oblvnxknight   Ny'alotha
  8/12 (M)
 Server:  Stormrage
 Realm Rank:  3
 US Rank:  45
 Achievement Points:  1315

Elevenfold [A] Stormrage

We are a 3 day per week progression orientated mythic raiding guild. Currently 8/12M Ny’alotha (US 41) 8/8M Palace (US 55 - FAMED) 9/9M BOD (US 186) CE and 8/8 CE uldir and seeking exceptional dps ,1 healer (pref priest, paladin),

Raid times: Tues/Wed/Sun - 7:30-11:00pm EST

Our goal is to push CE as quickly as we can on a reasonable raid schedule. Outside of mythic progression, we are active in other activities such as mythic key pushing, off night heroic raids, etc. We run a lean raid roster and do not recruit for the bench, all needs are for core raid positions.

Current recruitment needs:
High priority :

  • Priest (disc / holy)
  • Paladin (Holy)
  • Mage
  • Warlock
  • Exceptional Tank

All exceptional players are welcome to apply, even if your class / spec is not specifically listed. We review all properly submitted applications within 24-48 hours.

We strive to provide a quality progression orientated raid environment, if you are interested in joining the team you can submit an application here:

https:// bit .ly/2UbfYYl

For any questions please contact:
Oblvnxknight#1712 (btag) or oblvnxknight#6331 (disc)
jipples#11451 (btag)

 Posted: 2020-02-10
  Death Jesters
 Recruiter:  Sparty   Ny'alotha
  8/12 (M)
 Server:  Stormrage
 Realm Rank:  4
 US Rank:  53
 Achievement Points:  0

<Zeroes to Heroes>
We are a community-focused guild located on the US-Stormrage server, since May 14, 2015. We have focused on a welcoming and friendly environment of like-minded people who play World of Warcraft. Our community has experienced massive growth over the past few years and we encourage you to come join in the fun!

ZTH offers an experience for every level of player. Whether you are a Cutting Edge Raider or pet collector, we have what you’re looking for! We hold community events, guild contests, and field seven raid teams: there is almost always something going on!

We use and encourage a very active guild chat, guild calendar, and Discord server to let everyone know what is going on, and encourage our members to get to know one another and play together. Our leadership team is comprised of the same leadership of our sister guild, Death Jesters.

We field seven raid teams that raid on every level of progression. Need a raid team that fits your schedule? No problem, we have at least one team raiding every night!

Our raid teams are always recruiting. Please use the link below to find more information on our community and raid teams. Even if your class/spec is not listed, we encourage you to reach out anyway as the needs of our teams are always changing!

https:// docs.google. com/document/d/1ZKdMKRru7qbwqXYfnOdmvwRAcoXSqgZvEWoY8ZBqFnM/edit

Don’t want to be a full-time raider but have interest in checking out the current raid? We run a number of Open Raids throughout the week. Whether you’re new to raiding or looking to have fun on an alt (or you’re a retired dinosaur like Sparty), everyone is welcome to join our open raids!

Mythic + Dungeons
This highly popular content has been a big hit within our community. Come make some new friends running keys, as guild chat is always looking for more. Whether it’s earning a chest at the end of the week or challenging yourself to push the highest key possible, we have it right here!

Recent Community Events

  • Azeroth Awards: Act out your favorite movie scene in three screenshots to earn community votes and prizes!
  • AOTC Runs: Raid team-sponsored event that helped community members earn Argus AOTC and a Violet Spellwing mount!
  • Guild Survivor: Think you are the best? Test yourself in a DJ vs. ZTH competition using strategy and skill while avoiding a messy death from mines! Check out Guild Survivor on Youtube!
  • Garment Games: Who has the best transmog sets in Death Jesters and Zeroes to Heroes? Prizes are awarded to the best transmog based on a specific theme! 1st place: 100k gold!

  • Upcoming Community Events

  • ZTH 5-Year Anniversary Celebration: We celebrate the birth of our guild every May! The community sponsors a series of events that ends with a “For the Alliance” achievement run!
  • DJ/ZTH MDI: Compete in a race to complete your keystone the fastest!
  • Pet Battle Tournament: Are you the very best? The best that ever was? Compete against some of our best pet battlers for some awesome prizes.
  • Guild Survivor Season 4: The Hyena and Jackalope tribes are back to compete in a series of challenges that will test their skill and wit in hilarious competition with one sole survivor and a multi-million gold prize.

  • How to Join
    We are ALWAYS looking to add more players to our community and guild family! All you have to do is contact one of our members in-game who can point you in the direction of a Veteran or Officer for an invite.!

    Follow us on social media!
  • Twitter: @ZeroesToHeroes_
  • Twitch Stream Team: https://www.twitch.tv/team/djsandzth
  •  Posted: 2019-02-01
      Cry Moar
     Recruiter:  Mortikae   Ny'alotha
      7/12 (M)
     Server:  Blackhand
     Realm Rank:  1
     US Rank:  76
     Achievement Points:  0

    <CRY MOAR> is a mythic raiding guild on US-Blackhand (PVE-CST). We are a progression oriented guild that focuses on clearing content efficiently on a limited raid schedule before content nerfs or the next tier.


    Healers - Disc Priest or Holy Pala.

    Tanks - Tank roles are currently full

    Ranged DPS - Mage but any exceptional players should apply.

    Melee DPS - DH

    About Us:
    We only raid on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 7-10pm CST. We never add days to our raid schedule.

    We do not do split raids or require raiders to maintain any alts.

    With the changes to Personal Loot, if the item is able to be traded and the person who got the item would not benefit from it greatly, we will have an open discussion about who it should be traded to to best benefit the raid group as a whole. If you want a more detailed explanation of this process we would be glad to expand on it over Discord.

    We have a pretty active Discord community that we use to keep raiders up to date and organized outside of raid.

    Tier 16 SoO - 71 US
    Tier 17 HM/BRF - 136 US
    Tier 18 HFC - 103 US
    T19 EN - 117 US
    T19 - ToV - 83 US
    T19 NH - 74 US
    T20 ToS - 114 US
    T21 AtBT - US 100something until we stopped in February
    Uldir (T22?) - US 69th Alliance - Famed Slayers of G’Huun
    BoD (T23?) - US 125th
    EP (T24?) - US 78th

    Attendance. We expect near 100% attendance from all of our raiders. If you cannot make it to raid on time, or will miss raid altogether, we expect raiders to post out on the forums so that we can adjust our plans accordingly.

    Preparation. We always post guides, breakdowns, strategies, etc. for every boss on Discord before we get to it. We expect all raiders to show up to a new fight with an understanding of the mechanics and will distribute responsibilities for more micro responsibilities based on our raid comp and player capabilities.

    Performance. We expect all of our raiders to perform at a high level and maximize their output. You are responsible for your own performance.

    We are not looking for
    Players who only log on to raid. While we do raid on a limited 9 hour schedule we still expect raiders to do whatever they need to do outside of raid to maintain their characters and maximize their output. Right now that will mean staying on top of their Heart of Azeroth progression, and maximizing their loot rewards outside of raid by completing an M+10 every week.

    Players with negative attitudes. We are a pretty lighthearted guild, we joke around a lot, but when we are on a new boss or working on progression we expect raiders to be able to focus and take things seriously. We do not tolerate ragers or personal attacks, but if you can’t handle a joke, are unable to take criticism for under performance, or are easily offended, please do not apply.

    If you need more information add one of our Officers:
    Discord - Darcell#5544
    BNET - Palthus#1318

    Or you can Apply on our google app here:

     Posted: 2019-06-02
      Keep Calm
     Recruiter:  Loon   Ny'alotha
      7/12 (M)
     Server:  Spirestone
     Realm Rank:  1
     US Rank:  107
     Achievement Points:  0


    • Melee:
    • Ranged: Mage
    • Tank: DK Monk
    • Healer:
      Note: we will consider all exceptional applications, even if your class isn’t specifically listed above.


    • Monday-Thursday
    • 10:00pm - 1:30am EST
      We do not split-raid or raid extra nights. Heroic is done during these times, so long as it is relevant.

    About Us

    The guild formed during Throne of Thunder from the merger of two accomplished heroic 10-man guilds: Delirium and tys. We offer a productive and stable environment for endgame progression, a very long history of clearing cutting edge content, and many players who have been playing together for many years. We are a sociable guild on top of one who enjoys progression. A lot of jokes fly and the language is not for someone who is politically correct. If you make a mistake, we will not hesitate to let you know (in our own way). Above all else, we seem to have a successful formula that works well for us. Many enjoy our atmosphere, and it’s important to us that you fit in.


    • Apply Here:
    • Logs:


    • Joe (Stefanj#1797)
    • Rainz (Rainmakerz#1675)
    • Mosy (Mosy#11727)
    • Loon (Loon#1529)


    • 8/8M | US 105 | Realm First
    • 9/9M | US 147 | Realm First
    • 8/8M | US131 | Realm First
    • 11/11M | US 92 | Realm First
    • 9/9M | US 74 | Realm First
    • 10/10M | US 82 | Realm First
    • 3/3M | US 108 | Realm First
    • 7/7M | US 119 | Realm First
    • 13/13M | US 115
    • 10/10M | US 102 | Realm First
    • 7/7M | US 113 | Realm First
    • 14/14H (25m) | US 94 | Realm First
    • 13/13H (25m)
    • 14/14H (10m) | 2 Realm Firsts
    • 8/8H (10m) | US 19th | Realm First
    • 7/7H (10m) | US 5th | Realm First
    • 13/13H (10m) | US 3rd Sinestra | All Realm Firsts
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