[US] [H] [Alexstrasza] RecruitingApr 13th, 2021 9:36 am
Assault and Battery 2/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Elissia
Server Rank: #5
US Rank: #3828

We are a mythic raiding guild on Alexstrasza, focused on pushing mythic content as far as we can each tier and remaining one of the top choices for horde players on Alexstrasza to raid with. Outside of raiding we remain committed to getting as many of our players KSM and beyond should they aspire to complete it.

We are in search of any exceptional dps players presently, however, a fire mage is an immediate need that we would prefer to fill above all else. The ideal fit would be a player who knows their class, has some nice logs to show off, and is patient and willing to grow and learn with us.

We began this guild at the beginning of the Shadowlands expansion in order to keep a group of friends together that were unable to play together in a prior guild, the focus here has always been to keep a relaxed yet efficient raid environment, and always remember that a positive attitude and patience will pay dividends in whatever progression we seek to achieve.

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday - 7:45 Central - 10:30 Central

Mondays & Wednesdays are off nights in which you can find many guild members running keys with our weekends being completely up in the air varying from week to week.

While we would love to find good fits for us willing to transfer and join us, we understand that is not always feasible immediately, so we have also established a cross realm community for those who enjoyed playing with us to join us there while they sort out their long term wow plans.

If you have any questions or want to discuss our guild and how it relates to your future in wow, do not hesitate to contact me, see info below:

Contact for info

Blacklisted 2/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Neithia
Server Rank: #167
US Rank: #3700

Blacklisted-Thrall (Horde) // 18+ Guild

What we’re currently looking for:
We’re always welcoming new casual members to join our Guild! Our members enjoy all aspects of gameplay!

Will I fit in? / What’s the atmosphere like? Our Guild consists of a variety of different personalities, as do most Guilds! We are an 18+ guild, as we joke about inappropriate topics not suitable for younger audiences. We do ask that our members have thick skin, reason being: We love to poke fun or joke with one another. WoW is a game after all and we have the most fun socializing, joking and having a fun time with one another!

A little history of our guild: Our guild formed on Thunderhorn back in Wrath. We’ve been happy to call Thrall home since Legion! We’ve had a few different name changes over the years, as we always found a name that suited us better than the last. We finally found our best suited name in BfA, Blacklisted!

We offer: A wide variety of activities everyone in the guild loves to do! From M+ and Raiding current tier, to PvP, old content achievement/transmog runs, mount/pet farming, to playing other games outside of WoW together! If you think it, we do it!

Below is our current scheduled activity days:

  • Sunday: Key Day for helping those interested get a +12 - +16 done for their weekly chest!
  • Tues: Heroic Raid Night 9pm EST until 11:30pm EST
  • Weds: Heroic Raid Night 9pm EST until 11:30pm EST
  • Thurs/Friday/Saturday: Fun-Runs (see below for more info on Fun-Runs, the day of the week for Fun-Runs depends on the majority member availability when scheduling).

Fun-Run’s include a variety of things to do, we welcome any members of the guild to join in on the fun! See below for more details:

  • Mythic raid(s) (older raids of the current and previous expansions)
  • Raid Meta achievement runs! (Current expansion and previous expansions)
  • Dungeon Meta Achievement Runs (Current expansion and previous expansions)
  • Transmog/Mount Runs for older raids/dungeons

Contests!! - We offer a variety of contests including: gathering contests, transmog contests, Guild Raffle, etc! We give out gold prizes for the Winner(s)!

Raiding: Our Guild is an AoTc driven raiding guild. We are currently not looking for more members for our raid team at this time, backups are welcome!
Raid times: Tues/Weds 9pmEST-11:30pmEST (server time).
Current Progress: Castle Nathria 10/10N | 10/10H | 2/10M

We believe in team-work, and all of our members help one another in all aspects of game-play! Including: helping our casual members get their AoTc before the next raid tier, if they would like AoTc (with gear requirements to enter the raid)

Please reply to this post, or add either of the below contacts to bnet if you’d like to inquire about our guild, or to join our family!! :slightly_smiling_face:





Boogie Down 1/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Snackspirit
Server Rank: #181
US Rank: #4166

Boogie Down is an AOTC raiding guild focused on community, raiding and mythic+. We value high performance and a healthy sense of humor equally. We are an inclusive LGBTQ-friendly group and do not tolerate any form of hate speech.

We’re currently pushing into Mythic CN and looking to grow our group of like-minded friends. We have the biggest need for Warlock, Mage, and Warrior, but are open to any role (especially dual spec) if you’re a good fit. Raid nights are on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 8:30 pm-11:30 pm EST.

We also have dedicated weekly M+ groups where we push +15 keys as we work to get everyone KSM before the season ends.

If you’re interested or want to discuss further, please reach out to Swift#3220 or Dalander#2362 on Discord.

6/10 Mythic Horde Guild IllidanApr 13th, 2021 7:25 pm
Charlie Work 6/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Khrowbar
Server Rank: #157
US Rank: #1287

Guild: Mythic Raid guild located on US-Illidan-Horde

Our Guild : As a core we’ve been raiding together since the end of Warlords of Draenor on the server US-Arthas throughout Legion. We then moved to Illidan and reformed after the first tier of Battle For Azeroth as the server population on Arthas started to decline. We are all very active in mythic plus and Pvp and alts outside of raid.

RECRUITMENT: OPEN (All experienced players encouraged to apply)

  • Our Current Needs for our raid team are. Mage Hunter Unholy Death knights encouraged to apply.

What we expect: We are a mythic progression guild but life happens we understand we just want to kill stuff, we aren’t looking to knock down world first’s but we are still aiming for cutting edge. Below are reasons why ours raids are baaaadasssssss!

-Come prepared we come to raid!
-Have a good time!
-Always keep a positive team attitude =)
-Reliable raiders post in discord if they cant make raid.
-Inspire hope (goes without being said)
-Engage mentally try your best for the team.

Raid times: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 8-pm-11pm ET (These times are currently subject to change but these are times have raided in the past)

Where to apply:
Applications be be submitted on our Google Form here : https://forms.gle/dty8TFRUZvekJBwg7

Please any questions our officers are almost always available in battle.net

Our Recruitment officers listed below.

Sodality 6/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Clearstrider
Server Rank: #19
US Rank: #1433

Sodality is an Alliance Mythic Raiding guild on the Dalaran server. We are a smaller sized guild with a laid back atmosphere. We are currently 10/10H & 6/10M CN.

While we aren’t a hardcore progression guild, we do like to take it serious. “Mythic Casual” as we’ve come to call it.

Our raid times are:

Tuesdays 8pm - 11pm EST

Sundays 5pm - 8pm EST.

We ask everyone to make all raids, be fairly active, flexible with raid comps, be patient and don’t be rude.

We are recruiting players with decent logs and some quality raid experience. Overall, we are more looking for the player, not the class. Although if you’re a mage or DK, that’s a huge plus! Attitude and personality play a big part. We are a laid back group not looking for toxic elitists.

We’re also looking for flex raiders and M+ key runners.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining, send a message to any of us!

(GM) Clearstrider#1352

(Officer) Raybrandt#11133

(Officer) gauss#11407

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