Storm Riders 0/12
Guild Information
Recruiter: Innana
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

Storm Riders is a sandbox guild, which means we’re up for anything! We have a friendly social community that enjoys casual dungeon/raiding, BGs, RP and chilling out together.

Our Discord server invite:
When entering the Lobby, please write a brief intro and we’ll pop up to see you :smile: Or leave best time for us to /w you in-game.

We accept new players and vintage ones (Age 21+). All levels welcome.

As well as casual/social players, we’re also looking for active players who enjoy leading groups (raids/BGs) as we’re starting to prepare for the Shadowlands. If this is something that appeals to you, then let’s have a chat.

If you’d like to help us grow then join us and be part of our future.

Storm Weaver
Storm Riders (Est. 2007)

Anduins Angels 0/12
Guild Information
Recruiter: Worship
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

“Good morning Angels.”

Who are we?

Hello all! The guild was formed by friends who have been playing for years. With players who started their journeys stretching back from vanilla to legion, we have come together with the aim in mind of forming a guild based on the characteristics we all admired in the past. That of good times, friendship, good banter, and of course awesome loot.

Guild Aims?

The aims currently are to recruit and build up for traversing in to the Shadowlands together, with the usual aims of raiding and doing mythic plus, but also things to bring you closer to your guildmates when it isn’t dungeon or raid nights. Transmog competition, achievement runs, hide and seek, quiz nights, etc etc

Raid Times:

Let’s start with the big guns, what most people are interested in, raiding and raid times. With some of us having played the game for such a long time, we are all confident in what we want from a raid team, and our raiders. A commitment to wanting to progress and enjoy the content we do, a will to slowly improve yourself and your team, but most of all to not stress, flame, drag names into the dirt, and have fun as much as possible.

Shadowlands aims would be to clear normal raids as soon as we can, and progress into heroic, casual raiding, with no elitist attitudes, but at the same time not wanting to slack!

For BFA, if we get enough people and there is enough people wanting to do raids then we can and will do! But we are aware a lot of people (many of us included) are happy leveling/gearing alts for shadowlands, or are taking a break as it is the rundown of the expansion and there isn’t a huge amount of content to do.

In terms of raid days and times, were all adults, with jobs, some shift some not, partners, kids, real life gets in the way and it something we understand and want to work towards navigating as best we can, and as the Shadowlands are yet to even be released, were keeping raid nights open to discussion what works best for everyone/majority of players, however chances are it will be one set night a week (Possible Sunday evening) and one evening that will change depending who/how many people are available. If you can’t always make it to raid nights, no problem ! We don’t want to exclude people for being unable to turn up to every single raid if real life gets in the way!

Other Activities:

As previously mentioned, we want to run a plethora of guild things that aren’t strictly raiding. The point of the guild is to have the sense of community many of us long for from days gone by, transmog runs, achievement runs, mount runs, quiz nights, helping to gear alts are all in to do list! And obviously, m+.

Since its addition in legion, m+ has grown into something spectacular, and we are always happy to do keys with people, no matter the experience in previous playthroughs, we learn together, grow together, die together…release spirits together.

Joining or getting in contact:

Any questions or wanting an invite? Shoot me a message in game, my bnet tag is #BeardyWonder#2950, or send mail to Worship, or run a /who anduins angels and send someone a message and we would be glad to chat or throw you an invite, or apply via the guild finder and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Midnight Train 0/12
Guild Information
Recruiter: Pitythefoole
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

Hi All,

Midnight Train is a brand new late night Mythic+ guild on Silvermoon Alliance. I have decided to create my own guild as after spending months trying to find what im looking for I just cant settle on the right guild.

Ive created this guild to be mainly M+ running originally but once the roster has filled I will aim to run raids this tier, then once Shadowlands hits, it will become a more serious raiding guild.

The guild is looking for active players around 21:00 until 03:00 - Due to real life, families, work etc these are the times I find myself most active and would like to create a team within these times.

Im from the UK and of slightly older ilk than most of the current wow players (36 :grimacing:) so older people or more mature people will be very welcome to join the guild.


Current requirements for M+ and Raid Roster:



  • Minimum 3 days played time at 120
  • Level 75 neck
  • Legendary cloak level 10
  • Fully gemmed and Enchanted
  • For M+ Running RIO is a big plus however I will still accept players without

Socials are more than welcome to join if the times suit as I want to build a good social atmosphere for people to chill and go about there dailies etc.

Once fully formed, I will be organising guild events be it old raids, mount runs etc on top of the standard of pushing M+ and raiding.

Raid times will be:

Wednesday and Thursday 22:00 - 01:00 with optional runs on Sunday 22:00 - 01:00 for gearing or achievements.

Finally as I feel I have waffled, im looking for pretty chilled out folk who are looking to learn and wanting to develop there gameplay, passionate to do well and most of all like a bit of good old british banter.

any questions hit me up, I don’t bite… unless you want me too :rofl:

BNET - Shocksqt1983#2653
DISCORD - Pitythefoole#9885

Shadow Vengeance 0/12
Guild Information
Recruiter: Huntprime
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

We are a brilliant new Alliance guild on EU-Sylvanas called Shadow Vengeance

I am currently the raid leader and fill whichever role is needed on raid days, however i am now looking for:

A Raid Leader with experience and a keen interest in new challenges (to allow me to focus more on guild functions).

People who are willing to spend time on their character and raids to allow for good progress in Shadowlands.

Multiclassing is welcome and even encouraged to allow for raid flexibility. This also helps during certain progress bosses where certain classes are advantageous.

Our goal is to have a 25 player raiding team as we appreciate people have lives outside of World of Warcraft and we would like the flexibility for our raids.

So far we are offering positions to our guild but as this is a new expansion we are taking internal and external applications, so we are looking for:

Tanks 2-3

Healer 3-5

Mdps 7-8

Rdps 7-9

The goal is to have a team setup before the first raid week of Shadowlands so we can start the progress as soon as possible.

The plan is the raid 3x per week, we currently raid 7pm-10pm server time but we will see how this unfolds in Shadowlands.

If you have raiding experience - great, however a keen interest in raiding in the new expansion is also great, we are just looking for people who are passionate about progress raiding in the new content.

We use Discord and have a great server setup with multiple raid/dungeon/pvp channels that you’re welcome to use at your leisure.

If you would like to join or have any questions about the guild, feel free to contact me on discord - Prime#6944

Shadow of the Lands 0/12
Guild Information
Recruiter: Rkane
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

“Shadow of the Lands” is a social/leveling guild and we foremost like to focus on mythics. (dungeons and possibly raids later on.) we are LGBTQI+ friendly. We’re looking for Teachers, Students, and Shadowlanders. Contact Rkane or any other Head of Staff inworld. Or contact Rkane (Bold) on Discord Bold#4810

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