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Recruiter: Lunchtime
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Hey I’m Lunchtime! I just started a new guild called Vro on Thrall with some friends. We are looking for returning, new, or current players for Mythic+ dungeons and raids in Dragonflight.
Raids will be Fridays and Sundays 8pm with M+ runs varying during the week once we get a regular group together.
We are interested in those who want to be part of a team. As we are a newer guild, it may take time for everything to fully come together, but we’re trying to build a fun and chill social community. We have a discord for those interested as well.
So if you’re a returning player or just someone looking for a new guild, come check us out!

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Recruiter: Pezic
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Synn, on the Thrall server, is looking to recruit mythic progression-oriented raiders for Dragonflight. While we enjoy having fun, our primary focus is to clear all raid content quickly and efficiently while we compete with other guilds both on our server and our region. We hope to achieve these feats by keeping our recruitment strict and keeping our numbers low, so we’ll be able to gear up quickly and ultimately increase our synergy with one-another.

Guild Info:

Synn has been able to acquire like-minded players with cutting edge raid experience and server/world first raid content in other raid-centric games similar to WoW.

The Synn leadership has experience in running top end guilds and have achieved Cutting Edge in Warlords, Legion and most recently, BFA, while falling very shy to CE in Nathria. We know what it takes to be a successful Cutting Edge raiding guild, and our goals will always increase to ensure we are pushing ourselves to always become better as individuals and as a group.

Class Desirability:

While we are going to be looking for specific specs, please be aware that having flexibility within your class holds great value to joining our core. Our philosophy is to be able to play your class, not just a spec.

Demon Hunter - Havoc

Druid - Resto/Balance

Hunter - All

Mage - All

Paladin - Holy

Priest - Shadow

Rogue - All

Warlock - All

General Raid Times:

Please note that during progression times we may extend raid times by 1 hour and add an additional day only if we get 100% of the raid to agree, which will be discussed during a prior day.

Tuesday: 8:00pm – 11:00pm EST

Wednesday: 8:00pm – 11:00pm EST

Thursday: 8:00pm – 11:00pm EST

Attendance Requirements:

In order to compete, we need to run a tight roster. Running a tight roster requires that each member or recruit can make the majority of our raids. If you cannot consistently attend our raids, do not bother reaching out to us.

Applicants must meet or exceed 90% raid attendance by the time that we evaluate you for membership to be eligible for promotion.

Members must meet or exceed 90% raid attendance over the last 30 days.

Closing Information:

We feel that this is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in being a part of a guild of extremely talented individuals, and amazing people, before we fill up on the classes we need and slow down our recruitment.

For anyone interested in joining, please use the link to apply or get in contact with one of the battle tags below:

Application link:

Pezek#1832 – Pez

BrklynNinja#1297 – Caleb

Thank you,

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Recruiter: Jbrews
Server Rank: #
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Mosaic is a progression oriented, chill and respectful guild open to expanding, while keeping a tight community. While we enjoy competition and end game content, our main aim is to have a place where players of all skill levels can find groups, raid, pvp, mythic+ and enjoy the camaraderie that brings us together. We think it’s possible to push content seriously, while keeping a chill environment of people hungry to learn. All we ask is for you to have a team first mindset, get involved, and have fun!

Our normal weeks look a little something like this!

Tuesday & Friday: Progression Raid 9pm-12am EST (We strive for Mythic)
Sundays (usually every other, sometimes weekly): In game or discord Guild event
Mondays: Mythic+ Monday come get keys done with the crew!

Outside of these scheduled times we constantly run groups for Mythic+, dabble in the Arena and mount farm/transmog.

We are actively recruiting a few more for our progression roster for Dragonflight with emphasis on 1 healer (prefer a priest but all considered) 1 tank/melee (any but monk) and maybe 2 DPS with a preference on ranged.

Aside from our raid team we are also recruiting just great community members who are on the more casual side. We believe in having a diverse guild for all playstyles so if you are looking for a home with an AMAZING atmosphere then look no further!

Feel free to add our GM // Founder on Bnet at JBrews#11807 and Discord at JBrews#3223

Krunks-Aegwynn RecruitmentSep 21st, 2022 11:09 am
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Recruiter: Kyrimei
Server Rank: #
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Hello Travelers we at Krunks are looking to bolster our ranks for the upcoming expansion. We a group of returning players with varying levels of raiding experience. Raid Days will be Fri-Mon 5-8 Pst. If interested feel free to apply on the Guild Finder or Mail Kyrimei-Aegwynn For more information.

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Recruiter: Yardpimpin
Server Rank: #
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Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening wherever you reside.

is a semi-casual guild that is progression oriented. Yes, the oxymoron of “Semi-Casual” is always thrown around, but we strive to have a great mentality about the game, while also downing content. We raid Wed/Thur 7-10 EST and also usually run keys throughout the week.

Maniax vision for raiding and progressing into DragonFlight is to produce a core group of raiders that interact as a team and enjoy playing together. Our end goal is to progress into Mythic and who knows, potentially reach CE content.
In Maniax we enforce a strict culture around personal responsibility, dignity, and respect. We ensure that every member of our team feels welcome and we will always treat them with those 3 cores above. In terms of raiding culture, we expect people to respect each other’s time and if it’s raid night to be present and ready for raid. This sometimes doesn’t always happen due to personal issues in what we call “real life”. If this is the case, we simply ask you let us know ahead of time.
LF All ranged dps preference in order. Lock, Hunter, Mage, and boomies
We do not need melee dps at this moment, but we will always look at exceptional players.

BattleID: reppedout#1313

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