[A] LF 3 dps for casual M+Mar 31st, 2022 1:57 pm
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Kodikiri (Void Elf Monk) 7/11 (M)

Hey there

Me and my husband are looking for 3 dps to do M+ with. He’s starting from the beginning with gear etc, so the goal is to eventually work our way up to be able to do the weekly quota of 15’s in a chill environment.

We both find the meta of M+ and the culture around it to be stressful, and against people like us who want to play dungeons methodically (meaning without skips and very large pulls) some toxicity is aimed. Hence, we’d like to find likeminded individuals.

So, if you can play your class right and don’t have issues doing interrupts and cc, but want a less stressful M+ experience hmu for a chat.

Discord tag: Kodi#0577
Bnet: Kodi#21752

Have a wonderful day!

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