(H) LF 3k io M+ team to push keysJun 27th, 2020 7:20 am
Player Stats
Item Level: 480 [Equipped: 479]
Azerite Power: 94 [HoA 521 iLvl]
Legendary Cloak: Rank 15
Progress: [12/12 N]   [12/12 H]   [11/12 M]
Mythic+ Raider.IO Score: 3388
WCL Top 500 Ranks: [0 N]   [6 H]   [0 M]
Average Percentile:  [Heroic: 96]  [Mythic: 69]
Achievement Points: 15595
Ephesia (Blood Elf Paladin) 11/12 (M)

I am looking for a dedicated team / community to push keys around my level

Contact: Xandread#1761

Player Stats
Item Level: 478 [Equipped: 475]
Azerite Power: 91 [HoA 515 iLvl]
Legendary Cloak: Rank 15
Progress: [12/12 N]   [12/12 H]   [3/12 M]
Mythic+ Raider.IO Score: 2905
WCL Top 500 Ranks: [0 N]   [0 H]   [0 M]
Average Percentile:  [Heroic: 78]  [Mythic: 63]
Achievement Points: 17720
Teqe (Blood Elf Paladin) 3/12 (M)

Hello everyone! My name is Teq. I’ve played WoW since the end of Vanilla in a variety of roles, raiding every tier as raid leader/GM of my guild. Sadly due to some IRL troubles, we disbanded during our mythic BoD progress and I took some time away from the game. I’m now back as a holy paladin and searching for a guild to complete mythic Ny’alotha with!

Given that my realm is somewhat dead, I’m happy to transfer for the right guild. I’m currently 3/12M (pugging is not a great time) and approaching 3k rio score in m+.

I’m available for raiding Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday as my current work schedule permits however during winter I am super limited with when I’m free - but we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

Give me a shout on discord (Teq#7118) or bnet (Teq#2183) if you’re interested!


Casual Raider with high expJul 4th, 2020 4:56 am
Player Stats
Item Level: 469 [Equipped: 468]
Azerite Power: 86 [HoA 505 iLvl]
Legendary Cloak: Rank 10
Progress: [11/12 N]   [1/12 H]   [0/12 M]
Mythic+ Raider.IO Score: 1306
WCL Top 500 Ranks: [0 N]   [0 H]   [0 M]
Average Percentile:
Achievement Points: 13215
Morpha (Blood Elf Paladin) 0/12 (M)


I have been playing the game for about 15 years now mostly as either a Guild Master and Raid Leader of my old Mythic Raiding Guild or as a Core Raider.

Due to my new Career I am now working shifts, this means that I am now to look for a more casual role within a Raiding Team that would allow me to be more active certain weeks over others due to my working shift pattern.

I can promise you though when I say that I will attend a raid I will, I will be fully prepared, know tactics and will not be a liability, I also do not mind missing out on spots for more regular players when necessary.

I am also a slightly more mature player of 29 years of age, high internet connection of 80+ mbps, a top end gaming PC and often would be the last to call for a break or for the raid to end early.

Now I play:

Holy Pally

Tank DH

Arms Warr

I am currently leveling my second Hunter as I have two at 110, I also have every class at level 100+ willing to play what is required most by the Guild at the time, but with preference to Ranged DPS currently.

I am also an ex Twitch Streamer and Youtuber

Twitch = Moophus
Youtube = Moopheus

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

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