No Fun 10/10 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Wolfestyle
Server Rank: #214
US Rank: #6625

[A] US-Proudmoore 10/10H nath is recruiting members to strengthen our raid team. Social members are also always welcomed here.

We are a Long Established, low drama adult guild with a nice atmosphere and helpful members. The Guild was formed at the beginning of the legion expansion and has achieved AOTC the last 11 raid tiers with some mythic kills to boot.

Are members enjoy raiding, running mythic +, torghast, events, transmog runs, and a few even like arena and bg’s

Raid times
Thurs/Fri 10pm-1am PST
For more info contact

Armageddon#1703 Toon name Wolfestyle or
Pancakes#12344 Toon Belrythe

Talk to you soon.

Thunderhold Brewery 6/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Janril
Server Rank: #71
US Rank: #1556

Guild & Server: Thunderhold Brewery - Sargeras - Thunderhold Stout Team

Raid Times/Days: Monday - Thursday 7:30-10:30 pm Server/CST

Current Progression: 6/10M 10/10 H.

Tank: VDH tank.
DPS: 1 RDPS Mage only.
Alternates in any/all roles to swap in for absences and potentially earn a spot in the main raid. We track attendance/performance, if you fill in, earning a full spot is likely.


Guilds of Wow:

Recruitment Contacts:

Discord: Janril#4226, Tharanis#5060, Mathil#5282

BNET: Janril#11327, Tharanis#1364, Finch#2761

Requirements: None to join the guild! To raid, we require a trial through dungeons, and raid, preferably 213+ ilvl.

What Is IO 10/10 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Huntandprey
Server Rank: #6
US Rank: #6067

Winterhoof - Horde

10/10 Heroic looking to get into Mythic ASAP

Raid Schedule
Tuesday 8:30pm est to 11:30pm est.
Wednesday 8:30pm est to 11:30pm est.
We are actively recruiting for core spots and not a bench!!!

Healer - All will be considered
DPS - Mage, SPriest, and any strong DPS
All specs and classes will be looked at and considered

GM - Norton
Raid/DPS Lead - Huntandprey
Heal Lead - Smallsu
Recruitment Officer - Norton
How to reach us.
Recruitment Officers
Bnet Norton#11254 Discord Norton#6319
Bnet huntandprey#1770 Discord huntandprey#2852

6/10M LF SPriest, AffLock, BoomyMar 25th, 2021 4:50 pm
Massacre 6/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Karalea
Server Rank: #7
US Rank: #1744

Guild Name: Massacre
Guild was founded back in 2007 and has since been a raiding force on our server. After 12 years of pushing Cutting Edge content, Massacre decided to take a more casual and laid-back approach at the beginning of BoD. While maintaining our casual atmosphere we finished BfA strong and achieved CE in Ny’alotha with the desire and dedication of our raid team. In Shadowlands we strive for steady and fun mythic progression.

Our core has been together for years helping to provide a stable raiding environment to be enjoyed by all members. Our raid leader(s) research heavily to help prepare for upcoming encounters to ensure our valuable raid time is well spent. Raiding is not supposed to be a second job! In our spare time, we enjoy alts, m+, other games, and listening to music in discord.

If you want to be a part of a fun group of people that also gets stuff done – Massacre could be the place for you!

Server: US-Turalyon (PVE) EST
Faction: Horde
Raid Times: 8:30pm-Midnight EST Tuesday and Wednesday; optional raid 8:30pm EST Thursday
Loot System: RCLootCouncil to help manage pieces people WANT to trade
Atmosphere: Adult

Recent Progression:
6/10M CN
10/10H CN
12/12M NtWC

What we are accepting:
Please note preferred 215ilvl, rank 4 BiS Raiding Legendary. We do not perform cross-server mythic trials. Potential applicants are welcome to watch streams, chill in discord, and join our Thursday alts and friends run—come have fun and get to know the guild you’re looking to join!

RANGED (looking for 2)
–Shadow Priest
–Affliction Warlock
–Fire Mage

Primary recruitment needs are bolded. As always, exceptional applications for any class/role will be considered.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via in-game whisper or through battle tag:
Wrane - Recruitment - Wrane#11253 or @Wrane#6865
Karalea - Ranged Lead/Raid Lead - Kara#1715 or @Karalea#8566
Hobkins - Admin - Enris618#1280 or @Hobkins#6225
Myrihwana - Melee Lead - Myricalus#1115 @Myricalus#4138
Byleana - GM - Byleana#1633 or @Byleana#0726

Guild Information
Recruiter: Sieleea
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

Looking for a two-night a week guild that also is active outside of raid nights with RBGs, M+s, and general social shenanigans?

Do you like air fryers and Roombas and puppies?

Has your Doctor recently told you that you need to increase your sodium intake?

If any, or all, of these are true, then Saltforged may be the place for you.

Saltforged is a community of adults that enjoys afking from their day jobs together to kill bosses and enjoy Azeroth. We are a casual-core guild looking to utilize our 2-Night, 6 hour raid week to the best of our abilities. We provide flasks, food, oils, potions, repairs, and a stable raid environment where we encourage our raiders to get better through our weekly Raid Journals.

Raid Journals are assignments from the raid leader to address things going on in raid - sometimes journal assignments are watching raid boss videos, self-reflection on your performance for the week, providing feedback to raid leader questions.

All we expect from you is weekly prep for raids (M+s, Maw Dailies, fight research, consistent attendance and communication).

At Saltforged we recognize that WoW is a team sport - we all succeed and fail together. <3

Raid Schedule
Monday / Wednesday - 8PM EST - 11PM EST (7PM - 10PM CST, 6PM - 9PM MST, 5PM - 8PM PST)

Friday or Saturday Night - This always depends on interest!

Recruitment Needs
Tanks: Full - Looking for flex tank to fill-in/rotate
Healers: LF 1 Healer - Disc Priest Pref, Full on Shamans
Melee DPS: All - Death Knights Pref
Ranged DPS: All - Boomkins, Mages, Hunters, Shadow Priests Pref

Contact Info
Discord: LifeInColor#5786 / Imrielle#11480 (Recruiter)
Discord: Bajimbus#0542 (Raid Leader)

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