Bifrost 2/12 (N)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Allana
Server Rank: #538
EU Rank: #14475

Bifrost is being revived for Shadowlands, and we aim to build a strong core to tackle all Mythic raids of Shadowlands

Bifrost - About Us

Bifrost has changed face several times since its first incarnation. Created in Wrath, the guild has been active first on Al’Akir and then Kazzak. Currently Bifrost is one of the most successful guilds in WoW Classic at Mograine EU.

The core of the guild consists of veteran players that have been playing together for the better part of WoW’s existence. We have a lot of experience on our belt including competing for high-end raid ranks, Mythic+/Challenge modes as well as PvP ranks (gladiators and rank 1s)

The majority of the guild are 30+ and as such, we foster a community that is probably not the ideal home for very young players. Our classic community is very active as well and if you have aspirations for TBC in case Blizzard announces it, we will be active there as well.

Raid days:

Thursday 20:00-23:00

Monday 20:00-23:00

Recruitment status:


Resto Shaman (Ele OS is a big plus)
Dps Warrior
Havoc Demon Hunter


For more information, here’s our Code of Conduct: DOT com/document/d/1Q3EaFZcpJo6cxZzWg007PeaCVXbN9SxmVrXozO_or5I

Here we describe our values, mission, goals as well as the structure of the guild. We require all raiders to read and understand this document so that we can use it as a reference point for decisions made in-game.

Raider io page

raider DOT io/guilds/eu/kazzak/Bifrost

Interested? Here’s our Recruitment Form: DOT com/forms/d/1l8DKwA5HrKx0FSPSsX3Rdgo7zzbuytexOirn6VPnops

You can also reach us on Discord for a chat – Poke Kitsune or Burito

Old stats

PvE Progress


World 175th 10hc Ragnaros (Serverfirst 10man)

World 57th 10hc Ultraxion

World 145th 10hc Madness of Deathwing (Serverfirst 10man)

-Mists of Pandaria

World 45th 10hc Will of the Emperor, Serverfirst (All of MSV being top 30~ kills)

World 17th 10hc Imperial Vizier Zorlok

World 146th 10hc Garrosh Hellscream

World 316th 25hc Garrosh Hellscream


  • Some Realm first level 90 classes

  • Realm first Glory of the Cataclysm Hero

  • Realm first Glory of the Pandaria Hero

  • World record of Temple of the Jade Serpent challenge mode time before heroic raiding started

  • Kazzak Realm Record Challenge mode for Scarlet Halls and Scarlet Monastery

  • Rank 5 Guild Speed Rankings for SoO 10man HC.

  • Realm first & World 4th completion of Gold CMs in Warlords of Dreanor

Int 0/12
Guild Information
Recruiter: Gooboh
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #

Int is a new guild forming on kazzak consisting mostly of friends who have raided together in the past. Our raiders have a solid history of mythic raiding and achieving cutting edge.

Our main aim for shadowlands is world 200~ eventually pushing Hall of fame.

Our raid days and hours will be the following:
Monday 8:00 - 12:00
Tuesday 8:00 - 12:00
Thursday 8:00 - 12:00

We are currently looking for the following ranged dps and potentially 1 tank:

Hunter - MM
Mage - Arcane, Frost
Lock - Destro, Affli
Priest - Shadow

DK - Blood
Paladin - Prot

We have a really good community here and we plan to keep it that way, So applicants will be accepted or declined not only on performance but also attitude and ability to mix with our current roster.

We like to keep recruitment personal so we do not require any sort of application form to be filled out, We do everything via discord and you can find our contact info below.

If you think you’re up for the challenge and have the right mindset then do feel free to hit us up!

Discord - OnlyTrev#2694 [GM]
Bnet - trevormullin#2101 [GM]

Guild Information
Recruiter: Ozti
Server Rank: #
EU Rank: #
  • BOGGED - The gathering of virgins and “people who chase pigeons” -Rag 2020 that everyone has been waiting for is now recruiting for Shadowlands!

Bogged is an elite team made of friends and friends of friends, hand selected to fashion together the ultimate fighting force. Our raid group consists of 12/12 Mythic raiders with multiple Cutting edges under their belts. We are a re-formed guild set for Shadowlands and have now opened our doors to a SELECT few classes and specs.

We raid 3 times a week - [Server Times]
Wednesday - 20.00pm - 23.00pm
Sunday - 20.00pm - 23.00pm
Monday - 20.00pm - 23.00pm
During Early Progression it’ll be a 4 day a week schedule.
Thursday - 20.00pm - 23.00pm

Currently Recruitment is open for -
1 x Death Knight (Frost or Unholy)
1 x Range DPS, Boomie, Ele or Shadow Priest

What we’re about…

  • We will be top 1000 first raid tier of Shadowlands, once we have secured that officially. We are setting our sights on top 500 and gaining ranks from there.
  • We offer a stable raiding environment, 3 times a week, with quality players around you to help and succeed with.
  • Life advice from Ozti the only guild parent, with such quotes as “It looked like a Raccoon had been thrown into a blender” and “It’s as bad as sniper flesh wound.”
  • An unlimited supply of questionable adult anime material supplied by Coco.
  • Fully equipped guild bank and active discord.
  • Handmade memes designed for personal attack credit to “Rag.”
  • Solid and adaptable roster.

Requirements from you…

  • Turn up and be good is a great start, like honestly you get 5 dkp just for filling in the register.
  • Fully geared and ready to go character, equipped to compete at the highest level.
  • A good attitude, with the ability to speak and understand English.
  • A sense of humour and the hunger to want to compete top 500.

Is BOGGED for you? Dam sure it is! Fill in this super intense application form below which includes like 5 questions and a some pretty pictures with bright colours on, then I’ll get in touch with you once completed. Or fancy a chat to find out a little more speak to one of our awesome officers!

h ttps://
Remove the space between the “h” and the “t”, Blizz won’t let me post links.

Real ID / Discord Contact Details…
Try me first i deal with the recruitment -
Ozti (Recruitment Guru) - Steepsy #1170 / Steepsy#9134
If i’m busy RPing on Argent Dawn hit up one of the lads below -

Grant (The MIGHTY guild leader) - Granite7 #2127 / Doncheadle#8442
Rag (Roster Boss & Log Orc) - Rag #21394 / Rag#7777
Burty (Raid Leader) - Mrburtyyy#2820 / MrBurtyyy#7328
Arche (Healing Officer) - arche#2908 / Arche#9612


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