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Recruiter: Yardpimpin
Server Rank: #
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Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening wherever you reside.

is a semi-casual guild that is progression oriented. Yes, the oxymoron of “Semi-Casual” is always thrown around, but we strive to have a great mentality about the game, while also downing content. We raid Wed/Thur 7-10 EST and also usually run keys throughout the week.

Maniax vision for raiding and progressing into DragonFlight is to produce a core group of raiders that interact as a team and enjoy playing together. Our end goal is to progress into Mythic and who knows, potentially reach CE content.
In Maniax we enforce a strict culture around personal responsibility, dignity, and respect. We ensure that every member of our team feels welcome and we will always treat them with those 3 cores above. In terms of raiding culture, we expect people to respect each other’s time and if it’s raid night to be present and ready for raid. This sometimes doesn’t always happen due to personal issues in what we call “real life”. If this is the case, we simply ask you let us know ahead of time.
LF All ranged dps preference in order. Lock, Hunter, Mage, and boomies
We do not need melee dps at this moment, but we will always look at exceptional players.

BattleID: reppedout#1313

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Recruiter: Ignorelist
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

We are Thought of US-Sargeras(A). Our progress so far during S4 is 8/10FM CN, 6/10FM SoD, 5/10FM SotFO and our progress during s1-3 of shadowlands has been 9/10 M CN 8/10 M SoD 7/11 M SoFo. We are a 2 day a week raiding guild looking to expand to a 3rd day in dragonflight to push for CE.

While we are currently looking to fill a few spots for Season 4s Fated raids and our dragonflight roster, we will always take a look at exceptional applicants regardless of our current needs, so feel free to reach out.

We are in need of ranged dps(prefer mage/spriest/moonkin) and a Hpally or Disc Priest.
We would also be interested in a Warrior/DH/DK dps as well.

Our goal is to down as many bosses as we can with the talent we have. We understand this is a game and aim to have fun during raids while maintaining a progression focused attitude. We have been close to CE as a 6 hour a week raiding guild and wanted to add an extra day in dragonflight to help us achieve it.

Our raid times are currently Tues/Wed 7-10pm cst Sun 6-9pm cst (Sunday as the third day will begin in DF). We take a 10 minute break halfway through raid. We also run an optional heroic group on Friday/Saturday 7:30-10:30pm cst.

Please keep in mind that we are looking for members to be able to commit to those days as we wish to run a lean roster that allows everyone to get as much raid time as possible.

Add Battletag: Jipples#11451 Discord: Jipples#3792 for more information.

Covetous Imp Gaming
Guild Information
Recruiter: Zevaar
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

Covetous Imp Gaming is recruiting for our Fated Normal Raids in Season 4 and plans to focus on bolstering our numbers, enjoying a non-toxic environment, and getting that sweet Jello Cat before Dragonflight. Setting our eyes on Dragonflight, we are looking to AOTC raids going forward.
We are a group of friends that call Horde-side on Thrall our home. We are seeking other like-minded individuals for our fun raid nights. We also delve into Mythic Plus at various levels. There is fun for everyone!

Raid nights are Wed, Thur, with an optional Friday 9 pm - 12.

What we want from you:
-ILvl 260+
-2 legendaries (your best and unity)
-know your character’s abilities and have appropriate add-ons for raiding.

We are currently looking to expand our ranged DPS roster:

For more information please feel free to reach out.
BattleNet: Nekkrom#1828
Discord: CovetousImpGaming#3433

Guild Information
Recruiter: Laponcho
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

Hi everyone–

We’re Venerate, a 2 day raiding guild that was founded by a group of pals that have been raiding, key pushing, and having an absolute blast together since BfA.

Soon to be on our third expansion together, we’re super excited to be raiding AOTC+ and getting KSM for Season 4, pushing 2k+ in pvp, and jumping straight into Dragonflight for AOTC and light Mythic progression!

Here’s what we’re looking for

Semi-serious raiders, key pushers, and rating hunters who are fun to play with, easy to get along with, always quick with a joke or an idea for a good time, and dedicated to their raid/m+/pvp performance!

Being new is never an issue. We’re happy to learn and improve together as a team. What’s important is a great attitude and a willingness to improve and really test yourself!

For Raids | Mythic+, we’re currently recruiting for a 20-man format raid team that raids Tuesday/Thursday from 6:30pm-9:30pm server and need the following:

1 M+ Tank
2+ Healers (super full on holy priests right now!)
5+ DPS (preference given to warrior, monk, druid)

The ideal member has a:

  • Desire to clear all Fated Heroic in s4, and a desire for AOTC in DF
  • Intent to achieve KSM as early as possible
  • Active game time weekday evenings (server) for events and prog
  • Desire to push CE when and if the time comes
  • Willingness to be a part of a growing and tight-knit guild and help us grow. Good ideas thrive here.

PLEASE REACH OUT TO Dylshin#1337 and/or Tuckfoy#9435 ON DISCORD

Untimely Demise
Guild Information
Recruiter: Srasjet
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

[H- Bloodhoof] < Untimely Demise > is a long-time raiding guild on Bloodhoof. Featuring a mix of younger and original players, we are focused on AOTC Heroic.

Raid times are 8-10 EST on T/TH/SUN evenings, and will carry into Dragonflight.

All Heroic cleared currently. Most of Fated Heroic raids cleared. Other post-AotC activities include achievement runs for current and previous tiers and M+ groups and pushing for KSM. We also have a small, but active PVP group.

As for culture, we are an adult oriented guild that is understanding that other things take priority.

Highest priority need for recruitment right now is ranged DPS, but we will consider everyone. We only recruit for positions that we intend to fill and keep filled for a long period of time; no one gets benched and there’s not a rotating roster of raiders. If you are wanting to get into Heroic raiding, we are very patient and helpful and willing to help you take that next step.

Contact me on BattleNet (JET#1327) to inquire about joining. You can leave a message even when I’m offline and I promise to reply.

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