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 Rank  Change  Name  Realm  Average DPS/HPS Links
 #1    Zamki  KR-아즈샤라  1,653,399  
 #2    天罪之怨  CN-深渊之巢  1,639,888  
 #3    Magekko  EU-Vashj  1,495,542  
 #4    Strikemage  EU-Blackmoore  1,488,514  
 #5    Sagvv  CN-玛洛加尔  1,420,734  
 #6    嘴儿丶  CN-红龙军团  1,397,493  
 #7    갓자  KR-아즈샤라  1,378,852  
 #8    혈마지막법사  KR-하이잘  1,370,801  
 #9    Everx  KR-아즈샤라  1,354,715  
 #10    깜찍발랄상큼히나  KR-아즈샤라  1,344,922  
 #11    Adu  KR-아즈샤라  1,328,106  
 #12    Gladrien  EU-Gorgonnash  1,316,790  
 #13    베이프샤크  KR-아즈샤라  1,307,345  
 #14    Fjalar  EU-Tarren Mill  1,300,038  
 #15    Anonymous  -  1,295,524  
 #16    작명정책위반법사  KR-아즈샤라  1,268,612  
 #17    Incaen  US-Drenden  1,246,213  
 #18    Frostmage  KR-아즈샤라  1,182,433  
 #19    凜冽的寒風  CN-玛洛加尔  1,179,135  
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• This ranking system is based on your average DPS/HPS among all your mythic fights, you must have killed at least 4 or more current content bosses in order to be ranked. Because this is spec specific you can have all the bosses killed and not be ranked if you do not have 4 or more kills under the same spec. Data is retrieved from both World of Logs and Warcraft Logs.
• Change denotes how many spots you have moved up or down from the previous week. If you see no change it means either two things, you were the same rank last week, or you had no rank at all last week. You may also see some people improve by several hundred spots, this is accurate.
Ranks are updated every morning.

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