Pact 9/10 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Cwunch
Server Rank: #182
US Rank: #2922

Welcome to The Pact!

We’re a new guild that started this expansion and so far we are 10/10 H with our eyes set on beginning mythic progression next week! We also have a lot of members committed towards gearing alts, pushing keys, and BoE farming!

We are currently recruiting a tank or dps for our Mythic roster (must be on Tichondrius) with an emphasis on guardian or brewmasters but any exceptional players will be considered! However if you would like to join then don’t allow these preferences to stop you from applying!

We expect raiders to come to raid on time, be in comms, be respectful, and productive! Our goal is to enjoy raid each week but also constantly progress and finish content that we set our goals on. If this sounds like you then consider joining :slight_smile:

We raid from 7-10 PST every Wed/Thurs night.

If you’d like to apply please message us here at:

Bnet: Dizim#1377
Discord:Chriss#8279 (is sensitive to capitals)

Mail Enhancement 0/10
Guild Information
Recruiter: Zichari
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

The Roommates are a group of players who all live in a single room apartment and share one bed. Recently migrated from alliance to Area 52 to find other players who want to play the game at a mythic level. Our main goal is to push content at its hardest difficulty, but enjoying the journey is also important.

We are looking for like-minded players who perform at or above average compared to their peers.

Our raid schedule is Monday / Tuesday 9p - 12a server

We are looking for the following

Healers - Disc Priest, Resto Shaman
RDPS - Affl Warlock, MM Hunter, Fire Mage, Balance Druid, Shadow Priest

If you are interested and do not play the above roles please reach out with logs in hand and we can discuss!

Contact us at:

BNET Zichari#1190 or BurritoBob#1736
DISCORD Zichari#2504 or BurritoBob#8666

Abstract 9/10 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Spiritlord
Server Rank: #130
US Rank: #2835

Hey! Thanks for checking us out!

Raid Times
Mythic Raid; Tuesdays, Wednesdays at 7:30pm to 10:30pm EST
Optional Heroic Raid: Sunday 7:30pm to 10:30pm EST (subject to change)

About Us
We’ve been raiding casually for years, but really started being serious when we founded Abstract. Since then, we’ve welcomed an impressive group of talented and dedicated raiders and are focusing on becoming a Cutting Edge guild. We were able to get 11/12M in Nyalotha in a mere 4 months of having a solid group. We’re mainly a raiding guild, with a passion for pushing keys.

10/10 Heroic Castle Nathria
1/10 Mythic CN

We’re currently recruiting the following for our core raid team (although exceptional apps of different class/specs will also be considered)


-Affliction Warlock
-Balance Druid
-Elemental Shaman
-Fire mage

-WW monk


-Holy Pally
-Resto Shaman

Any class but pref Prot Warrior, Guardian Druid, V DH

M+ and PvP players are also welcome!

Voice: Discord

Discord: Spiritlord#8069 or Keyboard#7876 Spiritlord#1784 or Bdubelyew#1307

Last Gambit 7/10 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Guillhelm
Server Rank: #427
US Rank: #4942

Last Gambit is a Heroic AOTC raiding guild filled with calm, patient, friendly adults. We are looking for a few more awesome individuals to add to our Heroic raiding team.

We are 10/10 on normal Nathria, and are currently 7/10 on heroic working towards the AOTC achievement. We also do a lot Mythic + 5 man guild groups.

Once we have Heroic locked down and can clear it in one night, we will look at some combination of Mythic Nathria and/or Alt runs. We are not currently intending to full clear mythic, but that may changedepending on the wishes of the raid team and our ability to progress through it.

We raid two nights a week, Friday and Saturday. Our raid times are from 7pm-10pm CST.

Here is a few other data points about us, as I think it’s important to find members that will fit well within the existing guild “culture”. If we aren’t all on the same page it causes friction, and is less fun for all involved. And after all, fun is the most important part of playing a video game.

  • If you join the guild to raid, we expect you to raid. No one can have 100 percent attendance, and we understand life happens. Just let us know in the attendance channel. But understand you have 20+ other people counting on you so we can’t have people who only come when they “feel like it”.

  • We have a “no politics” rule for guild chat and discord. Everyone has their own opinions, and it’s such a polarizing topic, it’s just not worth it. There are far better venues for this type of discussion, outside of Azeroth.

  • We have respect for everyone, and do not tolerate negativity from one guild member towards another. We are not interested in people who act like dbags and treat other players as lesser. This is a guild of friendly players, not a trashy BG pug group.

  • Our team is pretty solid, but this is progression content, there will be wiping. It can be tough and frustrating at times, but no one in our current raid gets bent out of shape about that. We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and go at it again. We want like minded people who are chill and can work together, despite things not always being perfect, or downing every new boss in 2 attempts. If there are problems with individual members, it’s up to guild leadership to talk to those individuals privately not for other raiders to rip on that person publicly.

  • With the above being said, we are an ADULT guild looking for fellow adults. We have these few rules to try and keep things relatively civil, but we are not interested in policing language. Understand there will be some swearing and the occasional “poor taste” comment in discord. If you consider yourself “easily offended” we probably aren’t the best guild for you.

  • Minimum Ilvl to join our Heroic raid team is 195

As for what we are looking for, currently we are recruiting the following…

  • Resto Shaman (or potentially a MistWeaver Monk)
  • Affliction Warlock
  • Fire Mage
  • Balance Druid
  • Windwalker Monk

If you are playing with a significant other/friend who also would be a good fit, we may be able to make an exception if one of your specs is not on the above list. However, we are full on tanks and Hunters.

If you are interested or have any questions, please reply here or whisper Guillhelm, Neph, Syrop, Quietwhisper in game. Or you can bnet me at Terodar#1787

Thanks for reading, hope to see you in Nathria!

Guild Information
Recruiter: Valgusx
Server Rank: #163
US Rank: #1294

Greetings everyone,

PLUS ULTRÁ is a close knit CE guild located on Illidan looking for members to round out our team Mythic Raiding on Tuesday/Thursdays 8pm-11pm CST schedule. Because this is only two night a week, we intend our members to commit to ATTENDANCE and PERFORMANCE (casual raid times with a serious mindset). Meaning know your class, min/max your gear outside of raid if needed, do your mythic 14 weekly, PvP (if applicable), and bring flasks/food/damage pots/healing pots.

We are currently 2/10M | 10/10H | CE Nya’lotha

What we are looking for:

2 DPS - 1 WW + 1 Ranged (Meta Specs Only.)
2 Healer - Pally + Disc/RSham

For questions add Valgus#1630 on bnet

If you are interested, please apply at

Thanks for your consideration!

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