Two Shot 12/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Tidepode
Server Rank: #2
US Rank: #411

Two Shot-Whisperwind[A] is an 12/12M (8/8M EP, 9/9M BoD) semi-hardcore raiding guild that raids Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8pm-11pm Eastern. Our raid atmosphere is progression-focused with friendly, skilled and dedicated raiders. We keep things light and enjoy joking around, but put a strong emphasis on limiting downtime in order to get as many pulls as we can on progression.

We’re made up of a healthy mix of former high-end raiders looking for a more relaxed pace, plus a few people who have stepped into mythic raiding with us and proven themselves as we’ve built ourselves into a Cutting Edge team. Many of us have been raiding together for years.

Two Shot emphasizes providing a stable environment and a positive atmosphere. We have a relatively long trial process where every member of the raid team is expected to weigh in before a trial is approved. While this is daunting to some, it’s a big part of how we maintain a stable team where we know every member is dedicated and gets along with each other.

Currently recruiting:

  • DPS, although we are relatively high on rogues and hunters.
  • Recruitment is always open to exceptional players of all classes and roles
  • We are not recruiting bench positions for Shadowlands at this time.

Mythic Raid Schedule:
Tuesday, 8-11pm EST (invites at 7:45pm)
Wednesday, 8-11pm EST (invites at 7:45pm)

Optional Heroic Raid
While not required, raiders are encouraged to show up to our Heroic raid when possible to help gear alts.
Sunday, 8-11pm EST

Bigwigs (or DBM)
Exorsus Raid Tools
WeakAuras 2

If you’re interested in a trial, fill out an application here: (https://)
Add me on discord if you have any questions: Pode#1234

[H] Recruiting for Shadowlands!Sep 26th, 2020 3:32 pm
All Outta Bubblegum 12/12 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Profien
Server Rank: #218
US Rank: #5401

Raid Schedule: Friday 9:30 - 12:00pm EST, Saturday 8:00 - 11:00PM EST
A few of us start clearing trash @ 9 -9:15pm.

Current Progression

Uldir: 8/8H AOTC
BoD: 9/9H AOTC
NtWC: 12/12H AOTC

Recruitment Needs:
We have a solid group that is in need of some adjustments. We are mainly looking for the following below:

Item level: 450+ for raiding. A lower ilvl may be considered based on previous raid experience.
Tank: Low Priority, will consider a DPS with a Tank off spec.
Healer: Resto Druid, MW Monk
Melee DPS: Ret, Enhance, Rogue
Range DPS: Mage, Boomkin, and Warlock.

If you spec is NOT listed here, still feel free to contact us in joining. Will consider other classes and specs.

We do have a trial period of 2 weeks. Calendar invites for raid is up every week, and our raiders are expected to sign up accordingly, and be on time.

Of course this is just what we’re looking for to improve our Raid roster. If you are interested in joining for the social aspect or the many shenanigans we do at random times, then feel free to contact myself or another officer.

Who we are:
AOB is a fun and laid back guild that likes to kick back and get things done. We’re a fun, rowdy group of people who enjoy each others company and have fun together whether it’s in a random TW dungeon, mythic+ run, or raids. We all enjoy dark humor, and are not for the easily offended.

Contact Info:
Rehab#11131 Btag Rehab#5597 Discord
Scorpion#1272 Btag Arochon#1539 Discord
Profien#1475 Btag Profien#3012 Discord

Any other member of AoB can direct you to one of the officers.

No Refunds 4/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Gloombolts
Server Rank: #217
US Rank: #3064

Hey all, Gloombolts here! I help run the Alliance guild- No Refunds, on Stormrage – US.

Scroll down to raid days and times if you are in a rush! We understand! – Please Note: before you scroll down. We’re Semi-Hardcore. Not casual.

Our guild only wants old school veteran raiders from previous expansions. We’re building up for Shadowlands. We accept newcomers who are willing to learn and put the time into raiding in a semi-hardcore raiding environment. We do have a lot of veteran raiders with server first kills from previous expansions. We tell you this not to gloat, but to assure you of our credibility as raiders.

About Us

We would classify our guildmates as semi-hardcore raiders. We take raiding seriously. We expect you to know your class, spec, and research fights you’ve never done before. We aren’t brand new. However, we aren’t over the top raiders. What does that mean? Simple. We aren’t elitist, toxic, sexist, racist, we don’t age discriminate, (most of us are older), we don’t yell, scream, or harass people here. Not big on guilt tripping, getting political on people, griefing, putting others down. But please don’t misinterpret our message here. We still want you to be yourselves, joke around, troll us a little. Have a good time here, make friends! We are a raiding guild, yes, but also a community guild. We strive to bring back that old school Vanilla WoW and Burning Crusade feel where everyone knows each other, and we do more than just getting on every week to raid.

We have 102 (one hundred and two) raiders and are looking to get to 150 (one-hundred and fifty). We are almost done building our raid groups for Shadowlands. We have six raid groups. Yes, you read that right. Six raid groups. Each has an Officer, Raid Leader, Raid Assists, and semi-hardcore raiders, ready to down bosses. Below are the group names, days, times, and what each raid group is seeking. NOTE: Any classes you see below are the only classes and specs the guild is seeking currently. We recruit on a first come first serve basis. Thank you for understanding.

Raid Group 1 – MYTHIC RAID TEAM -The Refundables – Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays – 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm EST/SERVER

Raid Group 1 is locked and seeking nothing at this time.

Raid Group 2 – MYTHIC RAID TEAM - Waifu Warriors – Thursdays and Fridays – 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm EST/SERVER

Raid Group 2 is seeking the following:

Arms Warrior
Fury Warrior
Frost Death Knight
Beast Mastery Hunter
Marksman Hunter
Affliction or Destruction Warlock
Elemental Shaman – (Yes, we want you.) The person who breaks the nerf cycle.

Raid Group 3 – MYTHIC RAID TEAM - The Gibby Gang – Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm EST/SERVER

Raid Group 3 is seeking the following:

Havoc Demon Hunter

Raid Group 4 – MYTHIC RAID TEAM - Bro It’s a Ring of Peace – Saturdays and Sundays 9:00 am to 12:00 pm EST/SERVER

Raid Group 4 is seeking the following:

Balance Druid
Shadow Priest
Beast Mastery Hunter or Marksman Hunter
Elemental Shaman – (Yes, we want you.) The person who breaks the nerf cycle.

Raid Group 5 – HEROIC RAID TEAM – Wipes on Trash – Fridays and Saturdays 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm EST/SERVER

Raid Group 5 is seeking the following:

Blood Death Knight or Protection Paladin

Holy Paladin
Mistweaver Monk
Restoration Shaman
Holy Priest

Retribution Paladin
Windwalker Monk
Feral Druid
Fury or Arms Warrior
Death Knight

Affliction Warlock
Arcane or Fire Mage
Balance Druid
Elemental Shaman – (Yes, we want you.) The person who breaks the nerf cycle.
Destruction Warlock

Raid Group 6 – MYTHIC RAID TEAM – Name Pending a Vote – Fridays 11:00 pm to 2:00 am, Saturdays 9:00 pm to 12:00 am EST/SERVER

Raid Group 6 is seeking the following:

Blood Death Knight or Brewmaster Monk

Holy Paladin
Restoration Shaman
Holy Priest
Mistweaver Monk

Death Knight
Havoc Demon Hunter
Feral Druid
Fury or Arms Warrior
Enhancement Shaman (Yes, we know you suck right now.) Join us. We love you.
Windwalker Monk
Survival Hunter

Balance Druid
Shadow Priest
Elemental Shaman – (Yes, we want you.) The person who breaks the nerf cycle.
Affliction Warlock
Arcane Mage
Marksman Hunter

Raid Rules

Here at No Refunds we are chill when it comes to rules. However, we have a few minor 101 raiding rules that you should be aware of in a Semi-Hardcore raiding and community guild. We have Officers, Raid Leaders, Raid Assists, and Veteran Raiders who notice toxicity and drama bombs from a mile away. If you are brand new to the guild, raid group, or a veteran of the guild and the raid group you’re in, we expect the following from you:

  1. Please don’t tell the Raid Leader how to lead. You can offer a different strategy to them before or after the raid. Our Raider leaders are very open-minded and have no problem learning from other experienced players. But there is a time and place for it, not in the middle of a pull.

  2. When a Raid Leader or Raid Assist tells you to do something (within reason). Do it. Don’t challenge them or waste the raid groups time. We can and will bench you for the night and PUG someone if we have to.

  3. Please don’t talk over the assists or correct them on something they already know. They are there to help you. If a Raid Leader misses a week because of an emergency or computer/internet issue, do not take it upon yourself to lead the raid group. If we need some assistance from you in this regard, we will approach you if we feel you are capable and/or ready. The Raid Assists will take over should a Raid Leader not be present.

  4. Be on early and on time for our Raids. We provide your flask, food, and potion raiding materials.

  5. Please don’t play the “he said/she said” game with us. If you are brand new to the guild, even if you roll with us for a long time, we know how to recognize and root out toxicity and drama. We are very quick to act. So please refrain from joining us if this is something you enjoy doing on a daily basis. We are not a good fit for you if this is the case.

Raid Attendance

Here at No Refunds, we appreciate people’s real-life schedules over World of Warcraft. Whether it’s a demanding job even during this scary pandemic, marriage, kids, or you just need to take a mental health day. All you have to do is @ us in your specific discord chat channel. The Raid Leader, Raid Assist, Officer, and Raiders all know at the same time you can’t make it. While you might be used to messaging a GM or CO-GM, Raid Leader, or Officer. If it isn’t a personal matter. Just @ the group in your discord raid channel. – This mindset for the guild is for normal and heroic raiding. – Mythic is full attendance and on time. NO EXCEPTIONS. Unless a real-life emergency occurs. The Mythic Raid team will understand! Real life > WoW.

Guess what? You won’t be benched, replaced, yelled at, drama bombed. None of that stuff. You just come back the next day or next week. Going on a vacation, wedding, or job schedule shift? No problem! Just @ us in your respective raid channel the days and times you’ll be gone and when you get back. We will be here waiting to greet you when you return! That’s it. Simple as that!

@ing us in the right discord channel is your primary guild rule in the entire guild. It outweighs even the raid rules. If you can’t @ us in your respective channel days or even hours ahead of time, we aren’t going to remove you from guild. However, these groups are farming heroic for mythic or pushing mythic. If you want to mythic raid here, it isn’t going to get dramatic, but we are Semi-Hardcore. That means when it’s raid time, it’s raid time. If you are in a normal or heroic group, people can manage, but when the rosters are locked for Mythic, RAID TIME IS RAID TIME! No exceptions! If you fail to @ us in your respective channel, don’t show up to raid, are consistently late, and no show, don’t be shocked if you get replaced. We are not going to hold back an entire raid team because YOU can’t commit to one major yet simple rule.

We understand if real life emergencies happen. That is way more important than WoW. But do not mistake us, if real life emergencies are happening every week, every raid day, we will eventually ask you to take a (temporary) seat. So please don’t take offense, we have raiders to look out for.

Loot Rules

We don’t have any 101 rules. Each raid team has their own set of rules regarding loot. We just suggest you help your fellow raid members. Example: You get three or four best in slot pieces in one night. If one of them is another raider’s best in slot, consider giving them one piece. Just be cool. Be an adult, a team player and help progress as a guild and raid group. Just make sure you know what your best in slots are and not an upgrade. Please, do your research! Again, simple as that!

Semi-Hardcore Defined

(I am saying this in the nicest way I can. Yet I can’t believe I have to define what this is for some people this late in WoW’s timeline). We aren’t a hardcore guild. We don’t want to be a top 100 guild. A top 200 guild. We want to down the heroic or mythic content on our own humane terms. For you see, we are just as skilled as a hardcore raider. We just don’t have the time to raid forty to sixty hours a week. However, we are Semi-Hardcore. Meaning we aren’t casual raiders. We raid two to three days a week for a minimum of six hours a week to a maximum of nine hours a week.

Just because our hours are shorter, and we don’t want to be a top U.S. Guild doesn’t mean we want slackers or people getting carried by us. We expect you to have perfect attendance if you’re joining a Mythic raid team. Know your class, your spec, positioning, have the proper raiding addons, a decent microphone to communicate. If this part of our post sounds new to you, please with all due respect, don’t apply to us. We aren’t a casual guild. We have no issues with casual players, we just aren’t seeking to build a casual guild. “Semi-Hardcore” Please understand this before applying. Thank you!

Closing Statements

We plan on setting up community events outside of raiding. T-Mog runs, Achievement runs, Legacy/Feat of Strength runs. World PVP, BG and Arena teams. We have officers setting these parts up for the guild.

All the Raiders, Raid Leaders, Raid Assists, Officers, and Co-GM’s know everyone pretty well here. If you intend to apply to our guild, please seriously evaluate if you match up with our goals both as a progression-based guild and a toxic free community environment. Be honest with yourself and us. We know who we want playing with us and who we don’t want playing with us. This isn’t to turn you off to joining us. It is intended to make sure you seriously consider what we have told you here. If you have any questions concerning this or if anything is unclear, please have those questions ready for us during the interview process. We will be happy to clarify.

We are building our foundation for Shadowlands. During this building process the guild is on vacation. No one is raiding right now. We plan to become very active again during pre-patch if it ever comes out. PLEASE HURRY BLIZZARD! We want a great community. We’d love to have you with us. If this guild sounds like a good fit for you: A drama free community, who doesn’t ask for much, wants you to have fun, down Mythic content without all the yelling and immature antics then please consider reaching out! We are No Refunds and we are sure if you roll with us you won’t have buyer’s remorse. Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you.

Please message Gloombolts, Thermalbot, Kluknk, Poppatart, Coffeeßean, Bluewind, Mirtazapine, Healsforhire, Møuntain, Depreshon, Damïa, Linashia, Rotank, or Ragingscot.

You can add me on real ID: Rhyan#11764

Discord: Venris#3529

Have a good day or night everyone! Hope to hear from you soon!

No Refunds!!!

Unemployable 0/12
Guild Information
Recruiter: Variksx
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

[Unemployable] Mythic raiders recruiting all exceptional players for Shadowlands. Will be racing to 60, and smashing out content on launch! Currently filling raid roster. 18+ Mature guild :slight_smile:
Guild is Australian based and will be running of Frostmourne server time.
Exceptional off tank
Healers: disc priest, resto druid, resto shaman
Melee DPS: 1 dh, 1 warrior, 1 rogue, 1 ww monk
Ranged: Lock, Mage, hunter or spriest
Will consider all exceptional players
Mythic raiding experience is a must.
Ability to raid 2-3 nights is a must. if you want to enjoy a beer and get some content done contact Variksx or Roachini ingame or add Smams#8335 on discord.

Miasma 4/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Deekone
Server Rank: #210
US Rank: #3041

About Us
Miasma is a new hardcore Horde guild on Illidan recruiting for Shadowlands mythic raiding. The guild was created in the middle of 8.3 and we stopped at 5/12M through mostly pugging and we are filling out a full roster of core members. We are looking to push for Cutting Edge so we are mainly looking for players who have good foundational experience about their class and raiding in general. Discord is required.

Currently, our main focus is being spent on creating a full Mythic raid team roster but we do plan on creating smaller scheduled Mythic+ and RBG teams before the start of Shadowlands.

Who are we looking for?

  • Players who have raiding experience from multiple patches from Heroic difficulty or higher.
  • Players that are capable of completing maximum reward gear drops from Mythic+ (i.e. key level 15 in 8.3).
  • At least a 90% attendance to all raids and is online even when benched.
  • Players that consume resources about their class and know its rotation near perfect in all forms of content.
  • Determination when pushing content with high difficulty and keeps their anger to themselves when frustrated.
  • Willing to play multiple specs for their class if needed.
  • Members that follow all of the guild rules without being difficult.
  • Players that are willing to share loot others may need.
  • Players that are willing to give up unneeded BoE drops for guild gold or for other guildies who may need for upgrades (we will provide a large amount of consumables and guild repairs).

What are we looking for?

  • Multi-role DPS+Tank
  • DPS Warrior
  • Rogue
  • Retribution Paladin
  • Mage
  • Balance Druid
  • Warlock
  • Hunter
  • Shadow Priest
  • Elemental Shaman

If your class isn’t listed, it doesn’t mean we wont take you so feel free to fill out the form.

Raid Times
8:00PM - 11:00PM CST Thursday, Friday, Monday

To help you get a better idea of the atmosphere and what is expected, these are the guild rules listed in our discord.

  • If the channel is labeled [DND] that means you cannot join unless there is a reasonable cause to do so (i.e. if you are not raiding with the person inside of the raid voice channel, you may not under any circumstance join).
  • Officer Channels are to be only used for Officer Business and may never be used for personal reasons (i.e. dungeon runs or other games).
  • No racial slurs, racism, sexism, politics or religion.
  • Do not move people without good reason.
    Message guild officers 24hrs ahead of time if you can’t make raid times. Otherwise, it will be considered unexcused.
  • Do not post sexually explicit photos/links/videos anywhere.
  • Talking politics is at the fault of the person who brings it up, not who gets offended.
  • If an officer tells you to stop speaking about a subject, it does not become a debate on whether or not it is against the rules.

Required Addons

  • DBM/Bigwigs
  • Angry Assignments
  • Weakauras 2
  • Astral Keystone
  • SimulationCraft

Trial Form

Discord: Joman#6871

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