EU-Steamwheedle Cartel
Guild Information
Recruiter: Stormidan
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

Rédemption is a long-established guild consisting of players and real-life friends who have been raiding together for many expansions.

Currently recruiting for our core mythic team. All roles will be considered at this time. We have competitive slots and want dedicated raiders.

Core Raid times are 20:30-23:00 (Server Time) on Wednesday/Friday

Social Raid 20:30 - 23:00 (Server Time) on Sunday

We also thoroughly enjoy raiding together so we like a good laugh and lots of banter. We are quiet during the day due to work commitments but on evenings, we like to do M+ and afew like to push high keys.

Key roles we are looking for:
Druid - Balance
Mage - All specs
Shaman - Restoration
Paladin - Holy
Warlock - All specs

If your interested please leave your ingame name and Btag in the comments.
PM Boyleer#2501/ Meakis#2315

LF mythic Guild [HOLY PALLY]Jun 24th, 2021 10:51 am
Cold Fusion 6/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Vincentdoom
Server Rank: #29
EU Rank: #3398

As per the title, I’m testing the waters when it comes to moving to a new mythic progression guild.

I’m free Wednesday nights & Sundays between 20:00pm server time to 11:00pm.

A little about me I guess? I’ve only just started playing Holy this expac as it felt there was a need in my current guild for a stable healer. I’ve always played Reti and started playing back in Wrath but needs must. As it turns, and after a number of years being a reti, I’ve fallen in love with healing so that’s what I’m putting myself out there as.

I took a break between Cata & MOP but have been raiding consistently since and I’ve been with the same guild for nearly 11 years or may be more. Loyalty was always my concern and it shows - See my wowprogress profile.

I was on top 10 healing healing pallies for my relam when I was doing mythic + but since slipped since Mythic + served no further purpose.

There are some logs some where but I’m sure someone more able minded than myself would be able to locate them. Logs were never was my strong point as I’ve always kept my mind on the prize - Win the raids and beat the bosses. Either as a DPS or now as a healer. I care not about the logs, I’m top % that’s great but what’s better is progressing the raids.

I guess with the above said, you’re wondering why I’m testing the waters with recruitment? It would appear my current guild is dead. A massive shame might I add as I’ve known some of the people within the guild personally. So gutted is not the word.

What you’ll get in return - Someone who is helpful, gives suggestions and knows his class very well. Collectively, I’ve nearly got 200k HW kills and a number of achivements under my belt. I’m always flasked, food and potion ready. I’ve never come to a raid without wanting to give and have given 100% of my efforts.

There is a small chance my wife may want to raid with us as a HC raider with the view to go mythic if the right guild comes along. Something me and her will need to speak about.

Sorry for the wall of text, never done this before XD



Greylogs 9/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Kyzharn
Server Rank: #151
EU Rank: #1678

Greylogs are now recruiting for our Sanctum of Domination Raiding Team!

We currently raid 2 days per week ( Thursday & Tuesday 19.30-22.30 ST) and given that we are only raiding 2 days, consistent attendance is crucial for us to progress at our desired pace. All we ask for is a fair warning if you can not attend a scheduled raid and that when you do attend you come prepared and ready to pull on time.

Once Sanctum of Domination opens up we will be heading straight into Heroic Difficulty. It’s important for any player wanting to be part of our team to take the time to ensure their main character is Heroic Ready. All the information for the Raid is posted on Discord in advance by our Raid Leaders, but it’s crucial to do your own homework and be ready with a good knowledge of the encounter and how it relates to your chosen role.

There will be wipes on bosses and we want you to bring a willingness to learn your class and spec and your role for each encounter. We are here to help and will offer whatever you need but we can’t play your class for you.

We can offer you a great community atmosphere, progressive raids, a group of people who want to do all range of activities from PvP to Mythic +, and even games outside of WoW in our spare time. We hope you will find a home here in Greylogs and bring with you a willingness to learn and contribute.

Please take a look at our Guild page before you apply for a more detailed description of our Guilds goals and what we are looking for.

Our Castle Nathria Progress :-

10/10 - Normal

10/10 - Heroic

9/10 Mythic


We are currently looking for a Balance + Restoration Druid and a Holy or Disc Priest only, however we will still consider any exceptional applications.

You can apply for our Guild by following the link:

If you have any questions or any problems with the application form then please don’t hesitate to contact one of our Officer Team.

Kyzharn - KingK#2288

Strydr - Strydr#2187

Steezy - SteezyTK#2948

Thank you for taking the time to read and apply.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Tooth And Fang 10/10 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Elfilda
Server Rank: #632
EU Rank: #11593

Guild name: Tooth and Fang
Faction: Horde
Server: Draenor
Primary Language: English
Raid days: TBC
Raid times: TBC
Recruiting: Raiders and Socials


Tooth and Fang was established in 2017, the guild was created to build a family friendly atmosphere. We are passionate about the game and we have worked hard to expand our guild which includes our solid raiding team and social players and now we are in a great position to create a second raiding team for our newer and more casual players. We are like-minded people who have families so we understand real life.
We have an active, organised discord that our guild members regularly use to socialise. M+ runs are encouraged and are actively arranged in our discord and in game guild chat.


We have a main team that raid weekly that will be doing mythic content but we are now at a great point in our guild where we are looking for a second team. This team would be for the more casual players wanting to raid normal and heroic content at a more relaxed pace, for newer players or players new to the raiding world as well as alt characters.
We’re looking for people to join our solid, friendly raiding team who are like minded and have a good sense of humour.


We are currently looking for all classes and specs :slight_smile:


We are also recruiting for a second team raid leader. We are looking for someone with experience of raiding but also someone that has patience and wants to teach people who are new to the raiding world.


If your not looking for a life in raiding we also have a very social side to our guild that we are all involved in, we have other players that are social and do not raid who get involved in conversations on discord and in game. We like to help our guild members grow and develop and we also like to M+ together too so there are many other aspects to our guild to be involved in and we welcome all classes and specs.

Please feel free to add me on Discord for a further chat about things - Elfilda#9187

Executies 8/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Sizor
Server Rank: #152
EU Rank: #2123

About Us:
We are a newly formed guild in Shadowland, build from experienced players who are raiding together for over 4 years, currently playing as semi-hardcore, we are 8/10 mythic on our first tier (Castle Nathria). We are a friendly guild with the intention of having fun and good teamwork, our main focus is creating a friendly and helpful raid environment and also aiming for CE for the next tiers. We are looking to recruit players of any class to join our team.

Raid Schedule
We are raiding 2 days a week.
Thursday & Sunday 20:00 – 23:00 ST

Tanks: Full
Healers: Open
DPS: Open

  • WW Monk
  • Unholy/Frost DK
  • Ench Shaman
  • Ele Shaman
  • Shadow Priest
  • Mage
  • Warlock
    (open on any dps class with good performance)

What we expect from Trials/Raiders:

  • Be able to play your class to a raid worthy standard
  • Know their class well, and how they can contribute to the raiding team and the guild
  • Be able to research and prepare for encounters prior to engaging them
  • Have near 100% raid attendance (of course real life incidents do occur from time to time, but don’t make a habit from it)
  • Have a friendly and sociable attitude, we pride ourselves on the social atmosphere within the guild, the progress comes naturally.
  • When you are inside a guild raid, you perform to the high level that is expected of you.
  • Be able to take (and give out) constructive criticism.
  • Able to communicate (a silent raider is a concerning one)

Guild Master: Sizor - Sizor#21811
Officers: Blurp - Ferreus#2985
Deathsayer - Bassyourface#2361

Also you can apply via discord
Recruitments -> #applications

Discord Link:

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