Benevolence 8/8 (BWL)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Roburt
Molten Core: 10/10
Onyxia: 1/1

Benevolence is a Pagle server raiding guild looking for active players to bolster it’s ranks. Our guild is run by a committee of officers who heavily rely on guild feedback, including guild wide voting, so that not one individual controls the direction of the guild.

Is Benevolence right for you? Here is some additional information:
-Our raid days and times are Tuesday and Wednesday at 8pm-11pm server time, with Wednesday as our progressive raid night.
-We have Molten Core/Onyxia/Blackwing Lair on weekly farm status, as well as impromptu raid sign ups for Zul’Gurub on reset.
-Our Loot rules are BiS>MS>OS with a 2 item limit.
-With Phase 5 right around the corner, we are eager to step into Ahn’Qiraj.

We are currently looking for DPS to complete our raid roster. Although we have a preference on Warlocks, Rogues and Fury Warriors, all classes and roles are welcome to join!

To contact us, please leave a message here, or send a message or mail in-game to Roburt or Protekt.

We look forward to hearing from you! See you in Azeroth!

Guild Information
Recruiter: Wyzguy
Molten Core: 10/10
Onyxia: 1/1

10/10 1/1 is looking to recruit dps to fill out our core raid team.

About Us:
Our leadership is comprised of multiple gladiators and top 100 world raiders all of whom came together to push content at a reasonable pace while still enjoying classic to its fullest and maintaining personal lives. We have an active roster with most members online and doing something at all times besides in the early mornings.

Loot system: Loot Council (RC Loot Council Classic)

Saturday 10pm-1am EST
Sunday 10pm-12am EST

What we expect from you:
-Coming to raid prepared with standard consumables and knowing what is going on during all encounters of the raid.
-Showing up ON TIME (invites go out at ~9:45 est) so we can pull on time.
-Be RESPECTFUL to others not only in guild but on the server in general.

What you can expect from us:
-A well led structured raid, with some room for goofing off of course
-Highly skilled leadership with a broad knowledge in multiple classes and wow in general
-A community who helps each other in-game and out

Please feel free to DM me with any questions!

Can Reach myself on @ Wyzguy#1511 or Discord @ Wyzguy#1985
Or our GM on @ Zabwazay#1501 or Discord @ Zabie#7822

Exceptional players will always be considered but currently looking for: 1-2 Melee DPS (Rogues/Warriors), 1 Mage, 2 Warlocks, 1 Hunter, and 1-2 Priests/Shamans

Blacklist 8/8 (BWL)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Jethoril
Molten Core: 10/10
Onyxia: 1/1


We are a tight-knit and community focused guild with members that see World of Warcraft as a hobby, and one that we take just seriously enough to not let it get in the way of having fun. Our goal is to complete all PvE content that Classic (and whatever comes next) has to offer, while growing as a team and building friendships that last far beyond the game.


Respect: Members should always act respectfully towards others both within and outside of the guild.

Maturity: We do no tolerate toxic behavior and aim to ensure that the guild is a welcome home for everyone.

Focus on Improvement: Our members should always be focused on improving themselves as a player as this is what improves Blacklist and our raid team as a whole.

Raid Requirements: Core raiders are expected to maintain >=80% attendance, use consumes (flasking not required), and be a team focused player. While we do not require world buffs, we do strongly encourage them and organize buffs before every raid.


Thursday, 8-11PM / Saturday, 8-11PM (Progression)

We currently run MC/BWL on Saturdays, which will move to Thursdays upon AQ’s release


We use a Loot Council which awards gear based on raid performance/preparation, attendance, guild commitment, and time since last loot. LC factors in item longevity and class priority in all loot decisions.


Druid - Low

Hunter - Closed

Mage - Medium

Paladin - Low

Priest - Medium

Rogue - High

Warlock - Closed

Warrior - Medium

Exceptional players are always considered regardless of class.


Braxas - GM (Abraxas#3122)

Insanitie - Raid Leader (Branyo#1878)

Dudenugget - Raid Officer (Dudenugget#2064)

Lucyford - Community Officer (Merxer#3611)

discord .gg/Tp3bZ7G

Get Epic or Die Trying 8/8 (BWL)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Trielwin
Molten Core: 10/10
Onyxia: 1/1

[A] | NA-Heartseeker | Semi-Hardcore | Tues/Thur 7:30-11pm ST | Loot Council

RECRUITMENT NEEDS (Any exceptional player is welcome to apply)

  • [Druid] - High
  • [Hunter] - Medium
  • [Mage] - Medium
  • [Paladin] - High
  • [Priest] - Low
  • [Rogue] - High
  • [Warlock] - High
  • [Warrior] - Low

We are looking for people who can make raid times, show up to raid with the appropriate consumables and world buffs, and have a well rounded knowledge of their classes role/spec.

We are pretty laid back when it comes to current farm content (besides making sure we clear as fast as possible) but just as easily swap to serious mode to progress through content as needed. We are looking for a few more folks to round us out for upcoming AQ/Naxx progression!

For more information or to ask about a spot on our raid team contact any officer on Discord or in-game to

Emerys (Emerys#6315)
Skaine (Skaine(Haggis)#0234)
Trielwin (Trielwin#8646)

The Exodus 8/8 (BWL)
Guild Information
Recruiter: Galivus
Molten Core: 10/10
Onyxia: 1/1

Martha Stewart|Horde [H] | 9 PM PST Thurs/Saturday (Thursdays are currently optional, will be added if we need it in the future!)

Martha Stewart is now recruiting for full raid spots! We are a guild founded on the principles of community and having fun! Our goal is to provide an environment that is relaxed and enjoyable for all of our members.

We are a newly formed guild that just broke off from another due to differences with guild leadership. We have cleared all current raid content and will do so with AQ and beyond.

Current raid times are:
Molten Core (will be GDKP and optional) Thursdays @ 9 p.m.
Blackwing Lair Saturdays @ 9 p.m.
ZG/Onyxia put together throughout the week.

We expect our raiders to be fully prepped for raid, from being repaired to having their consumes to knowing the fights. Raiders should be able to have a high attendance for our raids,

World buffs are encouraged, they are strong but honestly not necessary for the current content. Certain roles (such as tanks) will probably be required to get certain world buffs, but the rest are to your discretion.

Loot will ultimately be loot council w/ guest members from the raid team once we have our core group put together, but for now it will be a soft res system.

We’re currently looking for ALL exceptional players, but full on rogues :frowning:

If you’re interested, hit up one of us:

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