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 Posted: 2019-08-14
  Boltqt (120 Orc Shaman) [Malygos]   Herbalism (42)
  No profession
  Cooking (0)
 Item Level:  436 [Equipped: 436]   The Eternal Palace
  [8/8 N]   [6/8 H]   [0/8 M]
 Mythic+ Raider.IO Score:  1164
 WCL Top 250 Ranks:  [5 N]   [0 H]   [0 M]
 Average Percentile:   [Heroic: 51]
 Azerite Power:  59 [HoA 451 iLvl]
 Achievement Points:  19830

430 Rsham interested in raiding late night mythic progression again on a light schedule. I haven’t raided since BoD, so I have a severe lack of logs on all my toons, specifically this shaman since I’ve never healed in pve.

The only other guild I’ve raided with at a high level was wonderful about not going over time for pulls, had great leadership, and raided 3 days a week. I am looking for a guild that can manage to do the same.

Below I’ll link logs from the characters I’ve played in Mythic content, I am open to playing all of these classes again.

Shaman Logs:

Mage Logs:

Warlock Logs:

Priest Logs:

Available times:

  • Any time after 9 PST, I can possibly fudge this to 8 PST.


  • Minimum at this point of 4/8M
  • Strong leadership core that has been around a while.
  • Focus on progression, minimizing wasted time when we’re in raid.
  • Absolutely 0 over time on bosses.
  • Roster that is tightly maintained.
  • Zero tolerance for racism, sexism, whatever else.

What you can expect:

  • High performance in terms of damage, healing.
  • Complete understanding of boss fights and mechanics.
  • Survivability will be emphasized. Can’t do #1 if I’m dead.
  • Preparation from a history of high performing tiers.
  • Consistency, and attendance
  • More than a “raid logger”. I’ll be online doing M+ or Arena if it is not a raid night.
 Posted: 2019-08-23
  Aggramatt (120 Dark Iron Dwarf Shaman) [Blackhand]   Alchemy (175)
  Enchanting (175)
  Cooking (1)
 Item Level:  436 [Equipped: 434]   The Eternal Palace
  [8/8 N]   [8/8 H]   [3/8 M]
 Mythic+ Raider.IO Score:  1265
 WCL Top 250 Ranks:  [0 N]   [0 H]   [0 M]
 Average Percentile:   [Heroic: 81]  [Mythic: 51]
 Azerite Power:  61 [HoA 455 iLvl]
 Achievement Points:  16835

Currently a warlock friend and Myself (Ele / Resto Shaman) Are looking for a raiding guild that is trying to push mythic content, with a healthy team that is also interested in pushing keys often and rbg’s occasionally.

The times we are looking for are very open to discussion, as we both have flexible schedules.

Faction doesn’t matter, we’re looking for a change of pace anyway (We’re currently alliance, but open to swapping to Horde)

I have links to our logs available for the current tier if interested!

My B-Tag is HashtagPurch#1243, feel free to add me so we can chat anytime or reply on this post! Will check back regularly!



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