Guild Information
Recruiter: Pezic
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #


Synn, on the Thrall server, is looking to recruit mythic progression-oriented raiders for Dragonflight. While we enjoy having fun, our primary focus is to clear all raid content quickly and efficiently while we compete with other guilds both on our server and our region. We hope to achieve these feats by keeping our recruitment strict and keeping our numbers low, so we’ll be able to gear up quickly and ultimately increase our synergy with one-another.

Guild Info:

Synn has been able to acquire like-minded players with cutting edge raid experience and server/world first raid content in other raid-centric games similar to WoW.

The Synn leadership has experience in running top end guilds and have achieved Cutting Edge in Warlords, Legion and most recently, BFA, while falling very shy to CE in Nathria. We know what it takes to be a successful Cutting Edge raiding guild, and our goals will always increase to ensure we are pushing ourselves to always become better as individuals and as a group.

Class Desirability:

While we are going to be looking for specific specs, please be aware that having flexibility within your class holds great value to joining our core. Our philosophy is to be able to play your class, not just a spec.

Demon Hunter - Havoc

Druid - Resto/Balance

Hunter - All

Mage - All

Paladin - Holy

Priest - Shadow

Rogue - All

Warlock - All

General Raid Times:

Please note that during progression times we may extend raid times by 1 hour and add an additional day only if we get 100% of the raid to agree, which will be discussed during a prior day.

Tuesday: 8:00pm – 11:00pm EST

Wednesday: 8:00pm – 11:00pm EST

Thursday: 8:00pm – 11:00pm EST

Attendance Requirements:

In order to compete, we need to run a tight roster. Running a tight roster requires that each member or recruit can make the majority of our raids. If you cannot consistently attend our raids, do not bother reaching out to us.

Applicants must meet or exceed 90% raid attendance by the time that we evaluate you for membership to be eligible for promotion.

Members must meet or exceed 90% raid attendance over the last 30 days.

Closing Information:

We feel that this is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in being a part of a guild of extremely talented individuals, and amazing people, before we fill up on the classes we need and slow down our recruitment.

For anyone interested in joining, please use the link to apply or get in contact with one of the battle tags below:

Application link:

Pezek#1832 – Pez

BrklynNinja#1297 – Caleb

Thank you,

Guild Information
Recruiter: Hibernation
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

OUR GUILD: Envelop
OUR TEAM: Free Repairs
WE ARE: Horde
WE’RE ON: US - Illidan


Tuesdays & Thursdays
from 7 to 11pm CT


Team Free Repairs was formed with the simple goal of completing as much content as possible, all within a light schedule each week. We don’t do sale runs, we don’t add mandatory optional nights, and we don’t require anything other than you playing your favorite character to the best of your ability. Individuals who will find success on this team are prepared to raid by being online 10 minutes prior to the start of raid, prepared with ALL consumables for the entire night, ready with knowledge and energy to progress on even the most frustrating bosses and ready to keep cool under pressure. On this team, you will find yourself called out for mistakes, botched mechanics, and/or low overall numbers. It is only when you are accountable for your actions that we can work together to correct them. Our team is comprised of adults seeking to down content given a light schedule each and every week. If you have anything that impedes your ability to make raid each week or perform to the best of your ability, this team is not for you. Emergencies can and will happen and we will do our best to respect everything, but we will not tolerate raiders who miss more than a week or so per tier. All raiders who apply to this team will be given a more detailed version of our requirements and expectations before joining.


7/10 M CN | Former 1 night schedule
10/10 M SoD | 7/10M before swapping to 2 nights.

11/11 M | 11/11 H SOFO



  • Priest
  • Mage
  • Druid


  • Paladin

:exclamation: WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING ALLIANCE RAIDERS! :exclamation:
:exclamation: YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO FACTION TRANSFER! :exclamation:

We also have bench spots available.

Our bench, similar to other mythic teams is an extremely important role. People can and will miss raid at times, life happens. We wouldn’t be able to keep progressing if we didn’t have a few extra raiders who can fill in on our raid days. Even if you do not see your class listed above, apply and indicate you’re interested in a bench spot. We rotate our bench in on farm and sometimes during progression if needed. Bench players are NOT required to trade loot!

We will always promote from our bench to the core if a spot becomes available! If we are full, this is your ONLY chance to make the core!

Please indicate in your app that you are applying for a bench role so we do not discard your app when our core is full.

Still need more info?

The Church
Guild Information
Recruiter: Quadraxes
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

The Church (No actual religious affiliation, original name The Church of Propaganda was considered too long so we shortened it) is a raiding guild on Illidan that was founded back in 2007 on Darkspear. We progressed as a high end raiding guild from Burning Crusade through Warlords of Draenor, including many US top 100 kills and World top 500.

We transferred to Proudmoore during Battle for Azeroth and transferred to Illidan for Shadowlands to continue mythic progression with our “casualcore” two day, 6 hour (3 hours per night) raid schedule. We take our limited raid schedule seriously, but don’t hesitate to crack jokes with each other and keep the mood light. If you’re looking for a guild to progress with, without having to sign away all your free time outside of raiding, and don’t mind the occasional Letterkenny reference, then we just might be what you’re looking for!


Players are expected to be open to suggestions and to constructive criticism. We look for players that know their classes, specs as well as raid mechanics. Trial periods lengths are case by case but will not come in as bench warmers as we want to see how you can perform in progression.


We understand that things can come up and schedules can change. Notice of absence is required using the guild’s discord.

Raid Schedule:

Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30-11:30pm Central with a 10 minute break around 10:00pm.

Recruitment Needs:

Balance Druid
Elemental Shaman
Shadow Priest (with Holy/Disc offspec)
Death Knight (Unholy/Frost)


You can reach me on Discord at Quadraxes#6505. Look forward to hearing from you!

Reality Break
Guild Information
Recruiter: Liriya
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

Reality Break is a Mythic raiding guild on Thrall. We are recruiting for 2 separate teams.

Team 1: We would like to round out the Mythic team with a Mage, an Enh Shaman and a priest healer (other classes will be considered). In Dragonflight we will be pushing hard for CE. Doing almost exclusively mythic fated right now.
Schedule: Mythic team Tuesday/Thursday 8:45pm-midnight EST (with a third undecided day to push).
For more information please contact with logs:
Serl- Serl#1616 (discord)

Team 2: We accepting all dps classes (full on Ret Pal) for our AotC raid team especially interested in ranged, and another healer with strong preference for Hpriest or RDruid.
FCN 10/10N 10/10H FSoD 10/10N 4/10H FSotFO 11/11N 4/11 H
Schedule: Sundays, 8:45-Midnight EST
For more information please contact:
Bellany/Liriya- BellanyZimz#0791 (discord) Bellany#1567 (battlenet)
To apply:

Guild Information
Recruiter: Laponcho
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

Hi everyone–

We’re Venerate, a 2 day raiding guild that was founded by a group of pals that have been raiding, key pushing, and having an absolute blast together since BfA.

Soon to be on our third expansion together, we’re super excited to be raiding AOTC+ and getting KSM for Season 4, pushing 2k+ in pvp, and jumping straight into Dragonflight for AOTC and light Mythic progression!

Here’s what we’re looking for

Semi-serious raiders, key pushers, and rating hunters who are fun to play with, easy to get along with, always quick with a joke or an idea for a good time, and dedicated to their raid/m+/pvp performance!

Being new is never an issue. We’re happy to learn and improve together as a team. What’s important is a great attitude and a willingness to improve and really test yourself!

For Raids | Mythic+, we’re currently recruiting for a 20-man format raid team that raids Tuesday/Thursday from 6:30pm-9:30pm server and need the following:

1 M+ Tank
2+ Healers (super full on holy priests right now!)
5+ DPS (preference given to warrior, monk, druid)

The ideal member has a:

  • Desire to clear all Fated Heroic in s4, and a desire for AOTC in DF
  • Intent to achieve KSM as early as possible
  • Active game time weekday evenings (server) for events and prog
  • Desire to push CE when and if the time comes
  • Willingness to be a part of a growing and tight-knit guild and help us grow. Good ideas thrive here.

PLEASE REACH OUT TO Dylshin#1337 and/or Tuckfoy#9435 ON DISCORD

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