(A)Stormrage BFD RecruitingAug 6th, 2020 10:31 pm
Blackbulls 0/12
Guild Information
Recruiter: Blenxx
Server Rank: #
US Rank: #

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Last Warlords of Lethon 11/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Torqan
Server Rank: #1
US Rank: #730

Last Warlords of Lethon- has been a guild for over 10 years now. While we aren’t as hardcore as we once were, we pride ourselves on pushing progression on a strict 6 hour schedule in a laid back atmosphere. We are currently recruiting for Nzoth and Shadowlands. We also have people who push keys and do Arenas.

Ny’alotha - 11/12 Mythic

Currently Recruiting:
All Healers
Havoc DH
Fire Mage

tokara102#1782-Bnet or Torqan#9922-Discord-recruiter
Loqe#1931-Bnet or Loqutis#8789-Discord- Guild Lead

Our raiding schedule is (all times EST)

Thursday/Monday - 830pm -1130pm

What is io-winterhoof hordeAug 6th, 2020 2:42 pm
What Is IO 8/12 (N)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Nortonhunter
Server Rank: #28
US Rank: #9052

Mythic plus based guild with the focus on 2500 to 3k IO per season. AOTC raid team with casual mythic progression .

Mythic Plus
Recruiting a Tank for our core team. Will also look at a Good DPS.

Raid Schedule
Tuesday 930pm est to 1201am est.
Wednesday 930pm est to 1201am est.
We are actively recruiting for core spots and not a bench. All spots are competitive and if you are under-preforming you may be asked to sit.

How to reach us.
Recruitment Officers
Bnet Norton#11254 Discord Norton#6319

Bag of Kittens MewMewMew 4/12 (N)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Criesalot
Server Rank: #459
US Rank: #9662

We are a new Illidan-Horde based guild. We are looking for competent and dependent players. We’ll be raiding in Heroic and Mythic in Shadow Lands asap, and continue pushing mythic+ this season. Our leaders have experience in high keys and mythic raids.
Currently Seeking: ranged and melee dps; healers (1-3 spots); tanks (1-2 spots)
Contact me, Criesalot-Illidan, or our recruitment officer Phybr-Illidan.

[h] 5/12m m/w 6-9pstAug 6th, 2020 10:32 am
Ineffable 5/12 (M)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Dromaus
Server Rank: #109
US Rank: #2353

-Guild Name: Ineffable (5/12M)
-Server: Tichondrius
-Faction: Horde

Mythic: Wednesday & Monday 6-9 PM PST
Heroic: Tuesday 6-9 PM PST (Optional)

Update: After a 2 year hiatus, Ineffable has resumed Mythic Progression for the final tier of BFA.

We moved into Mythic Progression on July 1 and are currently 5/12 M.

Raiders are expected to come prepared with gems, enchants and potions, however we do provide flasks, feasts and guild repairs. Outside of progression raiding, we consistently run mythic+ with multiple 15+ keys as well as lower keys daily, PVP and off night all raids.


Healers - Paladin, Priest, Druid

Tank - LF full time tank

Ranged - Warlock, Hunter, Balance Druid

Melee - Warrior, Demon Hunter

We are currently recruiting 1 healer and 1 ranged dps. Specific needs are listed above. However, if your class is not listed, our spots are competitive and we are always looking for the best players who are looking to push Cutting Edge on a 6 hour a week raid schedule.

Please add
bronxboy10#1700 (GM)
in game if you wish to apply.

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