Far Beyond Insanity 4/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Krazyrampage
Server Rank: #70
US Rank: #1243

First let me start off by saying there are a lot of great guilds out there. I am in no way in any race with any of them. My goal is to have fun, have competitive likeminded individuals who are reliable, dependable and looking to have a good steady group of people run with. There will be some better than us, some that move faster than us, but again, we are not in any kind of race.

What makes Far Beyond Insanity (FBI) different? Nothing. We are a guild of mature adults from all different backgrounds that have real life obligations, if it is our professional life, family life or life of just gaming. We look for people to balance their life with WoW. With that said our schedule is strict, it is not a casual schedule. What this means is that we do not expect people to be online 24/7 to entertain everyone all the time. Outside of raids, you do what you can when you can. To some this may be an issue. Yes, at times it may be difficult to get a M+ guild run or do things together however, it is a game, not life. If WoW is your life, this is not the guild for you.

Our goal is CE but we make no promises or grantee that we will get it every tier. We do promise we will make every effort and we are not going to quit on a difficult boss or because things get hard. We are not going to fold just because some leave because they are quitters. We will always keep the recruitment open and hope that one day we can have a solid roster that we do not ever have to worry about someone leaving. We have a wonderful core. Some for years and some for several months.

If you are looking for a raiding guild of mature adult individuals that can accomplish difficult tasks, learn from their mistakes and works together as a team to achieve our goal, we are looking for you.

What we are looking for:

  • Reliable people who can make our schedule without issues or complications.
  • People who are able to work mechanics correctly. We completely understand mistakes and errors happen. We expect it, however we also expect people to improve each and every pull.
  • Positive attitude. We will be wiping, a lot. We do not need the added negative comments to the already stressful and frustrating evening. We want a positive environment that is encouraging, constructive and dedicated to progression.

Raid Schedule: All 3 days are required

  • Tuesday - 9 pm to Midnight, EST. - Invites at 8:45 pm EST
  • Wednesday - 9 pm to Midnight, EST. - Invites at 8:45 pm EST
  • Thursday - 9 pm to Midnight, EST. - Invites at 8:45 pm EST


  • 4/10/M SoD
  • 10/10H SoD
  • 10/10N SoD
  • 6/10 Mythic CN

Current Needs:

  • Range DPS -non-hunters
  • Melee DPS - Low priority currently
  • Healing - Holy Pally , Disc Priest, Resto Druid (Not interested in holy priest)

Feel free to contact me in game at Krazyrampage or bnet: Krazy#1922 Discord: Krazy#6618.

Hierarchy 1/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Kneevil
Server Rank: #55
US Rank: #2147

Hello! Hierarchy is seeking a Healer and a few exceptional DPS to fill out our Mythic raid team. We raid 2 days a week: Wednesday and Friday from 7:30pm to 10:30pm Eastern Time

Our top recruitment priorities at the moment:

  • Ranged DPS: Mage, Balance Druid, Ele Shaman, Shadow Priest, Warlock
  • Melee DPS: DH, DK, Monk, Ret Pally, Enhance Shaman
  • Healers: Shaman, Priest, Monk, Paladin

All skilled and experienced players are encouraged to inquire regardless of class/spec.

Our core is comprised of players with an immense amount of high level experience, including US 7th Heroic Ragnaros at our height in Cata. Having recently returned to the game coming to this expansion we are looking to return to a high level raiding guild on a smaller 2 day schedule.

The trial process is a two week “trial by fire” where you will be tested with the raid team on farm and possibly even progression. You will then have a log review with an officer afterward to review your performance.

Logs are located here:

If you’d like to know more, please reach out to us on discord. tezzrah#0154 brute #5778 sheevil#3677 deevil#8988

[US][A] Stormrage 4/10HApr 15th, 2021 1:23 pm
Disorientated 4/10 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Brutalle
Server Rank: #329
US Rank: #5904

Updated - 9/10/21

Greetings! We are Disorientated (both in name and spirit)!

The Important Bits

Disorientated is an Alliance raiding guild on US-Stormrage. We are focused on Heroic progression and are 10/10N and 4/10H in SoD, and achieved AOTC in CN.

Raid nights are Tuesday and Friday 8-11pm EST. We are currently on the lookout for one more healer (any spec/class except Rdruid) and a DPS warrior. We’re also open to picking up another warlock, rogue, DPS DK, or shaman, but talented players are always welcome for any class.

We realize that not everyone has the time to dedicate to raiding but wants a fun environment to call home, so we’re open to inviting like-minded people who are looking for a group to run m+ with or just chill and chat while playing.

The Rest

If you’re still reading you probably want to know what our guild is like – well we have two overarching goals 1) to have fun, and 2) to get AOTC each tier. We recognize that WoW is ultimately a game and want to provide a place where you can unwind and forget the day. That said we do expect our team to show up prepared for raid nights – we’re looking for people who are willing to put in a little bit of work to research fights, their class/spec, and consistently show up and perform. We’ll chat and joke around A LOT during trash (always keep an eye out for life grips and swapblasting), but when the pull timer comes up it’s all business.

Outside of raid nights guildies can be found pushing keys, leveling alts, or even gasp PvPing. Usually, we’ll put together an alt or timewalking raid on the weekends so people can try different roles and gear up alts (or future mains) and have some fun playing other classes/specs/roles.


We can be reached on B-net at:

  • Toasted21#1832 (Brutalle, Recruiter/Main Tank)
  • ksir37#1289 (Ferwin, Raid Lead)
  • Ryouice#11303 (Ryouice, GM)

You can also hop in our Discord at https:// and leave us a message in the #recruitment-chat channel. Typically, there’s someone on who can tag an officer to talk with you, but please be patient as our availability can be limited at times.

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