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 Rank  Change  Name  Realm  Average DPS/HPS Links
 #1    兰德尔菠萝  CN-龙骨平原  1,391,163  
 #2    黛斯缇妮  CN-末日行者  1,369,176  
 #3    Eetur  EU-Stormreaver  1,275,326  
 #4    千郁  CN-苏塔恩  1,241,573  
 #5    Iamw  EU-Silvermoon  1,227,520  
 #6    Trollsaftt  EU-Frostmane  1,216,770  
 #7    点子心情  CN-冰风岗  1,206,851  
 #8    Урсик  EU-Гордунни  1,200,164  
 #9    Syriof  EU-Stormreaver  1,192,258  
 #10    Quasy  KR-아즈샤라  1,191,775  
 #11    Horticulture  US-Turalyon  1,172,659  
 #12    우리노루는물어요  KR-하이잘  1,158,614  
 #13    Zhava  US-Illidan  1,156,371  
 #14    Meledy  EU-Kazzak  1,138,939  
 #15    Anonymous  -  1,137,225  
 #16    Myrenn  EU-Gorgonnash  1,118,748  
 #17    Robosaurus  US-Frostmourne  1,115,451  
 #18    Solarityful  US-Sargeras  1,113,700  
 #19    Baerenn  US-Sargeras  1,111,180  
 #20    바람과같다  KR-헬스크림  1,100,124  
 #21    Nonné  EU-Tarren Mill  1,088,896  
 #22    Zerokir  EU-Blackmoore  1,061,347  
 #23    Batlecruiser  EU-Eredar  1,042,938  
 #24    Meowing  US-Kel'Thuzad  1,038,506  
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• This ranking system is based on your average DPS/HPS among all your mythic fights, you must have killed at least 4 or more current content bosses in order to be ranked. Because this is spec specific you can have all the bosses killed and not be ranked if you do not have 4 or more kills under the same spec. Data is retrieved from both World of Logs and Warcraft Logs.
• Change denotes how many spots you have moved up or down from the previous week. If you see no change it means either two things, you were the same rank last week, or you had no rank at all last week. You may also see some people improve by several hundred spots, this is accurate.
Ranks are updated every morning.

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