Immortality 10/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Sinniz
Server Rank: #22
EU Rank: #2296

Who are we ?

We are a well established raiding guild, that raid progress three days per reset, on Sylvanas EU (Alliance). We are currently 12/12 hc and 10/12 mythic in Ny’alotha.

Our main raid times are Wednesday, Thursday and Monday 20.00 - 23.00 CET ( also game time).

Our core members have extensive experience in all aspects of the game, especially in raiding. That said, we are always open to new blood and are committed to mentor new players who are showing potential.

What are our goals ?
Above all we value our time spent well within the game. We strive to have fun and progression with our characters and community. That said our focus as a group is to do raid content progression and fill in the gap between the raids with fun, interactive and engaging guild activities.

What can you expect from us ?

Established guild with friendly and fun atmosphere. Dedicated Discord (primary). Active roster with all kinds of activities besides raids. Continuous involvement and progression as guild and with it the benefit list growing.

Who are we looking for ?

Currently DPS ( Monks / Warriors / Priests )

Other than that any dedicated and reliable players to enrich our roster and have fun as well as serious moments while progressing the raid content in Shadowlands. We are not allergic to memes, however we are also pro-mature environment
What do we expect from our members ?

Solid raid attendance - It does not have to be 100%, however reliability and solid team is mandatory in any well progressing team. Sense of humor when it comes to jokes and laughs. Seriousness and dedication to current guild goals (see above). Respect and tolerance towards everyone in the game, after all you as member carry our guild’s name.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please address any of following members or any officer online.

GM: Kayshia (Kayama#2550) Officer: Sinniz (Sinnical#2333)

Have a wonderful day and we hope to see you soon!

Original 10/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Pinkien
Server Rank: #5
EU Rank: #2299

Are you looking for a long lasting, stable and progressive guild? Then may we present – Original. We have two raid Teams Mythic and Social, so even if you don’t fancy mythic on Wed and Thurs you can still enjoy the game with friends and family on our social Saturday.

Why should I join Original?
Original was founded in December 2005 from a guild alliance raiding Blackwing Lair and Molten Core, and 13 years later we’ve now cleared both and continue to raid the top content since.

As a guild we look to achieve a balance between defeating all content the game has to offer and still enjoying the ride. With a strong social aspect as well as a history of solid progression and never stepping back from the highest difficulty of raiding or taking a break, Original has a history of stability few other guilds can claim. We’re basically too stubborn to quit.

What are you raid times?
We raid on Wednesday and Thursday . Invites start (Server time) at 20:15st. Raid starts at 20.30, finishing at 23.00.

What classes are you looking for?
Mistweaver monk
Havoc dh

We will accept applications for all roles and specs, and each is judged on an individual basis.

Do you do cross-realm try-outs?
Yes. Any applicant at this point should be prepared to join mythic raids and progression, we will happily trial you in a x-realm raid (obviously only if you are alliance), which can give us both a feel for each other.

What is your progress?
Currently 10/12M

How do I apply?
If you’ve got any more questions talk to one of our Officers via BattleNet
• Tamanotsu (AMZeus#2561)
• Unklefester (Festi#2300)
• Fieryphoenix (Nedezak#1679)
• Pinkien (Littlepink#2277)

What about the social side of the guild?
We’ve been around since release, Original has always been a well-respected guild on Shadowsong. Known to be fair and friendly, whilst being competitive, our members are well thought of in the community.

A unique aspect of Original is the togetherness. We have an annual meet at our GM’s house during the summer in sunny Surrey (UK) for up to a week, where all are welcome. Old, retired and new members all get together and have some fun and this tradition is now 13 years old.

We also have more social raids for friends, family, retired members, our social members and alts. These take place on Saturday with a more relaxed have fun raid progressing though Heroic.

Valhalla 10/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Illai
Server Rank: #5
EU Rank: #2410

Valhalla is a semi-hardcore two night a week raiding guild with a good atmosphere and a large active player base. We will be pushing for an early AOTC and CE in Shadowlands.

We have several multi-tier CE players but got defeated by the roster boss halfway through 8.3. We recently had a big push on recruitment and got to 10/12 mythic in 2 months.

We are accepting applications from all classes, a good attitude, a good sense of humour and 90%+ attendence for raiders is a must.

If you are looking for a new home and would like raid in Shadowlands please contact ikiarplat123#4572 on Discord.

If you are not interested in raiding but prefer M+ or PVP please feel free to get in touch as well. The majority of our raid team were over 3k io in S4 and we have several high end arena players with Glad titles.

Blacklight 9/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Kessper
Server Rank: #177
EU Rank: #2531

We are looking for lots of new people whoever you are!

We will be going into shadowlands with a strong guild with many people!

Raid days and times are as follows:- (All times are Server Time)
Thursdays 8 pm - 11 pm
Fridays 8 pm - 11 pm
Tuesdays 8 pm - 11 pm
(These dates may change going into shadowlands!)

We are also looking for M+ members who would like to push high keys with us!
Socials are always welcome!

We will be going into shadowlands looking to raid in a semi-hardcore fashion again. So we are recruiting early for this! To see who we can get into the raid team and who would like to try out :slight_smile:

Please get in touch with our officers if you need any questions answered.

Contact Info:-

GM - Ghanjun (IGN) / Sassink#2340 (BNET)
RaidLeader/Officer - Kessper (IGN) / KesperStar (IGN) LeoStar#21698 (BNET)
Officers - Officers - Räinay (IGN) / Frostics#2510 (BNET)
Recruiter - Hisvoidness (IGN) / Condemned#2514 (BNET)

Hope to see you or talk to you soon!

Incendia 9/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Juvan
Server Rank: #178
EU Rank: #2532

About us:

Incendia is a semi-hardcore raiding guild located on Draenor (Horde) with the aim of achieving cutting edge in Shadowlands.

Raid Times: Wednesday, Thursday 21:00 – 00:00

We are a group of girls and guys who have played together for several years; most of us are in our 30s with some older and some younger and we all believe firstly that it’s possible to take raiding seriously without having to yell, belittle or rage at anyone and secondly that our time in Azeroth should be spent in the most enjoyable way possible and with like-minded people.

We offer a raiding environment that is relaxed, yet effective. This is because although we approach things in a calm way and don’t rage over wipes or make anyone feel bad for making a mistake, we are all committed and feel it’s only fair that we do everything we can to pull our weight as a team to the best of our ability during each raid. We also have a nice social atmosphere in the guild, with things like games nights on Fridays for anyone that likes to let off a bit of steam, and transmog/achievement runs for collect-a-holics.

We are currently looking to recruit a few more players for Shadowlands and would love to hear from a healer (paladin preferred but will consider all applications) and two DPS (we’re full on hunters but will consider all other applications).

What we ask from you:

We are mostly aged 30+ so you will probably be a better fit if you are an older player, or are happy to be playing with people who are - we do like to have fun but we aren’t a super loud/meme/banter guild who hang out on discord 24/7.

We ask that you can commit to the entire raid tier without taking a break and are willing to always do your best to ensure you are pulling your weight in raids.

Ideally you are a calm and friendly person who is willing to be a part of our whole community. Cards on the table, you won’t fit in well if you are obsessed with parses, are over opinionated and constantly question why we do things differently from your last guild or favorite streamer or if you just want a substitute for M+ group finder

It would be helpful if you have some recent logs and previous raiding experience as this will help us tell if you play at the same level as the rest of the team, however, if you don’t have these but are a fast learner, please let us know why you think you will be a good fit for us and we can go from there

If you are interested in joining us, or would like any extra information before applying, please contact us either via discord or Battlenet on:

(Battletag) Minininja#26903

(Discord) Verius#2996

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