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New - Old - Guild Progress
 Posted: 2018-11-17
 Recruiter:  Soj   The Eternal Palace
  7/8 (M)
 Server:  Crushridge
 Realm Rank:  1
 US Rank:  38
 Achievement Points:  1625

Humble is a Mythic progression raiding guild consisting of a long standing core group from vanilla & TBC. We strive to achieve and maintain a high standard of play and progression while only dedicating 9 hours each week to mythic raid time.

Please feel free to contact our recruitment officers in-game if you have any questions.


  • T24 - 7/8M
  • CoS - 2/2M (US 50)
  • T23 - 9/9M (US 52)
  • T22 - 8/8M (US 84)
  • T21 - 11/11M (US 85)

Raid schedule:
Wednesday, Sunday & Monday
5:30 - 8:30pm PT (8:30 - 11:30pm ET)

Loot system:
Progression focused loot council

Recruitment officers:
soj#11462, samiz#1174


Connected Realms:
Crushridge, Anub’arak, Chromaggus, Garithos, Nathrezim, Smolderthorn

Class needs:
Recruitment is always open to exceptional players of all classes. Current classes of particular interest are below.

  • Brewmaster Monk
  • Balance Druid
  • Mage
  • Shadow Priest
  • Warlock
  • DPS DH
  • DPS Warrior

Where to apply:
Applications can be submitted on our Google Form here: goo.gl/forms/97wFAoLkpRYLo2363

 Posted: 2019-09-12
 Recruiter:  Dps   The Eternal Palace
  7/8 (M)
 Server:  Whisperwind
 Realm Rank:  1
 US Rank:  98
 Achievement Points:  2305

Alpha is an Alliance guild located on the Whisperwind realm. We’ve recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary and in that time raiding we have had considerable success. Over our time as a guild we’ve learned what it takes to stay competitive in the ever changing World of Warcraft and hope to, and aim to continue being successful for years to come. We do not and will not skip raid content.

We run a very tight roster and do not recruit for the bench. If you are accepted, you will be expected to become a central member of the raid from day 1.


  • Demon Hunter
  • Paladin
  • Priest
  • Shaman (Ele)
  • Rogue
  • Warrior
  • Warlock


  • Paladin
  • Priest
  • Shaman

However, we encourage any and all exceptional players to get in touch so we can field as strong a roster possible.

Raid Schedule
Monday - Thursday: 9 pm - 12 pm EST
12 hours a week


We distribute loot via an officer led loot council, for the sole purpose of improving the future success of the raid.


Wylan: Wylan#1381
Lotek: Lotek#2700

To Apply

About Us

Alpha is comprised of a diverse group ranging from early to mid 20’s to your occasional senior citizen in their 30’s. We are pretty open on discord and expect someone to be able to interact socially and contribute a personality to the guild. We also have our pvp’ers and altaholics and social members who do not actively raid with the guild. Over the years we have built a strong roster full like minded people from various top guilds, including when Alpha itself was a top US competitor. Our philosophy may have changed a bit since then, however we still aim to excel at raiding.

 Posted: 2019-08-23
 Recruiter:  Chowm   The Eternal Palace
  6/8 (M)
 Server:  Tichondrius
 Realm Rank:  12
 US Rank:  150
 Achievement Points:  1535


-Nevermind- is a 2-day raiding guild formed on Tichondrius-US with the intent of progressing content faster than your above-average 3-day guild. Our core roster started off with extremely competent 7/9M and 8/9M players strung together from multiple guilds. We came together at the very end of ToS, and we cleared 7/9M in 2 hours on our first week (Nov. 7, 2017) and progressed KJ to 29% in the remaining 2 weeks. Our plan was to ultimately start fresh as a new guild with Antorus, the Burning Throne.

ABT Progress: 11/11M - US319
Uldir Progress: 8/8M - US252
BfD Progress: 9/9M - US241
EP Progress: 6/8M - US145

Raid Times:
Sunday > 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (Pacific)
Monday > 6:30PM to 10:30PM (Pacific)
Times extended by unanimous vote.

Our goals as a guild are to push ourselves to be more competitive than most of the 3-day guilds in the U.S. To ensure that this goal is met and that we maintain steady progression as a guild, core slots will be competitive, meaning poor performance will earn a spot on the bench, and another player will have their chance to prove themselves. This also means that, while on the bench, you should be keeping up with encounters that we as a guild are and have been progressing so that when your opportunity comes, you are ready to show that you deserve a core slot. After bosses are put on farm, benched core players and trials will be given the opportunity to step in.

On top of maintaining competitive integrity, we also want to preserve an environment where all of our players interact outside of raid. Basically, this means that we are also looking for the types of players that do more than just log on for raid, whether it be inside or outside of WoW.

Disc Priest
Resto Shaman

Shadow Priest
Fury Warrior
Demon Hunter

Brewmaster Monk

We are currently not in need of players, however, classes listed above (Ordered by necessity) will receive increased consideration. The ability to multi-class and multi-spec is also a big factor in offering spots on our roster. Please do not be dissuaded from contacting us. All classes with a great player behind it will be considered.

If you have an interest in joining our guild and raiding team or have questions regarding it, feel free to contact us via the tools below.



 Posted: 2019-04-15
 Recruiter:  Humppers   The Eternal Palace
  5/8 (M)
 Server:  Illidan
 Realm Rank:  29
 US Rank:  269
 Achievement Points:  2065

<Caustic> is a Horde guild on US Illidan, we transferred over at the end of Legion after getting Cutting Edge in all the previous raid content dating back to Warlords of Draenor. We are a progression oriented guild that raids 3 nights a week for 9 hours in total. We strive to get all content down while it is still current while having a good time doing so. We take all aspects of the applicant into consideration from performance to assimilation into our guild environment.

Outside of raiding we run Mythic+ continuously to better prepare us for raid, we strongly encourage our members to do this so we will be able to compete at a high level.

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday: 7:30 - 10:30 CST
Thursday: 7:30 - 10:30 CST
Sunday: 7:30 - 10:30 CST

Recruitment Needs:
Death Knight (DPS)
Demon Hunter (DPS)
Paladin (Holy/Ret)
Priest (Shadow/Disc)
Shaman (ele)
Warrior (fury)

Apply at: caustic-guild (insert .com)

Progression: (Cutting Edge with all tiers below)
US 331 M: Jaina
US 572 M: G’huun
US 223 M: Argus
US 138 M: Kil’jaeden
US 336 M: Gul’dan
US 218 M: Helya
US 202 M: Xavius
US 369 M: Archimonde

If you have more questions please feel free to contact any of the officers listed below, additional information about expectations will be provided at the time of the interview.

GM: Humppers (Hump#1116) /// RL: Spacehunt (Lcs#11831)

 Posted: 2019-08-29
 Recruiter:  Tubi   The Eternal Palace
  5/8 (M)
 Server:  Proudmoore
 Realm Rank:  9
 US Rank:  316
 Achievement Points:  1965

<Onyx> of Proudmoore is a guild that was built by progression-minded individuals with a desire to have fun, and build relationships. We are mostly made up of highly skilled adult players, with real-life time commitments such as school/work/children. We seek to clear all the content available while having fun. Our active guild is full of experienced and fun-loving players that are willing to shift gears for raiding and take it seriously.


5/8M Eternal Palace (Week 1 AOTC)
9/9M Cutting Edge Battle of Dazar’Alor
8/8M Cutting Edge Uldir


11/11M Cutting Edge Antorus, The Burning Throne
5/9M Tomb of Sargeras


We raid Mythic on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7pm to 10pm ST(PST) and we also have a NON-MANDATORY Heroic raid on Thursdays, and occasionally a NON-MANDATORY extra push day for Mythic on Mondays (when we’re close to a kill) from 7pm to 10pm, roster allowing.


To be considered, we ask that our potential recruit be Neck Level 63 and ilvl 430+.

Our current needs we are looking for to bring to Azshara’s Eternal Palace:

High Priority:

Strong Caster DPS, preference to Ele-Sham swing or Shadow Priest; to a lesser degree, Warlock.

Needed, but not as dire:
Tank (preferably a Brewmaster)
Holy Pally with a viable Ret offspec
Demon Hunter

All experienced/versatile players will always be looked at and considered. We have a nice relaxed and chill raid environment and all we ask of our raiders is to keep their character current in terms of progression and commit 6 hours a week to progress in Mythic Content!


We ask you to join our Discord and put in your information so that we may contact you further!


You can also add our recruitment officer or GM battle.net:

Recruitment Officer - (Carpathía) NovemberRain#1436
GM - (Elenndra) Matcluck#1995

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