Play Off Me 3/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Zippahh
Server Rank: #82
US Rank: #653

Play Off Me is a guild formed at the start of Shadowlands. We are comprised of former top 50 US raiders. Our focus is Mythic progression without hardcore requirements to get CE every tier. We strive to run a laidback but progressive raiding environment. We focus on raiding as a team where everyone’s input is valued.

3/10M 10/10H

Raid times
Tues/Wed/Thurs 8:30-11:30 EST

We expect our raiders to understand their class/role and have strong personally accountability. All raid spots are competitive and earned. We are always recruiting skilled players with good attitudes.

If you think you would be a good fit contact us and we’ll be more than willing to make the time to chat. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Guild application
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Resistance 3/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Elvera
Server Rank: #11
US Rank: #663


US-Hyjal semi-hardcore raiding guild focused on Mythic raiding and Mythic+ dungeons.

Raid times: Friday + Saturday 6:30pm-10:30pm PST.
We do random guild activities throughout the week.
Weekends will be focused on Mythic content

We raid progression content for 8hrs/week, typical “semi-hardcore” guilds need 9-12hrs/week to reach our progression. If your guild is currently raiding 2x our time, and not 2x our progression; your valuable time is being wasted!

Previous raid tier achievements
Emerald Nightmare - Cutting Edge
Trial of Valor - Cutting Edge
Antorus - Cutting Edge
Uldir - Cutting Edge
Battle of Dazar’alor - Cutting Edge
Eternal Palace - Cutting Edge
Nyalotha, the Waking City - Cutting Edge
Castle Nathria - 9/10H 2/10M

Talented players of any class/spec will be considered!
We believe in “bringing the player not the class.”
So if you don’t see your class listed, but feel like you can contribute to our team, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We are looking for mature members who are comfortable with a relaxed raiding schedule but will put in the effort and focus needed to maximize that time! Our guild has multiple groups that clear M+15 to get their weekly cache. (Our tanks and healers are more than accommodating and are active daily, farming mythic+ runs and making sure our raiders are doing the most they can each week to better themselves.)

You can see from our boss kills, we have a core of skilled players striving to be highly efficient and excel during our raiding times.

That means coming prepared with encounter knowledge, updated addons, consumables, Discord and a working microphone, etc.

Many of us have been raiding together for several years, and while we are now well into adulthood and some of us even have kids; we still strive for progression raiding the 2 nights we are dedicated to.

We are looking for raiders with a good attitude, competent execution of class-mechanics and high situational awareness. Even if you don’t see your particular class/spec listed, do not hesitate to reach out! We are always looking for exceptional players!

Warlock - Medium
Shadow Priest - High
Disc Priest - High
Balance Druid - High
Hunter- Medium

Gear will all come in time, but most importantly to us: We Do Not Carry.

Interested? Here is our guild application.

Questions? Feel free to whisper:
Discord: Elvera#1963

The Boys 3/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Eckes
Server Rank: #90
US Rank: #720

The Boys is a new raiding guild, returning for Shadowlands. Our core is a group of players who have played together for multiple tiers prior, always obtaining CE. Leadership roles are filled with people having high end raiding experience (US top 3, and US top 100). We are looking to prep for Shadowlands, with strong players looking to finish the tier at a fast pace, with a relax schedule.

Raid Times:
Tues-Thurs 5:30PM PST - 830PM PST
Sunday: optional alt raid/heroic farm

What we’re looking for:

Cutting Edge/ close to Cutting edge experienced players

Strong class knowledge and talent. This means being able to perform mechanics while doing your role well.

Players who come to raid ready. This means consumables as well as fight knowledge. Know the fights prior to the pull, know what to expect.

Team oriented players, this means putting the kill before your parse especially on progression.

Positive attitude. We want friendly individuals who want to game with the boys. Joking around is totally okay, but on progression we want individuals who know how to keep it serious and stay focused.

Individuals who play the game outside of raid. This can be multiple different things whether it’s mythic plus, or hitting some arena, we want people that enjoy the game, not raid loggers.

We are looking primarily for strong Range DPS and Disc/Rsham/Hpal.

We understand that life happens, and this is a video game, but we expect 90% attendance. Remember you have 19 other players relying on you. We want players who are consistent and will stick around, not leave mid tier.

No need to fill out an application, just talk to us.
Contact Information

Discord: cody#1505

Kersed Kerst #1655

PepeLands 3/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Smonkmage
Server Rank: #92
US Rank: #722

[H] 3/10M 10/10, Recruiting for Mythic Wed/Thu 8-12 EST

< PepeLands > is looking to be a consistent CE guild. Our plan is to never add additional days, and ever extend past our normal raid hours If a raid day falls on a holiday we’ll ask the members if they’d like to raid or reschedule.
We’re looking forward to high level raiding, with a much more relaxed environment and schedule.

Currently in Castle Nathria
10/10 Normal
10/10 Heroic
3/10 Mythic
Darkvein 6% Wipe
Sunking 7% Wipe

Currently Recruiting:
Affliction Warlock

Please Be around 210il + , Have experience or be willing to look up fights outside raid time.
ALTS are not required, but encouraged for splits and sale runs.

Wed & Thurs
8:00pm — 12:00am EST

Leadership Background
Our Leading core have raided with the likes of Wildcard Gaming, Vision, Imperative, Intern Made This Boss, xD, and Fused, claiming multiple US 10-40s.

GM : StarvinMonkey#8300
CO GM : Campfireman#6924
GM : StarvinMonky#1230
CO GM : Campfireman#1910

Dauntless 3/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Shadowbaine
Server Rank: #67
US Rank: #928

[H] <Dauntless> 3/10 Mythic CN, is currently recruiting Mythic experienced, exceptional players as we progress through Castle Nathria!

<Dauntless> , US Horde Tichondrius was founded in 2007, and has been raiding 25 (now 20) man content since BC. Our goal is to push progression and continually better our raid, while creating an enjoyable environment to pursue our goals in. We have made a move from Alliance on Proudmoore after EP, and from Cenarius after Uldir, where you can find our previous raid histories as <Tempest> and <Last Pull>, respectively.

We do have an over 20 policy in place for recruitment. While we can arrange a cross-realm trial run, we feel that new members joining us on Tichondrius is important. A guild is more than just the 9 hours we spend raiding together, so we do require that individuals transfer upon joining.

**Raid Times:**
7:00-10:00 server (Pacfic), Tues, Weds, Thurs. We take a 10 minute break halfway through.

**Castle Nathria Progression:**
3/10 Mythic, AOTC

**Previous Progression:**
Nya’lotha: 12/12 Mythic, Cutting Edge
EP: 7/8 Mythic
BOD: 9/9 Mythic, Cutting Edge
Uldir: 8/8 Mythic, Cutting Edge
ABT: 11/11 Mythic, Cutting Edge

Loot is simply Personal Loot, however we facilitate rolls for player’s unwanted loot through RC Loot Council addon.

**Current Recruit Needs:**
DPS: We are primarily looking for a Demon Hunter, Warrior, Boomkin, Mage, and Warlock, but will consider most exceptional Ranged DPS.
Healer: We are also looking for a strong MW Monk or Resto Druid

If you’re interested in becoming part of the <Dauntless> family, you can apply online at

How to contact us:

• Add me on Discord: Shadowbaine#1071
• Add our recruiting Battletags: (shadowbaine#11318) (slimey42#1203)
• Come make a character on Tichondrius and talk to us! We’d love to hear from you!

Contact myself or whisper anyone from <Dauntless> and they’ll put you in contact with us!

Tues/Weds/Thurs 7-10 PST

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