Panic at the Disconnect
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[Panic at the Disconnect] is a Mature and Family guild with an Active Social Discord. That strives to be drama free, informative, friendly and helpful to all New and Returning players.

Our Alliance and Horde Retail Horde Guild is Currently looking to fill our ranks for our Two Progression Raiding Teams into the next expansion. Currently Item Level for Raids are 260, however we will work with you to put in the time and effort to get ready.

Our Raid days and times are listed for

Thurs and Sunday 7PM CST/8PM EST. for Team 1

Friday and Saturday 7 PM CST/8PM, for Team 2

Both Teams will strive to create a stress free, fun and positive learning progression into normal, heroic and possible mythic raiding in the future. As well as running Mythic Plus and guild events .

Our servers for both Alliance and Horde include: Thunderlord, Azgalor, Destromath, Nazjater, Bloodfurance, Manaroth, Gurubashi, Aegweynn, Bonechewer, Daggerspine, Hakkar, and Garrosh.

All classes and races are welcome, looking for like minded people to enjoy the game, drama free, and work together to progress for ourselves and the guild we built for the Next expansion onward,

Feel free to message me or the other officers on Discord:

Boss Lady Pink#4053

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