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» Player Info for Scrymx
  Scrymx (90 Troll Druid) [Ysondre]
  Engineering (600)
  Blacksmithing (600)
  Cooking (0)
 Item Level:  583 [Equipped: 581]   [25 Man Raider]
  [14/14 H] Siege of Orgrimmar

  [14/14 N] Siege of Orgrimmar
  [12/13 H] Throne of Thunder
  [4/16 H] Tier 14

 Epeen Stats:  87th* Percentile[Feral-Cat DPS]  
 Pro Raiders Rank:  #41 for Feral-Cat Druids
 PR DPS/HPS Rank:  #28 (528311 DPS) for Feral-Cat Druids
 Achievement Points:  12715
 World of Logs Ranks:  17[LFR: 0]  [Normal: 2]  [Heroic: 15]
  Boss Rank Points Change
   Immerseus #18 (514.2K DPS) 408  
   The Fallen Protectors #87 (589.4K DPS) 177  
   Norushen #140 (518.2K DPS) 64  
   Sha of Pride #28 (626.8K DPS) 369  
   Galakras #100 (440.7K DPS) 144   +1
   Iron Juggernaut #184 (510.4K DPS) 13  
   Kor'kron Dark Shaman #46 (611.9K DPS) 303  
   General Nazgrim #53 (611.5K DPS) 279  
   Malkorok #93 (545.4K DPS) 161  
   Spoils of Pandaria #20 (451.7K DPS) 400  
   Thok the Bloodthirsty #138 (478.3K DPS) 67  
   Siegecrafter Blackfuse #17 (560.7K DPS) 412  
   Paragons of the Klaxxi #48 (474.6K DPS) 296  
   Garrosh Hellscream #134 (462.7K DPS) 74   -1
 Total PR Points: 3167  PR Rank: #41
• When you see an asterisk * on a person's percentile that denotes they are missing sufficient logs for the heroic bosses I am tracking.
• Epeen percentiles show whichever spec has the most heroic experience. If you do both 10 and 25 man raids it will choose whatever raid size you have the most heroic experience in. If you have the same experience in both it gives preference to 25 man raids.

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