DKG 6/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Untameabledk
Server Rank: #12
US Rank: #147

I am specifically recruiting a tank to push top 50 US next tier preferably a VDH/Prot warrior but open to any capable player. Please add my bnet add thekidfresh#1211 or my discord tameyy#0001 to discuss further

Esper 9/10 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Skaan
Server Rank: #101
US Rank: #2369

Looking to balance competitive gaming and RL? Need flexibility, but still want to play with excellent players? is recruiting for mythic raiding and M+ on just a ONE NIGHT COMMITMENT (with the option to opt into more nights/activities). Here are the details:

Main Raid: Wednesday 8:30PM-11:30PM EST

Optional Off/Alt Night/Overflow: Tuesday 8:30PM-11:30PM EST

Progression: 9/10H Castle Nathria | Core playerbase is running M+ at all times of the day.

Server: US-Thrall High Pop PVE

Faction: Horde

About Us: We’re mostly adult professionals who value high-end raiding on an extremely limited raiding schedule. We’ve been there, done that on the hardcore scene and now we’re more interested in balancing gaming and – you know, life (most recently, 25 Mythic bosses down in BFA on our one night schedule). Many of us have played together for years in different raiding circles.

Having said that, progression is still our focus and it’s very important that any applicant understand that they will be expected to show up to raids prepared with both proper enchants and consumables, as well as a thorough understanding of the encounter that we’re on. With our limited raid time, we rely more than most guilds on raider prep and efficiency

Recruiting Needs:
1 DPS Warrior
1 Experienced Windwalker Monk

Any other strong applicants will be considered.

Apply: (do this first)
Bnet: Bood#1672 or Palewind#1990

Immortal Legion 1/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Creatorlight
Server Rank: #85
US Rank: #1755

Hello Immortal Legion is a newly started mythic raiding guild which is semi-hardcore. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8:30-11:30pm CST with optional Fridays for farm night @ 8:30pm-11:30pm. We are currently looking for:
-Disc Priest
-Windwalker monk
-Havoc Demon Hunter
-Boomkin Druid
-Affliction Warlock
-Arms/ Fury Warrior

If you are interest please reach out to:

GM/Melee Officer:Creatorlight

Ranged Officer/Raid leader:Bogenschützeäger#11356

Healing Officer:Agador

By Design 1/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Allesanna
Server Rank: #97
US Rank: #2022

About Us:

By Design is a newly formed guild as of Shadowlands, built from a core of returning players with varying degrees of Mythic / Cutting Edge experience, who have recently transferred to Sargeras. We are looking to bolster our roster with players who are interested in progressing Mythic content. Outside of raid, we have an active player base looking to complete M+’s every day to farm gear/io. We also play games outside of WoW and have an active Discord.

Raid Times:

Tuesday: 8:30 PM – 11:30 PM EST
Wednesday: 8:30 PM – 11:30 PM EST
Thursday: 8:30 PM – 11:30 PM EST


Extensive knowledge of your class
Non-toxic/elitist attitude
Consistent attendance (90%+)
Ability to communicate (have a working mic)
Bring dps/health pots (we provide flasks, food buffs, and vantus runes)
Desire to be competitive

Recruitment Needs:

Do not hesitate to apply even if we’re not looking for your class. We are always looking for talented players in all roles/classes.


Prot Warrior
Vengeance DH


Arms Warrior
MM Hunter


Holy Paladin


Btag - Storm#11949 Contact us in-game with any questions and to start the painless application process.

Æsir 9/10 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Laslen
Server Rank: #336
US Rank: #3226

<Æsir> 9/10H Recruiting [Horde, US-Illidan]

Looking to fill our roster for Mythic CN. Our officers’ background includes US Top 10 and World #30 Mythic raiding experience. We aspire to bring that veteran hardcore perspective to Æsir, but with a schedule and environment that understands our raiders have responsibilities outside of WoW. We had a slow start this expansion, but we’re making steady progress now and will be pushing Mythic soon.

Our values:

  1. Eliminating distractions from becoming better players. All raiders are judged on merit.
  2. We take a pragmatic approach to skill and ability. Everyone is expected to handle receiving constructive criticism well.
  3. Raiding should be fun. We joke around often, but we’re also serious and focused when the situation requires it.

Havoc Demon Hunter
Balance Druid
Arms Warrior
All skilled raiders looking to get into Mythic

Raid schedule:
Fri 10PM-1AM EST
Sat 10PM-1AM EST

Contact: drgnmstr1031#1978, KoPaull#1716, Laslen#1410

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