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» Player Info for Cinidari
  Cinidari (120 Blood Elf Demon Hunter)
Anger [Illidan]
  Alchemy (1)
  Herbalism (150)
  Cooking (0)
 Item Level:  408 [Equipped: 407]   Crucible of Storms
  [1/2 N]   [0/2 H]   [0/2 M]
  Battle of Dazar'alor
  [9/9 N]   [9/9 H]   [3/9 M]
 Mythic+ Raider.IO Score:  0
 WCL Top 250 Ranks:  [3 N]   [1 H]   [0 M]
 Average Percentile:
 PvP Rating:          
 Azerite Power:  44 [HoA 421 iLvl]
 Achievement Points:  11610
 [Crucible of Storms] Rank Percentile DPS
   The Restless Cabal
 BFA Season 2 Mythic+ Score Affixes
 Kings' Rest
 Shrine of the Storm
 Siege of Boralus
 Temple of Sethraliss
 The Underrot
 Tol Dagor
 Waycrest Manor
 Total Points: 0
 [Battle of Dazar'alor] Rank Percentile DPS
   Champion of the Light #186 98 15.8K
   Jadefire Masters #983 89 11.5K
   Grong #1177 87 9.9K
   Opulence #565 93 19K
   Conclave of the Chosen #480 93 10.4K
   Stormwall Blockade
   King Rastakhan #460 91 11K
   Lady Jaina Proudmoore

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