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» Player Info for 매실과즙
  매실과즙 (110 Troll Hunter) [아즈샤라]
  Skinning (800)
  Leatherworking (800)
  Cooking (800)
 Item Level:  949 [Equipped: 940] (Artifact Weapon: 35)   Nighthold
  [10/10 N]   [10/10 H]   [7/10 M]
  Trial of Valor
  [3/3 N]   [3/3 H]   [2/3 M]
  The Emerald Nightmare
  [7/7 N]   [7/7 H]   [7/7 M]

 PR DPS/HPS Rank:  Unranked
 Pro Raiders Rank:  Unranked
 Achievement Points:  9510
  [Nighthold] Rank Points Change
   Chronomatic Anomaly  
   Spellblade Aluriel  
   High Botanist Tel'arn  
   Star Augur Etraeus  
   Grand Magistrix Elisande  
 Total PR Points: 0  Unranked

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