The Exiles 5/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Spikeyshard
Server Rank: #3
EU Rank: #1367

Hello there,

At the moment we would especially like to recruit a Healer for our progress raid team. We would prefer a Priest or a Monk but we really will consider all enthusiastic applicants (ranged DPS too) so please still get in contact if you are interested.

Raid schedule: Thursdays & Sundays 19:50 to 23:00 (server time).

About Us: We prioritise enjoying all the game has to offer inside and out of raids. Most of us have been playing Warcraft for many years so we are more mature and don’t allow toxicity or negativity but we do also have some youngsters that aren’t fossils yet.

What we are looking for: Friendliness, maturity and the enthusiasm to kill bosses as part of a team.

Interested? Please read our (much) longer post over on WoW Progress. If you think we would be a good fit for you then we would love to chat more.

  • Spikey#2323 or Spikey#8236 on Discord
  • Jenzier#2710
  • Deje#2867 or Deje#5917 on Discord (highlight, copy and paste).

Curious? Questions? Want to meet us? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

Dark Sanctum 5/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Cybershade
Server Rank: #89
EU Rank: #1438

Dark Sanctum is a 3-day per week raiding guild focused on mythic progression, we aim to build a raid team capable of achieving cutting edge.

Raid Times:

Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday(optional) 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time


Very high attendance, we take raiding seriously and other people rely on you to be there almost every raid. (We understand real life sometimes gets in the way)

Have Discord and be a part of the community, we would prefer if you wouldn’t just log in for the raids.

Main raiders are expected to constantly work on their class/spec and search for the optimal way to deal with the encounter

Ability to accept constructive criticism.

We offer:

Progression oriented team
Friendly and active community
Raid supplies
Lots of off-raid activities (Mythic+/PvP)

Currently recruiting:

Tank: Brewmaster/Blood DK/Prot Pala

DPS: Fire Mage/Destro Lock/BM Hunter/Boomie/Ele Sham

We will always consider exceptional players even if your class isn’t listed.

Anyone who thinks that this guild fits their playstyle or has any further questions feel free to contact me:

Gordian Knot 4/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Jenquai
Server Rank: #102
EU Rank: #1688

Guild Information:
Guild name: Gordian Knot
Faction: Horde
Realm: Draenor (EU)
Realm Type: Normal - PVE
Current progress: Ny’alotha 4/12M
Raid days: Wednesday, Sunday, Monday
Raid times: 20.00-23.00 CET
(Full application details on website)

Recruiting for BFA Raiding:

High Demand:

  • Death Knight: All specs
  • Demon Hunter: Vengeance
  • Druid: Feral, Balance & Guardian
  • Hunter: All specs
  • Mage: All specs
  • Monk: Brewmaster
  • Paladin: Protection
  • Priest: Shadow & Discipline
  • Shaman: All specs
  • Warlock: All specs
  • Warrior: All specs

Medium Demand:

  • None at the moment

Low Demand:

  • Monk: Windwalker
  • Paladin: Retribution
  • Rogue: All specs

Also, in order to be able to join our main team straight away, you need to meet the requirements for our current progress, which are around 465+ item level equiped, around 80+ levels on your necklace and the least rank 12 on your cloak.

We are also open to discuss a possible merge and get a smaller group or guild that is struggling to get their raids goins, or that they want to advance to the next level. Most of us are versatile people and we can possibly reroll to achieve a good compasition after a merge.

Any social and friendly person who wants to join us for kicks and giggles is welcome. Just poke any of our officers online and you will get an invite for a social spot (no raiding spot).

About us:

Gordian Knot is a semi-hardcore raiding guild that consists of experienced raiders with some of them having raiding experience as far back as Vanilla.

We are a friendly group who enjoys World of Warcraft and loves raiding. We have fun and joke around but when bosses need to go down then all is serious! We wish for all our members to enjoy the game as much as we do and we expect raiders to maintain a 80% attendance per month.

We also enjoy a variety of other activities such as running a lot of Mythic+ dungeons doing alt-runs, achievement runs etc.
We generally aim to push Mythic+ to get +15 keys done for the weekly chests. We do this in spirit to help everyone in the guild getting their highest possible gear reward from their weekly cache (socials included).

There are a few things we hold in high value but above else we value friendliness and politeness towards guildies and other players and skillfulness when it comes to the more serious parts of the game.


We raid 3 nights a week, Wednesdays, Sundays and Mondays, from 20:00 till 23:00 server time.
Although we are a 20-man guild, we usually run an extra group in order to get more people to experience the joys of raiding, help new raiders learn the Knot’s way to down bosses and gearing up. Usually, these runs happen on Saturdays. Also, every Friday and sometimes Thursdays too, we’re on RBGs killing alliance scums or on other ingame activities!

Our current guild progress is 4/12 in Ny’alotha mythic, and we’re focusing on getting further Mythic progress. Our aim is to always progress as much as possible but also to have a relaxed and fun atmosphere at the same time!

If you’re interested in joining Gordian Knot, please fill in our application form, located at , alternatively please whisper one of our officers:

On Bnet:
Leleko - Leleko#2235
Narweena - Sephyra#2517
Illyaveil - illyayayaya#2547
Truedragons- Truedragon27#2216

On Discord:
Leleko - Leleko#7934
Narweena - Narweena#7029
Illyaveil - illyaveil#0165
Truedragons - truedragon#8189

PS. We’re always open to group applications!
We are also open and welcome social applications.

Digital Doom 3/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Jamesdean
Server Rank: #115
EU Rank: #1967

Server : Draenor-EU
Faction : Horde
Guild : Digital Doom

Raid Schedule : Wednesday & Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time
Raid Progression : 12/12 HC - 3/12 M - Ny’alotha (AOTCs for all BFA raids)

About us :
Digital Doom is a community driven guild that puts its focus on having a good time while playing the game and helping out each other. We raid 2 times a week, Wednesday being the Heroic re-clear day and Sunday Mythic progression. If you are interested in casual Mythic progression and 12-15 M+ keys being done almost daily as a guild group, this is the place for you :slight_smile: .

What we are looking for :
HEALERS (Priest, Shaman, Druid, Paladin, Monk)

Contact Us :
If you are interested please contact our recruitment officer.
In-game name : Jamesdean
Discord : Jeff#9822
Bnet: FidgetSpiner#2509

GLHF 12/12 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Edgymyth
Server Rank: #5
EU Rank: #3407

GLHF are an 18+ Heroic weekend raiding guild that aims to get Curve every tier in a timely manner, though remaining a relaxed and friendly atmosphere within the raid team and guild while doing so. We raid Saturday and Sunday from 20:00 (8 PM ) to 23:00 (11 PM) Server Time every week. We also put up two weekly Mythic+ events that everyone from the guild can join to either get their weekly chest (helps a lot with raid progress and is recommended) or just for fun!

Please read through before you whisper or put in an application!

So far this expansion we have managed a full clear Curve every raid, with a 12/12 Heroic Ny’alotha.

Please continue reading through the post for info you will need to know.

Looking for
While we are a casual guild, we still do have our standards in order to make sure we have a raid every weekend and to progress through Heroic steadily - not too slow, not too fast.
► Reliable raiders in terms of sign ups, attendance (75%>), being on time & communication. We don’t want people missing 80% of the raids. People that want/can (to) only raid one day may apply as Casuals and only taken for farm bosses.
► Raiders who work on their Main (raid) character outside of the raids and Mythic+, to keep up with their Cloak & Heart of Azeroth level. We don’t wanna have people lagging behind like 20 item levels behind the rest or have to boost.
► Raiders that have a positive attitude, regardless if there were 50 wipes or similar.
► People who behave themselves in or outside of the guild, raid, party etc. chat and treat others with the respect they themselves would want to receive. Not everyone can always get along with each other, but constantly complaining about everyone is not gonna work in here.

From us, you can expect that we have a good, relaxed & social raid environment. We encourage talk between pulls, though we expect people to be serious when we have pulled a boss. We help provided we’re able to. Our Discord server is available for people to ask for things or to chat on, even if it isn’t voice chat.

Having a microphone to communicate with us during the raid or a Mythic+ is a big plus, though is not a requirement as long as you have a pair of headphones to listen with.

What do we need?


• Fury/Arms Warrior (HIGH PRIORITY!)
• Windwalker Monk (HIGH PRIORITY!)

Healers and Tanks
Don’t bother applying. We’re completely full.

Exceptional applications always considered regardless of class, except healers/tanks (this is if you have logs!).

Please contact Tsumiki#21486 in Battlenet if you have any questions regarding the guild, the rules or applying. Please apply through if you’re interested in joining us (and I will be in touch with you).

Please don’t wait until I message you - I am always online/reachable, just send me a message and I will reply.

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