Symbiosis 3/10 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Shadowpuck
Server Rank: #46
US Rank: #909

Symbiosis of Sargeras-US was formed 3-15-07 and has raided continuously through each raid tier. We are home to many groups of players who found their way here through the years and ended up sticking around because of the exceptionally fun and inclusive guild and raid environment we provide.

Currently 3/10 Mythic CN on a 5 hour per week raid commitment. We have a very strong core with CE experienced leadership, and were 12/12M in Ny’alotha.

Current Raid Schedule is as follows:

TUESDAY 7:00pm - 9:30pm
WEDNESDAY 7:00pm - 9:30pm
with OPTIONAL normal and heroic full clears weekly (rotating days)

All times listed are CENTRAL STANDARD TIME (US)

We are currently looking for RANGED DPS: (Warlock, Hunter) and one HEALER (Shaman, or Paladin.) Any individual with exceptional parses will also be considered. Please reach out and talk to me if interested at Shadow#1113, or apply to the guild directly at: .

We consider ourselves semi-hardcore, and will push through a majority of the content each tier at a CE level, but we are not looking to push for top level US rankings or server firsts or anything like that. The guild is comprised of young adults/professionals who love and enjoy the game but are not willing or able to commit to a heavy raid schedule (Though nearly all of us have, at one point or another previously.)

TL;DR - Bunch of WoW boomers looking to bolster the 5 hour per week raid group with similarly skilled players. We are in IMMEDIATE need of a warlock.

Shadow#1113 for more information, or apply directly at:

Bag Cartel 8/10 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Crixlite
Server Rank: #236
US Rank: #4008

Fun Facts about Bag Cartel:

  • We save turtles from the water.
    We no longer do this.
  • We have a tabard! How cool is that.
  • We have a timeshare in the Deeprun Tram. And a new one in to offer in the Eastern Plaguelands!

Now that you’ve hopefully had a laugh, let me tell you about us! We’re a semi casual AOTC and beyond focused raiding guild looking for players who want to help build a special community. We want everyone to feel included and successful in whatever part of the game interests them! We have people who focus on raiding, others who PVP, and still more who focus on Mythic Plus. We are also excellent at deathrolling and gambling our sorrows away. Whatever it is that floats your boat, we wanna help!

Current Recruitment Needs 1/22/2021:
Bag Cartel is now opening applications to both a new and upcoming normal raid team, as well as our Heroic progression (9/10 H) raid team.

We are in immediate need of the following:

Raid Off-Tank, prior raid tanking experience is a massive plus.
Exceptional DPS Classes (Ranged is preferred, though open to all applicants) :
Balance Druid
MM Hunter
Warlock - Affliction
Shaman - Elemental
High DPS Warrior, huge if you can off tank as needed.

We continue to seek those who would like to fill out a Normal/Alt raid roster.

Progression Raid Team Info: Our Heroic Castle Nathria Raid roster is currently OPEN for exceptional applications and trial. For your considerations, we raid Tuesday/Thursday 7-10pm Pacific Time Currently 9/10 Heroic

Normal Castle Nathria Raid Team Info: Currently open to full recruitment of all positions. No time set yet as we would like the members that participate in this to have the opportunity to chose the time that fits best. Great opportunity for semicasual/casual raiders to get into the content! Will update this when we have time set.

PVP Needs: We are in the process of filling up to two RBG Teams and seeking players interested in having fun while being competitive, as well as participating in Rated Arena. You can absolutely want to participate in any combination of these. If this is you we would love to hear from you! We are coming at this from a casual standpoint and shifting gears into a more serious endeavors with the teams as comfort and team cohesion grow. Fridays are our dedicated PVP guild night!

Mythic Plus We have a strong contingent of our members who look to push and excel in M+ content. We have a community who does a lot to support one another in progression and we would like to continue to grow this community. We would love to fill our strong demand for tanks and healers. If you are interested in becoming a part of a rapidly progressing m+ team please let us know!

All that said, If being a part of a growing and relaxed guild with a thriving, skilled PVE roster, and expanding PVP roster is of interest to you please reach out as we have plenty of space (<—bag pun)

Let’s get get in touch!
Add me on BNet to discuss further- Dustyxx#1592) // OR (hds1220#1796)
Or, one of our Officers (Beamer92#1554) / Apply Thru Guild Finder in-game to chat

Nexus 3/10 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Ritai
Server Rank: #60
US Rank: #8591

Hi there people!

What we want: Nexus is recruiting talented and skilled like-minded individuals that would like to experience raiding! We are looking for more talented players to fill in for our main roster that are well experienced within their class and would like to strive to push for more than what you are getting now, or perhaps to find enjoyable individuals to be playing with on a consistent basis! We are looking for players that have a mind set of growth in mind, with an active decision to keep researching and moving your character forward to be the best you can be. We are currently recruiting ranged DPS and healers, or if you can flex that would be even better.

Who we are: Nexus is a friendly atmosphere guild but retains a level of seriousness when it comes to progression. We ultimately enjoy the value of the players over the value of the class as well, we want players that would be interested in finishing AOTC as well as experiencing mythic progress. We have people actively seeking out and helping people finish keys as well as grow on their class or abilities as a player, we just ask that you put in the time for yourself to grow if we are putting in the time to help you.

Raid times: 5:00-8:00 PM PST Tues/thurs Saturday optional reclear day for alts

**In demand classes :**Healers: Paladin/Priest/Monk/Shaman

***Rdps:***Mage/Hunter/Shadow Priest/Elemental

Brownie point flex players dps/heals: Monk/Paladin/Shaman/Priest

Feel free to contact me on discord atUephe#8428Or reach me on battle net atreallybad#11479

We really look forward to hearing from you and getting the chance to know you!

Yggdrasil 6/10 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Ozaihan
Server Rank: #242
US Rank: #5701

Raid Times:

Tuesdays and Fridays 8 PM - 11 PM PST

About :

is a guild that was initially formed at the end of BFA by a group of real life friends looking to have fun and stay away from guild drama. Named after the World Tree in Norse mythology that connects the 9 worlds, Yggdrasil is a guild in which all should feel welcome to regardless of which branch of life they come from.

We believe that a positive atmosphere along with a strong desire to improve oneself creates the best raid environment in which we all can flourish. However, with this also comes the responsibility of ensuring that you are your best self. We expect our raiders to know their class, come prepared, and communicate effectively.

At present we are 6/10 Heroic, however we will be looking to expand into Mythic Raiding once we have built a core team.


  • Come to raid on time and prepared. As we are all adults and we only raid 2 nights a week, it is imperative that we are respectful of everyone’s time. Come ready to raid with your gear enchanted, gems socketed, talents set, and consumables bought. Most importantly show up on time.

  • Research fights. While we don’t expect any member to know every mechanic in a new fight by heart, we expect that each member at least possesses a core understanding of the mechanics of upcoming fights as well as any differences that may be present going from one difficulty to another.

  • Know your class. Part of being respectful of everyone else’s time means that you know how to play your class effectively and are not holding the group back. A true master is an eternal student.

  • Seek guidance in the face of uncertainty. If you don’t understand something, speak up and ask for clarification. Don’t let pride or embarrassment get in the way of clearing up something you’re unsure of. Not understanding something is fine; pretending you do when you don’t is not.

  • Be prepared for minor setbacks. Part of learning fights means getting stuck from time to time. Don’t get upset just because we don’t down a brand new fight in 10 pulls.

  • Mechanics over throughput. While DPS and HPS is important, being mechanically consistent is far more valuable. Unless we’re barely hitting an enrage timer, you are more valuable to the guild by being mechanically consistent. Min maxing is good, but don’t let it come at the expense of doing mechanics.

  • Do not cause drama. We do not tolerate drama. If you cause drama you will be removed from the guild.

What do we offer:

  • A positive raiding atmosphere. Progression should be fun and encouraging. You pay to play this game so we want to ensure that all members are having a good time doing so.

  • Mythic Plus. We are always looking to push higher level Mythic Plus keys. We can’t raid every day so we have to do something.

  • Consumables. Part of ensuring that members come to raid prepare is ensuring that all members have equal access to consumables. If you need something enchanted, potions, flasks, etc… let the guild know and we will provide.


While the below is a list of specs and roles that the guild needs currently, we encourage you to apply if you feel you will be a strong fit for the Guild.

Entries are in the format of <Class Name [PRIORITY]>.

  • Melee DPS:

    • Unholy Death Knight [CRITICAL]
    • Havoc Demon Hunter [HIGH]
    • Enhancement Shaman [MEDIUM]
  • Ranged DPS:

    • Affliction Warlock [HIGH]
    • Balance Druid [HIGH]
    • Fire Mage [MEDIUM]
    • Elemental Shaman [MEDIUM]
    • Marksmanship Hunter [LOW]
    • Shadow Priest [LOW]
  • Healer:

    • Restoration Shaman [HIGH]
    • Discipline Priest [HIGH]
    • Restoration Druid [MEDIUM]
    • Holy Paladin [LOW]

How do I apply?

To apply please reach out to Irohan#5123 on Discord.

Abstract 9/10 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Spiritlord
Server Rank: #130
US Rank: #2844

Hey! Thanks for checking us out!

Raid Times
Mythic Raid; Tuesdays, Wednesdays at 7:30pm to 10:30pm EST
Optional Heroic Raid: Sunday 7:30pm to 10:30pm EST (subject to change)

About Us
We’ve been raiding casually for years, but really started being serious when we founded Abstract. Since then, we’ve welcomed an impressive group of talented and dedicated raiders and are focusing on becoming a Cutting Edge guild. We were able to get 11/12M in Nyalotha in a mere 4 months of having a solid group. We’re mainly a raiding guild, with a passion for pushing keys.

10/10 Heroic Castle Nathria
1/10 Mythic CN

We’re currently recruiting the following for our core raid team (although exceptional apps of different class/specs will also be considered)


-Affliction Warlock
-Balance Druid
-Elemental Shaman
-Fire mage

-WW monk


-Holy Pally
-Resto Shaman

Any class but pref Prot Warrior, Guardian Druid, V DH

M+ and PvP players are also welcome!

Voice: Discord

Discord: Spiritlord#8069 or Keyboard#7876 Spiritlord#1784 or Bdubelyew#1307

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