[H] Recruiting for Shadowlands!Sep 26th, 2020 3:32 pm
All Outta Bubblegum 12/12 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Profien
Server Rank: #218
US Rank: #5401

Raid Schedule: Friday 9:30 - 12:00pm EST, Saturday 8:00 - 11:00PM EST
A few of us start clearing trash @ 9 -9:15pm.

Current Progression

Uldir: 8/8H AOTC
BoD: 9/9H AOTC
NtWC: 12/12H AOTC

Recruitment Needs:
We have a solid group that is in need of some adjustments. We are mainly looking for the following below:

Item level: 450+ for raiding. A lower ilvl may be considered based on previous raid experience.
Tank: Low Priority, will consider a DPS with a Tank off spec.
Healer: Resto Druid, MW Monk
Melee DPS: Ret, Enhance, Rogue
Range DPS: Mage, Boomkin, and Warlock.

If you spec is NOT listed here, still feel free to contact us in joining. Will consider other classes and specs.

We do have a trial period of 2 weeks. Calendar invites for raid is up every week, and our raiders are expected to sign up accordingly, and be on time.

Of course this is just what we’re looking for to improve our Raid roster. If you are interested in joining for the social aspect or the many shenanigans we do at random times, then feel free to contact myself or another officer.

Who we are:
AOB is a fun and laid back guild that likes to kick back and get things done. We’re a fun, rowdy group of people who enjoy each others company and have fun together whether it’s in a random TW dungeon, mythic+ run, or raids. We all enjoy dark humor, and are not for the easily offended.

Contact Info:
Rehab#11131 Btag Rehab#5597 Discord
Scorpion#1272 Btag Arochon#1539 Discord
Profien#1475 Btag Profien#3012 Discord

Any other member of AoB can direct you to one of the officers.

Random Playlist 12/12 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Melodious
Server Rank: #68
US Rank: #4404

A few friends and I are in the market for a new home come SL. I was previously the GM of a guild for 12 years stretching from WotLK through the entirety of BFA. With a heavy heart, what I once started, I also decided to close. 12 years is a long time and I/we’re ready to hopefully contribute to someone else’s team.

So let me start by presenting some useful information:

The number of people looking to raid is roughly 4 including myself.

That make up would look something like this: Warlock, Mage x2 (or Mage x1 and Ret x1), Boomy

Nothing set in stone as some people are eager to try out the class changes come pre-patch.

In addition to the above mentioned people, some folks are just looking to follow me and find a home. They could care less about being on a raid team. This could be anywhere from1 to 4 people. Essentially Friends & Family type players.

Below would be an ideal situation and specifically what we’re looking for:

1. Must be Horde. Alliance is out of the question.

2. Raid times/days would be some (2 day) combination of M/T/W/Th within the 8-11 “PST” time zone. Flexibility on this at most would be 30 min in either direction. No Weekends (Fr/Sat/Sun)

3. Progression would be AotC with preferably a handful of Mythic. We’d be completely happy with the first few bosses of a raid. Anything past that if it happens great, if it doesn’t, no problem. Just a desire to at a minimum to try and push further instead of farming AotC ad nauseam.

4. Social environment is really important. We love to joke and have fun, but finding a home free of politics, discrimination’s, and d o u c h e canoes would be fantastic.

That’s essentially it. Any guild recruiting us would be getting veteran players who are here to contribute and be a productive member to the team, and down some internet monsters with friends.

Please contact Mel#1879 or Baffels#1252
Or simply leave a response here, and we will be in touch.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Miasma 4/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Deekone
Server Rank: #210
US Rank: #3041

About Us
Miasma is a new hardcore Horde guild on Illidan recruiting for Shadowlands mythic raiding. The guild was created in the middle of 8.3 and we stopped at 5/12M through mostly pugging and we are filling out a full roster of core members. We are looking to push for Cutting Edge so we are mainly looking for players who have good foundational experience about their class and raiding in general. Discord is required.

Currently, our main focus is being spent on creating a full Mythic raid team roster but we do plan on creating smaller scheduled Mythic+ and RBG teams before the start of Shadowlands.

Who are we looking for?

  • Players who have raiding experience from multiple patches from Heroic difficulty or higher.
  • Players that are capable of completing maximum reward gear drops from Mythic+ (i.e. key level 15 in 8.3).
  • At least a 90% attendance to all raids and is online even when benched.
  • Players that consume resources about their class and know its rotation near perfect in all forms of content.
  • Determination when pushing content with high difficulty and keeps their anger to themselves when frustrated.
  • Willing to play multiple specs for their class if needed.
  • Members that follow all of the guild rules without being difficult.
  • Players that are willing to share loot others may need.
  • Players that are willing to give up unneeded BoE drops for guild gold or for other guildies who may need for upgrades (we will provide a large amount of consumables and guild repairs).

What are we looking for?

  • Multi-role DPS+Tank
  • DPS Warrior
  • Rogue
  • Retribution Paladin
  • Mage
  • Balance Druid
  • Warlock
  • Hunter
  • Shadow Priest
  • Elemental Shaman

If your class isn’t listed, it doesn’t mean we wont take you so feel free to fill out the form.

Raid Times
8:00PM - 11:00PM CST Thursday, Friday, Monday

To help you get a better idea of the atmosphere and what is expected, these are the guild rules listed in our discord.

  • If the channel is labeled [DND] that means you cannot join unless there is a reasonable cause to do so (i.e. if you are not raiding with the person inside of the raid voice channel, you may not under any circumstance join).
  • Officer Channels are to be only used for Officer Business and may never be used for personal reasons (i.e. dungeon runs or other games).
  • No racial slurs, racism, sexism, politics or religion.
  • Do not move people without good reason.
    Message guild officers 24hrs ahead of time if you can’t make raid times. Otherwise, it will be considered unexcused.
  • Do not post sexually explicit photos/links/videos anywhere.
  • Talking politics is at the fault of the person who brings it up, not who gets offended.
  • If an officer tells you to stop speaking about a subject, it does not become a debate on whether or not it is against the rules.

Required Addons

  • DBM/Bigwigs
  • Angry Assignments
  • Weakauras 2
  • Astral Keystone
  • SimulationCraft

Trial Form

Discord: Joman#6871

[H] Former Top 100 US Players LFMSep 21st, 2020 2:17 pm
Zenmetsu 0/12
Guild Information
Recruiter: Alithdra
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #


We are formed by a group of veteran players that have known each other for years. Our core leadership has top US 30-100 experience. We also have a few people who have pushed 12/12M this tier. We are a laid back group but know when it is time to get serious and push content. We raid a relatively light schedule compared to other guilds at our rank and want to be efficient and effective with our time.

With many of us having experience in higher end raiding the target for the guild is to progress in the US 100-200 range. As a result, we are taking our time with recruitment in order to meet these goals.

Current recruitment needs:
Melee DPS – DK
Ranged DPS – Warlock, Hunter
Healer- Disc/Holy Priest, MW Monk

With a new expansion just around the corner we are flexible to what people are looking to play and are open to changes for Shadowlands.

Raid Times:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 11:00-2:00AM EST

If you have any questions or would like additional info please feel free to reach out to either
Kurtis (Recruitment Officer): Burtis#11734 (Btag) Kurtis#2708 (Discord)
Moja (Raid Lead): Moja#11524 (Btag) Saint#0374 (Discord)

Two For Twenty 9/12 (H)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Cutethug
Server Rank: #238
US Rank: #7535

Two for Twenty is a newly formed guild on Tichondrius made in preparation for Shadowlands. We’re comprised of players who come from the entire raiding spectrum. Our goal is to full clear all Mythic content while it’s relevant and have fun on a relaxed schedule. Playing the game at a relaxed place doesn’t have to mean mediocrity. We’re looking for the players who have the same goals as us.

We never recruit for the bench, every raider we take on is with the intention that they’ll be in for a majority of progression. However, due to the limitation of our schedule additional raiders are needed so we can always raid. Our roster won’t exceed 23 raiders.

Right now we’re looking for some pumper DPS and heals to round out the roster. We have a preference for ranged but if you slap we’re willing to take any roles. We expect to spend a lot of the first tier fleshing out the right roster so we’re not going to turn away any strong raiders.

Schedule: Friday/Saturday 06:00PM - 09:00PM PST

Contact any of the below if you’re interested via BTag or Discord.

Contact / Officers
GM: Cav#1179 (BTag)
RL: Warlockanap#6423 (BTag), Napat#4253 (Discord)

Or feel free to hop on Tich and whisper anyone online!

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