Valiant Vengeance 11/11 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Lance
Server Rank: #1
US Rank: #314

Valiant Vengeance was founded in the year 2010. We have built up a community that has played competitively in every aspect of the game and settled on being predominately a raiding guild. Since Mists of Pandaria we have continued to grow as a team and ended performing at a top 100 US level by Legion. Many of our raiders have been with us since our first serious raid group was formed and with the same leadership throughout.

We have accomplished several realm best challenge mode times in MoP and WoD and obtained many cutting edges over the tiers, including realm firsts for Emerald Nightmare, Nighthold, and Trial of Valor.

Our roster consists of players that have been with us multiple tiers and we are always looking to add to the team. If you are interested in joining not only a guild but a long-lasting home to play with friends and push yourself through the hardest content, we may be the place for you!

Our Current Raid Schedule consists of the following: Tues/Thurs/Sun 9PM - Midnight Eastern Time

What we are looking for in a Raider:


This is a top priority. The best raid progression happens when you have the same consistent team every pull of a boss. We want our raiders to have 99% attendance.


We need players whom are open to communicating their thoughts and voice their opinions. We are always happy to hear feedback. We also require that you give advance notice of planned absences. Last minute call outs are not acceptable.

Knowledge of your class

You must keep up to date on the changes of your main raid class. It is imperative that you know and understand what you are playing so that we can bring top performers into our team that know how their class should approach each fight.


As noted above, we want the same players to pull a progression boss every time. Here in VV we need to all be on the same page and understand what each boss fight may entail. We do not have players that “burn out” and we expect the same of you. Putting in the extra effort to min/max your character with better itemization, gem sockets etc. is also something you must consider doing if you are interested in raiding at the level we are. We also don’t want 1 raid tier raid members or guild hoppers. We want you here to stay for multiple tiers and expansions to come.

Sense of Humor

We are a very friendly guild. We try our best to actually enjoy our time together and not make raiding a business event. Though we have high expectations when it comes to performance and attendance, we also want to be able to joke and poke at each other. We feel this atmosphere has really held the guild together and allowed us to not be just teammates but friends.

We are always communicating with each other, be it in-game or via Discord and when we are not playing WoW we are usually playing a variety of other games. We also grind out keys throughout the week and enjoy pushing keys as well.

If this type of environment sounds like something that you would be interested in, please feel free to add Pyra (GM) anytime and chat.

BattleTag: Lance#1115 or Pyra#1209
Discord: Lance#5964 or Pyra#7350

Raider IO:

Please make sure to include the name of toon you would be raiding on, availability and experience when sending a message.

Last Attempt 11/11 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Schizophreni
Server Rank: #1
US Rank: #334

At the bottom of this post we have video clips on twitch if you would like to see what our raid environment is like, and our logs are always public.
Application link:
About Us

Example of our serious business raid:

Last Attempt is long standing guild formed during Wrath of the Lich King on the Magtheridon-US server.
We’re a hodgepodge guild of ex-raiders of varying levels from US Top 5 to casual friends and family with history stretching back to Vanilla WoW.
We have a focus on trying to make the most of the time we raid and having a good time while doing it.
Must be over age 18, preferably over 21. No kids. A sense of humor is required. Guild chat is not family-friendly.
Awareness to remove yourself from fire, frost, poison, shadow, and any other incredibly obvious ground effects, push your buttons close to your classes’ potential, the ability to accept criticism regarding mistakes and learning from them is required.
Our main concerns are skill level and fit with the guild, we are open to ANY PLAYER with those two meeting our expectations.



M Jailer #333 US


M Sylvanas #328 US

M Sire Dentathrius #517 US

M N’zoth #304 US

M Azshara #344 US

M Jaina #385 US

M G’huun #433 US

M Argus #432 US

M Gul’dan #314 US

M Xavius #401 US

























You can apply at:

(Google sheet, no signup, posts to our discord)

Or talk to an officer:


Shadowcutie (Shadow#1702) - Melee

Cuddlestomp (Cuddlestomp#1182) - General inquiries

Schizophreni (Cit#1338) - Raid leader/Ranged

Discord tag: Citta#9511

Our Logs:

Our Kill Videos:

Sylvanas Kill Video

Sire Denathrius Kill Video

N’zoth Kill Video

Azshara Kill Video

Ashvane Kill Video

Jaina Kill Video

G’huun Kill Video

Argus Kill Video

No Dice 11/11 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Hamurabi
Server Rank: #43
US Rank: #355

CE Antorus
CE Uldir
CE Nya
CE Nathria
CE Sanctum
CE Sepulcher

Current recruitment needs:

Currently we are prioritising any healer or dps player who has good throughput with a high level of consistency executing mechanics.

1-2x Healers (Druid, Priest, Paladin, Mistweaver).
1-2x DPS (Mage, Warlock, anything really)

Any good player is welcome. If you’re a good player then we can make you fit.

About No Dice

No Dice is one of the oldest surviving guilds in the oceanic World of Warcraft community and is still going strong. Currently, the guild has a PvE focus with low hours per week. Many of our players have raided at a high standard in previous expansions (top 3 or even top 1 OCE guilds), however, we have now shifted gear and think of ourselves as a guild for skilled players who may no longer have the time to commit to hardcore 4-5 night a week raiding.

We define ourselves as ‘casual’ in the sense that we have low hours and do not have any expectations of becoming a world-ranked guild. We don’t define casual as people who are unprepared, die non stop or just generally do whatever they like. Rather, we consider such people as time-wasters. During our limited raid hours, everyone is expected to do the absolute best they can.

Why apply to No Dice?

If you’re a really good player, then you likely have a lot of options as to what guilds you can apply for. So we’d like to encourage you to apply to raid with No Dice because:

We’re currently one of the better 2-night guilds in the OCE raiding scene. Sometimes our wowprogress ranking is a bit deceptive. During BfA and Slands we have typically recleared to obtain any raid skips prior to extending for end boss progression. This means we often kill the boss a few resets behind guilds of our equivalent ability. This results in 100s of rankings when you kill the boss late in the tier like most 2 night guilds do.

While we might not get the kill before many other 2 night guilds, we almost always get a re-kill before them as they either disband, go on break, or painfully reclear bosses they long forgot how to do.

We have a competitive mindset and are actively recruiting to improve the quality of our raiding roster, not just to fill up 20 slots with whoever we can find

Our leadership is very stable and as a result, No Dice is a long-lived guild that won’t disband a few weeks after you join.

We raid Thursday and Sunday from 7:15-10:30 SVT. We typically break for 15mins at 9:15. During the first week or two of a new raid opening, we might add an additional raid night if people are keen to play a bit more. After this period we settle back into our regular two-night schedule.

To apply please use the link below (craftily concealed from blizzards automated link removal) and fill out our Application form. Please do not add us without filling out an application first. Our application takes five minutes and if you can’t be bothered with that then we can’t be bothered with you.

https:// apply .wowaudit .com/us/frostmourne/no-dice/main?preview

Hamurabi - fearmemortals#2853
Alokinn - Markopteryx#7903
Servus - Servus#4125

Brave New World 11/11 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Thiccabella
Server Rank: #48
US Rank: #406

Brave New World is back!

update 1/8/22 We are continuing to raid for all of season 4.

About us:
Brave New World has been around since 2008.

  • CE 9.2
  • 9/10 9.1 (guild took a break)
  • CE 9.0

We reformed 3 months after most guilds started in 9.2, and achieved CE with time to spare.

Our Goal:
Achieve CE with good vibes, no drama, and no hand holding.

Currently Recruiting:
We are always recruiting all roles and classes with the aim to improve our roster.

Raid Schedule:
Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Monday
GMT8 = 730pm-1030pm
GMT10 (Server) = 930pm-1230am (NOTE when DST hits in October this will change to 1030pm-130am.

What we expect:

  • Be on and ready to go 15 minutes before raid time.
  • Min/Max yourself, aim to be the best at your class and role.
  • Exceptional prep for all prog fights
  • Analyse yourself post raid and aim to improve
  • Excellent attendance during prog (more relaxed for farm).
  • Be aware of your role in all prog fights, make sure you’re up to date with our strats.
  • No drama, no toxic attitudes, no egos.

What you can expect:

  • Drama is not welcome here
  • Inflated Ego’s are not welcome here
  • One set of expectations for everyone regarding raid performance, regardless of rank in guild.
  • Excellent structure, planning, strats and communication.
  • Well executed raid leading.
  • Open and honest feedback for all trials and raiders, consistently.
  • Full transparency on guild direction, decisions and strats.

How to apply:
Any queries please contact our GM Thiccabella on discord Thiccabella#8055

You can also apply via this link:
The Wooly Mammoth 10/11 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Sovereigne
Server Rank: #55
US Rank: #490

THE WOOLY MAMMOTH (Frostmourne) Multi CE OCE Guild: RECRUITING for all content!!!

Inclusive. Camaraderie. Member-centric. These are the words best used to describe the unique guild & community culture Wooly offers to its members. We’ve established ourselves as a holistic & evergreen community across OCE, SEA, & NA West, and are looking to invite more people into our community to share our journey with us! Come along and experience the camaraderie of being a Mammoth!

With the announcement of the new expansion, Dragonflight, in 2022, Wooly is aiming to expand its community outreach and member content within World of Warcraft to include the upcoming features added to the game. We’ll be promoting more team-based content via M+ (KSM, KSH, & seasonal Hero teams) as well as the establishment of a 4th raid team.

Beyond the holy trinity of raiding, M+, and PVP, we’re also focused on providing more social content in the form of collectable runs (mounts, transmog, & Dragon customisations!), Timewalking raids, Warfronts, Islands, and social raids for our Wooly community members.

We also have our Horde counterpart guild; The Silverback Mammoth, available on Frostmourne-Horde for Horde members looking to find a community with cross-faction content!

Formally Realm 6th Cutting Edge CN on Barthilas-Horde, Wooly promotes a positive raid environment that aims to progressively work towards achieving a better oceanic ranking each tier, within a progressive timeframe, and with Famed Slayer as our goal in Dragonflight.

Our Cutting Edge raiding history:
Tier 28: SOFO: Realm 55th, OCE 70th, US 490th (Frostmourne)
Tier 27: SOD: Realm 84th, OCE 118th, US 795th (Frostmourne)
Tier 26: CN: Realm 6th, OCE 51st, US 390th (Barthilas)
Tier 25: NYA: Realm 31st, OCE 123rd, US 912th (Barthilas)

3 day/week Mythic team
-Days: Wednesday, Sunday, Monday
-Times: 8:15pm - 11:15pm ST.
2 day/week Mythic team
-Days: Tuesday, Thursday
-Times: 8:30pm - 11:30pm ST.
1 day/week AOTC Heroic team
-Days: Friday
-Times: 8:30pm - 11:30pm ST.
1-2 day/week Normal/Heroic Entry Level team
-Days: Monday
-Times: 8:30pm - 10:30pm ST.

We’re seeking applicants of ALL ROLES interested in the varying levels of raiding that we offer in Wooly, from our Normal team to our Mythic CE team with the intent for Famed Slayer in Dragonflight. Our rosters are healthy, so the applicants we do take onboard will be ones that are suitable for our rate of progression, but more importantly, the Wooly culture that we’ve cultivated here.

Note - we don’t recruit for the bench. All classes are encouraged to apply, regardless of what classes may are listed in this post at times. The Wooly leadership team values high performance coupled with great attitudes over meta classes when given the opportunity.

Seeking ALL ROLES & SPECS. We have an active M+ community that pushed keys ranging from lower keys to +25 & +26 keys in BFA, and upwards +24 keys currently in SL. Our main focus in Shadowlands Season 4 & Dragonflight is to expand our M+ roster with multiple push teamsand a more active M+ side of Wooly in general.

Whether it be for raiding, Mythic+, PVP, or Social interest, please add the GM on Discord so we can follow up with you for a chat. You will be sent the appropriate application processes once you have notified the GM of what type of content you intend to do in Shadowlands.

GM: Sovereigne - Sovereigne#0888 (Discord)

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