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 Posted: 31/07/2018 08:44
  Ruediger (120 Tauren Druid) [Ravencrest]   Kul Tiran Alchemy (126)
  Kul Tiran Herbalism (165)
  Cooking (1)
 Item Level:  339 [Equipped: 337]   Antorus
  [9/11 N]   [3/11 H]   [0/11 M]
  Tomb of Sargeras
  [0/9 N]   [0/9 H]   [0/9 M]
 Azerite Power:  17 [HoA 342 iLvl]
 Achievement Points:  4920
Hello guys,

What I am looking for:

- Guild (Raiding and Mythic+)
- Level buddies (who are willing to level to 120 in one session.)

I am a returning player and played Legion for a couple of months. I am really excited for BfA and want to level as fast as possible to 120.

Once I'm 120 I'm trying all I can to get great gear fast.
I would love to have a home in a guild where we raid a few times a week and do high Mythic+ dungeons.
My main will be a Resto Druid.
I am willing to transfer my character if necessary.

Hit me up here or under my battletag:

Thank you for your time!

 Posted: 30/07/2018 20:02
  Venzin (120 Troll Rogue) [Draenor]   No profession
  No profession
  Cooking (1)
 Item Level:  338 [Equipped: 338]   Antorus
  [0/11 N]   [0/11 H]   [0/11 M]
  Tomb of Sargeras
  [0/9 N]   [0/9 H]   [0/9 M]
 Azerite Power:  16 [HoA 325 iLvl]
 Achievement Points:  13050
Been around in World of Warcraft since Wrath of the lich king so decent experience. As of late I havn't really been able to raid as much as I wanted to due to work etc which I want to change in BFA, therefor I'm now looking for a new guild to start raiding with.

Going in to BFA with my rogue where I will go Outlaw/Assassination depending on the bosses, cleave, aoe etc since both are strong at different things as off.

Due to my work situation i work on call one week every month, depending on that I might have to leave in the middle of the raid at those weeks, usually that doesn't happen so often but it might.

A little about myself, name's Kevin, I'm from Sweden and work as a glazier. 27 years old and on my free time I like to play games and go to the gym.

So what I want in a guild, due to my previous history which I wont go through here since It's so much to go through these days. Some small things, ICC 25 man heroic 11/12, didn't manage to kill Arthas until nerf since I started quite late. Cataclysm, did everything on heroic up to Dragon Soul where I didn't cba to continue. Mist of Pandaria, decent heroic progression in all raid tiers until Siege of Orgrimmar where guild fell apart and I didnt feel like searching for a new one. Havn't really been raiding with a guild since this. Did 1/7 Mythic Highmaul quit after that and in Legion I've just played casually.

Looking for a fun guild with decent enough progression. Will level up to 120 in the first day and start gearing relativly quick, took a week off from work for this to show I'm serious about this.

If this sounds interesting please leave a reply, I'm not interested in a faction change, realm change I might consider but preferably I want to find a home on Draenor.

Thanks for reading this and I hope I'll hear from you.

Best regards,
 Posted: 25/06/2018 21:49
  Ivarick (120 Human Warrior) [Argent-dawn]   Kul Tiran Mining (113)
  Kul Tiran Engineering (23)
  Cooking (300)
 Item Level:  331 [Equipped: 331]   Antorus
  [9/11 N]   [9/11 H]   [0/11 M]
  Tomb of Sargeras
  [9/9 N]   [4/9 H]   [0/9 M]
 Azerite Power:  17 [HoA 327 iLvl]
 Achievement Points:  12170
Hello there people!

Me, a 952 Arms main and my friend, a 967 Arms main (Alliance on Argent Dawn), both very experienced in our skills (we can also play Fury and Protection) are looking for a PvE guild for current and BFA content. We don't mind it if the guild is offering RP stuff too since we like to do that from time to time aswell.

Both of us always landed in temporary guilds that we didn't really enjoy being in and stuck to random groups to do raiding and dungeons and all.

We both got sick of having to look for random groups and we wanted to look and see if there is any tight-knit community, a not-so heavy on members guild, that has any open spots for two fellow WoW addicted people.

We both have Discord, Teamspeak, microphones, a sense of humor and seriousness when it comes to raiding or where seriousness is needed.

Currently we are engaging people in random encounters in RP, but we would like to enjoy some guild activities like that, too.

What I'm trying to say is we enjoy PvE as much as we do RP and we like to take both equally serious when it comes down to it.

If you have any interest in recruiting us, just add my BattleTag and message me (my friend can't log into the forums for some reason so I'll try and be a middleman). :^)

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

 Posted: 25/06/2018 00:50
  Elijael (120 Human Paladin) [Silvermoon]   Kul Tiran Blacksmithing (23)
  Kul Tiran Engineering (1)
  Cooking (300)
 Item Level:  341 [Equipped: 339]   Antorus
  [9/11 N]   [9/11 H]   [1/11 M]
  Tomb of Sargeras
  [5/9 N]   [9/9 H]   [6/9 M]
 Azerite Power:  18 [HoA 344 iLvl]
 Achievement Points:  25620
Good Day!

Now Recruiting for BFA! All classes/specs considered!

Are you proof that god has a sense of humour? Is your IQ a single digit number? Will you never be the man that your mother is? <Always> might be the guild for you.

Always is a recently transferred guild on Silvermoon EU. We are a very social guild filled with banter and laughs. However, once it's raiding time we are a very focused group of like minded individuals.

Free of drama and full of healthy competition a lot of our members have known each other for a long time. <Always> offers a steady weekend raid schedule for those who cannot raid full time in the week. We do not consider ourselves to be strictly hardcore but when it comes down to raiding it is serious business!

Current Progress:

[Mythic] Antorus 6/11
[Mythic] ToS: 7/9
[Mythic] Nighthold: 9/10
[Mythic] Emerald Nightmare 7/7


Raiding Schedule(GAME TIME):

Saturday: 15:00 - 19:00
Sunday: 15:00 - 19:00

Members generally run an array of Mythic + Dungeons and Mythics throughout the week.
Currently Recruiting!

- All open for BFA!

- Even if we are not recruiting your class or spec, we are always looking for exceptional players
What we expect from you:

Turn up on time for the agreed schedule
Have all the required Flasks and Potions
Keep focused for the entire raid time

What you can expect from us:

Mature, Friendly and Social environment
A manageable raid schedule
Serious Raiding
Slightly Sexy Taurens
Strong Leadership
Enjoy the game with a group of like minded individuals

Still interested? Head over to our website or whisper one of our members in game for a chat, a cup of tea, or help with your math homework.


Thanks for reading

Kaelic (Kaelic#2967)
Plimplom (Plimplom#2584)
Seb (Seb#2382)
Moltrax (Moltrax#2149)

RIP Snape.
 Posted: 22/07/2018 16:22
  Zagar (120 Void Elf Rogue) [Ravencrest]   Kul Tiran Mining (150)
  Kul Tiran Jewelcrafting (1)
  Cooking (300)
 Item Level:  322 [Equipped: 320]   Antorus
  [9/11 N]   [9/11 H]   [0/11 M]
  Tomb of Sargeras
  [9/9 N]   [9/9 H]   [0/9 M]
 Azerite Power:  15 [HoA 308 iLvl]
 Achievement Points:  13825
Hello everyone,

Just posting here with the hope of finding a suitable guild for 2 players.
I am a veteran player who has been playing since Vanilla and through most of the expansions, except half of MoP and WoD.
The other player is a new arrival in WoW and joined about 2 months ago, so still getting a grasp on class mechanics and such.
We're both main Rogues, although I can also play Mage at good levels if needed. (preferably not).
We're looking for a nice fun guild for raiding Normal/HC about 2 x week, or more.

Please let me know if you have interest in recruiting us either here or wisp Zagar / Vhënx in game.

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